Friday, February 4, 2011

Who's Watching? Ice Pellets and Fatalities.


Click on this, and look at the chart of how you could be being watched:

Makes you think, eh?

If it hasn't become apparent to you yet, you are living in an age when your every online step is being monitored. The notion of communications privacy has been steamrolled in the interests of security, and the occasional tiny chance we get to peek back at the people who make it their business to watch us is truly frightening. Two new stories from America this week give a rare glimpse behind the curtain at just how closely you're being watched, and by whom.

Everyone is watching the weather.   Current Temperatures:

US National Weather-Current Temperature

And it looks like Florida dodged the bullet.

"The Key West Chicken saw her shadow, and we have another 6 weeks of tourist."


We awoke to ICE PELLETS, not snow.  It looks like snow from a distance, but it is little tiny beads of ice.


I tried to be very careful when I was walking Big Girl, and kept on the grass where the ice pellets had melted.


But she sure wanted back in the workshop. Paco and Misty avoided the ice.


My SPCA boss called to see if I was going to take my fosters into Conroe Petco for Adoption Day tomorrow.   But she said none of us are going if there is still ice on the roads in Conroe, as a couple had already died at an intersection near her house today.

"There has been one double fatality accident that occurred at 6:45 a.m. Friday on Texas 105 East at Willis-Waukegan Road in Cut and Shoot due to the icy road conditions, Burse said.
A pedestrian also was struck and killed this morning along I-45 and Calvary Road near Willis in north Montgomery County."

Calvary Road is behind my house, it is the road that you see at the end of my walkway, and on the left side of my back yard, where Paco and Misty were staying away from the ice today.


An English Shepherd said...

Its all happening over there!

pidge said...

The video of the cat is so cute. Wonder what she was looking at.

KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

Stay home and stay safe!

I will take snow any day over the ice... be careful!

Karen and Steve
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