Friday, July 16, 2010

Whaling Ban Upheld. P & N in Canada! Cargo trailer home.


"Thanks to all of you who signed our recent petition telling President Obama to reverse his administration's decision to remove a ban on whaling: a decision that would have allowed Japan, Norway, and Iceland to begin hunting these majestic creatures. We are happy to report that the International Whaling Commission has halted negotiations that could have potentially put an end to the 25 year embargo!

Again, thank you for being part of our community that cares and for taking action!"

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The Dodge 3500 and Lance truck camper that they bought for this trip.

"Our new 'home'. Just arrived at Lake Tahoe.":



Pamala and Nigel in the the Route 66 Museum at Victorville. 

'Pinning' Cambridge, England:


Will Roger's plaque marking the end of Rte. 66:


Will Rogers plaque to mark end of Rte.66


Their first view of the Grand Canyon from the chopper.  WOW!



They just Skyped me, and wrote on Facebook, that they just crossed the border near Cardston, south of Calgary, but the internet connection was terrible.



This morning, my son Kevin, arrived with his big pick up truck.  So a convoy of Ray in the Puddle Jumper, Kevin in his truck, and me in the van, all wound our way around the curvy streets over the bridge, to Section Two of this subdivision, to get the cargo trailer. 

We had the compressor, cords, jacks and shovel, etc. in the Puddle Jumper.  I took the van in case it was needed, and it was.  Kevin had a great big floor jack with him, so he jacked up the trailer and unblocked it. 

Front Our biggest problem was that the trailer has an electric jack which didn't work.  So we had to turn the drop ball mount over and move the ball to the upside, to tow the trailer.  Yes, I had a pipe wrench with me.

Ray was trying to get the curb side tire to hold air, but it was leaking out as fast as he put it in, so we had to move it with a flat, and take a chance on ruining the rim.  Kevin took it very slowly. 

Curb-side-w-awningThe Puddle Jumper and the van were needed to carry all the blocks, and other stuff that went with the trailer.

There it is, only ten feet long!

Kevin is used to backing up mobile homes and big trailers, so he slicked it into position outside the side door of the workshop, in my side lot driveway.    Then he blocked up the trailer and took the bad wheel off,  fortunately it hadn't ruined the rim.

We couldn't have done it without Kevin, on this really hot, sticky day.

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