Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Survey says kids with chores become money smart. Rain!

Kids doing chores teaches financial responsibility

"Here's an excuse for getting your house clean while being altruistic: Give your kids chores, and watch them learn the value of money. At least that's what the results of a recent survey seem to prove.

The 2010 Charles Schwab Families & Money survey found that 53% of parents whose children had four or more regular chores while growing up considered their now young adult children to be "very financially responsible," compared to 46% of parents whose children had one to three regular chores, and 39% of parents whose children had no chores.

In other words, the more chores they did, the better the kids were with money -- at least in the parents' eyes.

I bet anyone who ever did chores for an allowance or had a job as a kid can remember how it helped them learn the meaning of a dollar."

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I had to take the strainers off my faucets, and clean them out.  The water company had put in a new meter yesterday afternoon, and he must have been careless, as I got muddy water for quite a while.  That in turn, made my toilet "run", so  I cleaned the flapper and seat, but that didn't work, so I put a new flapper in there.  Still not sure that it is completely fixed, so I will have to put some food dye in the tank.

Today was the day Jay and I were supposed to go to the next town, so I was doing all this in my 'going to town' clothes.  Ray was supposed to have been here, too, but he got delayed at his sister-in-law's fixing something.

While I was waiting, I was trying to clean my under cabinet toaster, as Jay had put something in there that caught fire.  I scrubbed with a soapy SOS pad until my hands were sore.

I just got the dogs out and back in before it started pouring down rain, so I changed my clothes as it was too late, and nasty, to go into town today.


KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

Yup.. I agree on the survey!

All of our kids had jobs in high school, had to buy their own cars, gas and insurance, and all had moved out and paid their own way at 18.

Not one borrowed from us for anything. All are now gainfully employed with good jobs, 2 of the 3 own homes and the third is on her way to saving for one.

And they are all 25-28 years old. Heck, most of them make more money than we do right now!

Gypsy said...

I just hate it when I'm all dressed and ready to go somewhere and it doesn't work out for one reason or another.