Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dog Auctions. Hereditary Defects. P & N. Cargo Trailer

Man's Best Friend should not be treated this way!

"Dog auctions are a little-known piece of the puppy mill puzzle. At these auctions, breeders sell breeding dogs they no longer want to other breeders. Those who participate in these auctions typically run large-scale, commercial breeding operations where the primary motivation is profit rather than good breeding practices or the well-being of the dogs."

"We need to stop this type of behavior that supports the cruel breeding and over population of animals. It affects us all in the long run. "
More at: http://www.theanimalrescuesite.com/clickToGive/campaign.faces?siteId=3&campaign=BanDogAuctions&ThirdPartyClicks=ETA_062410_BanDogAuctions_F

Please help the thousands of pups:
"Right now, there is a loophole in animal welfare legislation that allows puppy mills to go without inspection and licensure if they sell puppies online. The PUPS Act will close this loophole and make sure all large-scale breeders give puppies and dogs daily exercise." 
More at: http://www.theanimalrescuesite.com/clickToGive/campaign.faces?siteId=3&campaign=ASPCAAnimalWelfareAct&ThirdPartyClicks=ETA_071510_ASPCAAnimalWelfareAct_F

PLEASE sign the petition.   The doggies will thank you.

Is this a good place to raise puppies? Your pup could have come from somewhere like this.

Two-tier cages with soiled trays at a USDA licensed facility in Iowa

"The puppies from these mills are called "purebreds" but often bear little resemblance to their breed standard.
Unsound breeding practices predispose puppy mill dogs to hereditary afflictions like hip dysplasia, dislocating kneecaps, seizures, eye lesions, and aggressive behavior. Life-threatening genetic conditions such as liver and heart diseases, autoimmune disorders, and seizures can also result from careless breeding."
More at: www.okpuppymilltruth.org/petstores.php

A case in point is Cindy's Ditka, the full time RVing dog.
Ditka said:
"Sadly, hip dysplasia is a genetic disease that, according to Mom’s research, I would not have if my breeder had insured that my birth mom and dad had OFA certs of ‘good’ or better.  Had she researched this in advance, Mom would have known to ask for such certifications.  I would not be going through all this pain now if humans had been more conscientious.    Ironically, we Shiba Inu’s have a low rate of hip dysplasia at 5.7%  compared to the many more popular breeds of family pets such as golden retrievers with a 19.9% probability. Also, ironically, the two Shiba’s that lived here with the Frericks family before us, both of which were rescue dogs with unknown parentage, did not have hip dysplasia. "
More at: http://frerxadventures.blogspot.com/2010/07/ditka-update.html

Last night Pamala and Nigel Skyped me, and they were in Dawson Creek, BC, Canada, on the Alaska Highway.   They had enjoyed the Calvary Stampede, and hoped to be in Whitehorse, Yukon, pretty soon.  Should be posting more pictures when they can get another good WiFi spot.
They are truckin' right along.

Left-front right-front Jay and I went into the cargo trailer with pry bars, saws, screw guns, and took all the funky-built walls and shelves out. 
So now the converter is sitting on the floor.
We removed enough screws to fill up a coffee can!
One wheel well will have to be rebuilt, so that will be first.
Then we will take down that horrible cabinet on the front right corner.  Once the floor is all clear, we can install new linoleum, and start rebuilding.
It started to rain, so we had to stack the used plywood and lumber in the workshop for now, as a lot of it will be re-used.

The rain didn't last long, but it was still a humid, hot day.

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JB said...

To bad we didn't know they were in our part of the country we could have stopped them for a spot of tea or maybe a cool beer.

Make sure when they head south from Alaska, if they are driving, that they take the Cassiar Highway south of Watson Lake. It is spectacular and the side trip to Telegraph Creek in BC is well worth the travel.