Sunday, July 25, 2010

Five Ripoffs to Watch for at Outlets. Credit Cards. Grooming Pepper.

"Outlet shopping is such big business, it stands to reason that retailers try to slip some tricks past shoppers to make a little more money.
The next time you hit your nearest outlet center, keep these tips in mind, and avoid the five ways that retailers try to divert you from the true discount shopping opportunities……"

Read more, and the 5 tips at:|htmlws-main-n|dl8|link4|

"New" Credit Card Fees:

To nobody's surprise, credit cards are still imposing fees on their customers.
It wasn't necessarily supposed to be quite this bad, however. The Credit CARD Act, which goes into effect on August 22, is aimed at making credit cards more transparent, fair and a little less fee-heavy.

But while some fees are going to be outlawed, many credit cards are just inventing new ones (or turning to some tried and true oldies) to replace them.
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Claudia called to ask me to groom "Pepper", her daughter's Long Coat Chihuahua.    Pepper is staying with them for a while.  So Misty and I went down there in the Puddle Jumper, and picked up Jay and Pepper.   Misty, Maddie the Yorkie, and Pepper played a bit on their fenced porch.

15 year old Misty is feeling very good since she no longer has the bad teeth and infection in her mouth and sinuses.  So she plays and prances, and walks with her head held high now.  She seems to remember where steps are, and can even jump in and out of the car. But I am always there to guide her.

Pepper had been done in a Lion Cut bMexicanLion1efore, and had a big ruff around his neck, like this:
It is a 'pretend' lion, a guard dog cut to look like a lion!!  Oohh!  Scary!!

Prime, foster cat, has got over attacking dogs.  She just stays up high, and watches them being groomed.   Misty sleeps in the grooming room near her,  Paco walks in there sometimes, to steal any food that Misty has left.  Then different dogs are here to be groomed, she gave up, or got over it.

A lot of Pomeranians are cut in a Lion Cut, but I can't see the sense in getting a long haired dog, and then cutting it's hair off.  Get a short haired dog, if that's what you want!

Pepper jumps on Jay's bed, when Jay is sleeping at his mother's house, so he doesn't like the ruff.   Jay said it got dirt and food caught in it, and begged me to cut it all off.

Well, it was not my call, so I compromised, and cut the ruff a lot shorter.  I sent these pictures to Pepper's Mom, and she liked them, so I am glad.

So this is Pepper, after his haircut today:Pepper-Jul-2010-2


Gypsy said...

The info on outlet malls is very interesting. I rarely shop at a mall of any kind, but I will be on guard if I decide to go to Folsom Mall - they sometimes have nice lingerie items there.

I can't say I care for the "lion cut". I think a dog should look like a dog, but that is just my opinion.

What do you think of having a dog's fur cut just a bit in a climate hot enough for it to come out in clumps. Of course, I'm referring to Lady. I pick up big clumps of fur off the floor and her bed, and I do brush her often. She would probably have to be sedated though.

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Thank you for your comment, Gypsy.
Are you using a 'slicker brush' on Lady?

Her coat is her insulation from the heat. They dissipate heat through their tongue and paw pads.
You could have her coat thinned out some, if it makes you feel better. But shaving them damages the undercoat, yes, I know people have their dogs shaved all the time. It is easier for the groomer. I just thin it out, and I try not to ever shave a dog.

For dematting I use a slicker that has the teeth set at different lengths, but I don't think you can buy them in a store, just the grooming catalogs. But I also have metal combs which have tines that turn, so as not to pull and hurt the dog!

You might not have to do this with lady, but I know you do on a long thick coat like a Collie or a Samoyed:
Teach her to lay on her side, and work upwards, starting at her legs, and brush downwards, towards you, working your way up to the top of her back. On a long haired dog, you might have to hold the top hair out of the way, with your other arm. Then turn her over and do the other side. That is what show dogs have to put up with all the time!

You will need a good comb to get the hair out of the brush, and always comb it out towards you, or you will ruin the brush.
A slicker brush should help a lot, and bathing always seems to loosen all the dead fur. But brush before you bathe, too.
Happy Grooming, Penny, TX

ashleyhanetphotography said...

I had a bigger pom... about 9lbs, and we did him in a Lion Cut that was cute, BUT we didn't do it anything like in that Picture above!!! Yikes that is gross.

We kept his hair about an inch and half long with longer head hair and didn't touch the tail, it was cute for sure, wish I could post a pic from facebook!