Thursday, July 8, 2010

OTC Flea Control. Shopping.

"With flea and tick season now underway, pet owners are once again looking for the best products to protect their pets from these uncomfortable pests.

Flea and tick control ranks high among pet owner priorities, and for good reason. Fleas and ticks are a significant cause of discomfort and illness among both dogs and cats. In addition, fleas and ticks can spread from pets to people and transmit disease. So, there is a real need for products that address this problem.

According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal ("Fur Flies Over Flea Treatments", May, 26, 2009) “an increasing number of pet owners are reporting what they believe to be harmful side effects from over-the-counter and prescription flea and tick treatments.”

Znajda believes that most of the “spot-on” over-the-counter flea and tick control products are safe and effective when used according to the manufacturers’ directions.

However, she advises that the best approach to flea and tick control is to start with a visit to a veterinarian.
Znajda explains that in addition to the over-the-counter products, “there are many wonderful products that are only available by prescription from a veterinarian.

Some of these can be combined with medications to prevent heartworm disease in both dogs and cats.”
As to why there has apparently been an increase in reported adverse reactions to spot-on flea remedies, Znajda offers three likely causes:
  • For economic reasons, fewer pet owners are consulting with their veterinarians on a regular basis about flea control treatments and are using over-the-counter products incorrectly.
  • Some cat owners are using flea control products that are intended only for dogs.
  • In dual dog/cat households, cats that spend time in close contact with dogs that are treated with spot-on treatments may have significant “second-hand” exposure."
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Jay and I were going to the next town.  As we were loading the van with the paper for the recycling, it started to rain.  Just as we pulled out of the subdivision it turned into torrential '30-mph-type-rain' all the way to our town.  I was worried that the road was going to be flooded by the time we got to the bottom of the hill.

Just as I said to Jay that I wasn't going to go any farther than our town, it cleared up!  So we went on in to Conroe to shop at Petsmart, Lowes, HEB, Dollar Tree, and Krogers.  Never did get to Walmart, but that's OK!  We did stop at one thrift shop, as the paper bin is there, but I didn't see anything that I wanted.  Jay bought a couple of shirts and some sheets.

At Lowes, we bought a 4"x 6" x 10' piece of stiff galvanized flashing to make a gutter for the roof of the RVport, above the pergola, as a regular gutter won't work there.  Maybe we can stop that side from dripping rain on my van.  We had taken some tin snips with us, to cut it to get it in the van, but it slid in all along the floor on the passenger side of the van.  It meant Jay had to step over it every time he got in or out of the van, but he's got long legs!

I also had the paint dept. mix up some cedar colored exterior paint.  It is to cover up the white paint that the contractors put on my cedar skirting, as it always looks muddy.  We made the skirting out of cedar, because that's what we wanted, so the splashed mud wouldn't show so much.

I must have got my 10,000 steps in today.


Gypsy said...

Of course the veterinarians would prefer you to visit their offices to be flea and tick control meds. Now you can get Frontline and Advantix for less than half of what vets are charging, which I'm not going to pass up. Same goes for heartworm meds - I used to spend an exhorbitant amount for Interceptor when I found that California vets prefer Heart Guard and less than half the cost, and my vet in NC last year gave me prescription heartworm meds for less than half. These guys need to wake up to the fact that some of us aren't going to pay their fancy prices, and don't believe their product is any better to begin with.

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Thank you for your comment, Gypsy.

I think the point that she is trying to make is that some Over The Counter flea meds are not all they are cracked up to be. I know of one that had to be recalled because some pets died from it.

I don't often go to the vet to get my flea/heartworm meds, but I do use a vet approved brand. I certainly wouldn't use any of the OTC spot-on stuff that you can buy at WalMart, etc.

The reason why the vet wants to check your pet for heartworm infestation is that if it is positive, then it has to have a different kind of heartworm preventative, as some brands can kill a dog with heartworms, so one doesn't need to just give them just any brand. They should be checked first, that is why it is a precription drug.

We at the SPCA, often get heartworm positive dogs, and we have a way of treating them that is not so hard on their system. It is such a shame that people can't understand how important it is to keep their pets on heartworm preventative.

Flea control is important, too, as they can get tapeworm, and skin problems from them. Tapeworms have to be eliminated with a special medicine, not just a de-wormer. They just have to swallow a flea to get tapeworms. Anyway, who wants their pet to have fleas!! Or the carpet!

I am so glad that you are a responsible 'parent'.

Happy Trails, Penny, TX