Saturday, July 3, 2010

How Tall & Wide is Your RV?

GPS-Routed-Bus1 (Small)

Now for width stupidity,  see this 2 minute video::

Camper Stuck In Narrow Alley - Watch more Funny Videos
And these people vote in England!
low bridge
Low Bridge Clearance:

There are over 5,000 accidents each year involving tall vehicles and low clearance bridges at a damage cost exceeding $100 million.

You first must be aware of the height of your rig in both feet and meters.  It is surprising how many RV owners are totally unaware of exactly what their vehicle’s overhead clearance is.

Overhead Hazard Solutions:
Off road man made overhead hazards require alert observation and common sense.  Roads with low hanging trees should be avoided.  If you find yourself pulling to the middle of the road to avoid contacting tree branches, it’s time to change your route.

Not only that this may result in an accident it also indicates the lack of truck or large vehicle traffic.  If trucks were using it the branches would be clear for your RV.

The danger of the fact that trucks do not use it, begs the question, “Why!”  Perhaps a low underpass along the way or a low weight capacity bridge.  So, get your GPS to re-route you via a more suitable passage.



Happy and Safe Traveling to your destination on this eve of the 4th July.


Ray and I fixed a non-draining place on my back patio sitting area, behind the RVport.  We have had an awful lot of rain, and it was dammed up there.  We cut a piece out of the landscape timber that surrounds the paving stones with the Saws All, and made a notch in another part.  We will see if that relieves it some.  I am so allergic to skeeters that I try not to have any standing water anywhere.

Then we fixed some places inside with a spackle texture stuff, and washed some more of the trim, to be ready for painting.

After the heavy rain, again, this afternoon, the temperature cooled down so much that I could open the windows and doors, and so the cats could go out on the porch. They haven't been out there in the afternoon for months!

I haven't been down to the lake, but I bet it is a lot higher today.

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Mike said...

That video is painfully funny. I feel for the guy, but he should not have put it there in the first place.

We're fine so long as we stay wider than 8 feet and at least 11 feet or higher with our little camper.

Great post!