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"The Bear". Bear Rules. Bear Tags. "Chowti". 3 Free Bears. Arctic Bears. Dancing Bears. Bear Bile.


For "Mammal Monday", how about some cute bears, all are lovely, but some being abused.

"The Bear" is an unusually involving film about animals that will give you a fresh perspective on their world.


National Park managers clarify rules for wildlife watching :

Bear and cubs cross road in Grand Teton National Park

"Encounters between bears and humans in National Parks are on the increase. Bears become more used to humans presence the hungrier they are, and are driven to look for food in drought areas like Southern Colorado.
Many wildlife watchers erroneously think that because the bears don't appear imminently dangerous, that they are tame. So park managers are devising new rules--not for the bears, they will still be allowed to be bears--but for their biped watchers.
In Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming, humans will not be allowed to "willfully approach" bears, for a photograph for instance, within 100 yards.
In Canada's Banff National Park all hikers must be in groups of at least four, and a minimum of one in the party must carry bear spray. You can expect these rules to increase--and for good reason--as it seems that many of us humans tend to anthropomorphize our values and mores onto the bears and expect them to act accordingly.
But they don't. And until we convince ourselves that wild animals are wild and will act like it, sometimes in what we think are in unpredictable ways, these rules will have to fill in for our lacking in common sense."


Black Bears, Campers and Campgrounds.

Campers at DEC campground.Rules to Prevent Problems with Bears

Do not leave coolers or food out at any time. Store them securely in either the trunk of your car or in the passenger area of your truck. Keep windows shut and food and coolers out of sight. Where food lockers are provided, food and coolers must be stored and locked inside.

Clean up after all meals immediately. Keep grills, pots, pans, cooking utensils, and wash basins clean when not in use. Do not wash dishes under the water faucets.

Do not put grease, garbage, plastic diapers, cans, bottles or other refuse into the fireplace.

Keep your campsite as clean as possible. Take all garbage and recyclables to the recycling center each day by 8:00 pm

Do not keep food or coolers in your tent. Do not wear clothing to bed that was worn while preparing or eating meals. From:


There are eight kinds of bears:


Rick Mercer visited Algonquin Park to do some work on Bear Tagging and research.

The video was absolutely hilarious and well worth a look.  Tagging Bears in their dens, snuggle with three bear cubs while tagging their mom.


A new bear at Balkasar

Chowti's wounds were treated at BRC

"Just a few weeks ago, Chowti, a BLIND Asiatic black bear, was tied up and attacked by dogs who bit and mauled her while people watched for entertainment. For her, it was just another bear baiting event, forced upon her by her owner, Fida Hussain. Luckily, this one would be her last.
The six-year-old bear suffered her last bear baiting event just hours before she was rescued and brought to Balkasar sanctuary.

“When we found Chowti, she was covered in fresh wounds from the dogs; she is blind in both eyes, so being baited was especially terrifying for her,” says Moazam Fayyaz, Manager of Alternative Livelihoods at BRC, who escorted Chowti to Balkasar along with two Wildlife Department officials

As soon as we confiscated her, we had to move quickly, so we hit the road for Balkasar in a vehicle loaned by the Wildlife Department. We traveled at dusk and dawn, stopping every once in a while to give Chowti some rest from the tiring confinement of being in the transport cage.”

Because she is blind, Chowti won’t be able to see the daylight when the shutters go up in the quarantine area – she’ll have to rely on her senses of smell and touch to find her way out. But she’ll be safe, well-fed and cared for. "More at:


Freedom for three more bears

Are you coming, too? Bhoori seems to ask Kaali as all three prepare for the bumpy ride to Balkasar.

"WSPA member society the Bioresource Research Centre (BRC) rescued three more bears from bear baiting in Pakistan, and transported them to the newly-opened Balkasar Sanctuary.
For most of their lives, these three female bears – Bhoori (10), Leela (8) and Kaali (5) – were used in horrific bear baiting events, but they can now look forward to peaceful times in the sanctuary."


Will You Help Before It’s Too Late?

"The Arctic Refuge is a biologically and culturally important wildland for many species of wildlife and the Gwich’in native people. The Coastal Plain is also the most important land denning and nursery habitat in the United States for the threatened polar bear, and the US Fish and Wildlife Service recently designated most of the refuge’s Coastal Plain as polar bear critical habitat."

Swimming Polar Bear

"I wanted to reach out to you and let you know the message below is NOT just site asking for money. Like you, I’ve been bombarded by them too.

But the Arctic Refuge really is in danger. We aren’t crying wolf. If we don’t do everything we can now to stop it, they will drill there.  We can’t stop this without you.  Big Oil has endless dollar to lobby Congress. But The Wilderness Society has something they don’t!    And the more of you who stand with us, the stronger we are in fighting for what matters.

As long as you continue to care, to act and, yes, to give, we will work to save the Arctic Refuge. And together, we will keep the Arctic Refuge wild and pure.  Please help us protect this American jewel. America needs it. The Polar Bears and Grizzlies need it. The world needs the Arctic Refuge. That’s not exaggerating to get your donation. That’s the truth.  Thank you for caring. And thank you in advance for doing something now to stop drilling in the Arctic."  Jennifer Donahue, Membership Director               Help Keep the Refuge Pure.   


Help end bear cruelty worldwide


Don't support "Dancing Bears"

"Responsible travellers can play a key role in helping end bear cruelty worldwide.  Come on guys, do your part!



Please Help Black Bears, Put a Stop to Bear Bile Farming

Put a Stop to Bear Bile Farming

"Don't allow Asiatic black bears to be captured and tortured for their bile.

Bear bile farming is an alarming practice taking place in China, whereby Asiatic black bears are captured and used to provide bile from their gall bladders. The bile is an found in popular ancient Chinese medicine.

The bile extraction process is extremely painful for the bears, and is hardly ever performed in a sterile manner. In fact, about half of all bears caught for their bile end up dying from complications of the procedure. We need to end this inhumane act of torture immediately. Send a letter to the World Society for the Protection of Animals to support their efforts to abolish bear bile farming forever.    Take action!         Petition at:


Please help stop this before they vanish forever visit


Bear farming is unnecessary.

"Academics, experts and Traditional Asian Medicine advocates in South Korea and around the world agree that there are many readily available herbal and synthetic alternatives to bear bile. Even South Korean bear farmers themselves are prepared to consider a phase out as they acknowledge their farms are losing money.  This is so unnecessary as there are "many readily available herbal and synthetic alternatives to bear bile". " More at:


From me: I am sorry, I just had to get that off my chest, in the hope that others will feel like I do, and do anything to help these poor bears.   What ever you feel like doing is sure to have an impact.  Please, let's all do SOMETHING.



Jay and I started de-winterizing everything.  We unscrewed the cloth covers off the wooden trough of aloe vera that runs the width of the back yard along the privet hedge line.  It had faired well this mild winter, not like last winter when the deep freezes killed a lot of it. 

Even the hedge didn't lose all it's leaves this year like it usually does.  Maybe because it is getting more established, as I know our privet hedges in England didn't lose their leaves during those long cold winters. New leaves are coming out now, too.

We removed some of the panels of clear vinyl covering the screen on the porch.   When the next panel is gone, we will have summer breezes for the cats to enjoy when they are out there.

The internet has just been restored since it went out early this morning,  that is why this journal is late today.

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