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Focusing on Great Need

"Most veterans go on with their lives after their service to our country, contributing to their places of work and to their families with their natural gifts and the self-discipline they learned in the service. Some, though, are not able to reintegrate soon enough and become lost, and these veterans are too often forgotten by society.

Image - Field of American Flags

According to a recent U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) study, while veterans represent 8% of the total population in the United States, they are disproportionately represented among our homeless: a startling 12% of the homeless population are veterans.

At The Veterans Site, we are working with partners across the country to help these men and women, and their families, regain their places in and make their own contributions to society. Through programs that provide food security, and programs that provide transitional housing and other help, we are working together with our community that cares to help those veterans in the greatest need.

How does The Veterans Site work?

The Veterans Site is part of the GreaterGood Network, a family of click-to-give sites. When you click on the blue "Click Here to Give - it's FREE!" button, you are shown advertisements from our sponsors. Sponsors pay an advertising fee, and 100% of that fee goes to our charity partners to provide meals for veterans in need."


Paws With A Cause turns rescued dogs into service dogs.

Kipp and CrystalRescued Yorkshire terrier Kipp received special training from Paws With A Cause and new forever home helping Crystal in Flint, MI.

"As a hearing assistance dog, Kipp alerts Crystal when her dryer completes its cycle or the microwave finishes cooking a meal. Because Crystal cannot hear her alarm clock, Kipp wakes her each morning with some friendly licks. Thanks to Kipp, Crystal now leads a more independent lifestyle.

Paws With A Cause trains Assistance Dogs nationally for people with disabilities and provides lifetime team support which encourages independence. Many of the pups selected are rescue dogs like Kipp.

In recent years, Paws With A Cause have placed more than 2,300 dogs throughout the United States including: Service Dog teams, Hearing Dog teams, Seizure Response Dog Teams, and Service Dogs for Children with Autism. Paws clients are not charged a fee and are not asked to purchase their Assistance Dogs.

Each dog’s training program is customized to accommodate the unique needs of individuals with muscular dystrophy, seizure disorders, cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury, Parkinson’s disease, and many other disabilities. Currently Paws is expanding their programs to help veterans needing service dogs.

Kipp’s training was made possible through support received from and the Paws With A Cause Gift That Gives More at The Animal Rescue Site."



Pets For Vets pairs shelter dogs with veterans

"Pets for Vets video following U.S. Veterans through the heart warming process of getting their Pets for Vets companion dogs.'s newest Gift That Gives More [tm] gives shelter dogs a chance to help a veteran by supporting the Pets For Vets program. To learn more about Pets For Vets, watch this video."


"Animal trainer Clarissa Black began Pets For Vets after seeing how effective therapy dogs were for recovery. Today, her organization works on rescuing shelter animals, training them, and pairing them with American veterans with a desire to have a companion. For both the pet and their owner, this program is all about second chances and unconditional love. "



Congratulations - we have reached our goal and will donate $100,000 for research!

"We have successfully reached our goal of one million Breast Cancer Site Facebook fans, all marching toward a better future for breast cancer survivors and supporters. In honor of your effort and your dedication, The Breast Cancer Site will donate $100,000 to Mayo Clinic for breast cancer research.

We are now over a million fans strong. Are you marching with us? Raise your voice and tell the world: together, we can make a huge difference for women everywhere!"

Congratulations, and don't forget to click every day to give mammograms for women in need!


Keeping Children Healthy    Vitamin A

Even now, The World Health Organization estimates that nearly 9 million children under 5 years of age die each year — and roughly two-thirds of child deaths are "preventable through practical, low-cost interventions."

"Everyone knows that vitamin A, found in orange vegetables like carrots and yams, is important to keep eyes healthy and to help a child's eyes develop properly. Deficiency is a terrible thing that can result in deteriorating eyesight, night-blindness, and worst of all, complete blindness, which for a poverty-stricken child can be debilitating and often deadly. But vitamin A deficiency is so easily preventable with modern micronutrient supplementation. When you click, you are saving a child from experiencing preventable problems to the sense most people rely on most heavily — our vision.

But there's more to vitamin A than just what meets the eye. This nutrient, which drives mothers to tell children to eat their carrots because it will make their eyes stronger, also makes immune systems stronger. Vitamin A is a necessary component in the development of a child's immune system. It increases a child's resistance to common, potentially deadly childhood diseases and symptoms. Children who are deficient, according to the WHO on vitamin A supplementation, "suffer a dramatically increased risk of death, blindness, and illness, especially from measles and [diarrhea]."

When you click, you are protecting a child from the effects of disease."



First Book

"Together with our nonprofit partner, First Book, The Literacy Site creates fun, engaging ways to provide visitors with opportunities to actively participate in supporting literacy. First Book works with us to convert clicks at The Literacy Site into actual books provided to schools, libraries, and community-based programs serving disadvantaged children.

Since its launch in November 2004, visitors to The Literacy Site have helped give more than 2.7 million new books through First Book's distribution channels, reaching children with the tools necessary for them to become successful readers.

The Literacy Site supports First Book's mission by helping each visitor to the site make a direct impact on literacy. Click challenges and e-card challenges attract visitors to The Literacy Site, raising awareness of the problems communities without educational resources face today and increasing the amount of books First Book provides to alleviate these problems. With just one click, visitors to The Literacy Site take part every day in promoting literacy by helping give books to kids who don't have them."



National Autism Association — Helping Hand Program

"Your clicks and shopping at The Autism Site help fund speech therapy and behavior therapy, two cornerstones of early and continuing intervention, for families in need through the Helping Hand Program. Autism spectrum disorders often affect communication skills and the ability to control emotions. These therapies can help children living with autism reach new levels of development, and interact with the world more successfully."



How You're Made a Difference in Magdalena Valley with your Clicks:


Success in Magdalena Valley!


This saved plants, birds, mammals, amphibians.



File:Rio Magdalena map.png



More about the Magdalena Valley:



"Originally, 6 million square miles of tropical rainforest existed worldwide.

Today, only 2.6 million square miles remain."
—The Nature Conservancy


Completed Project: Success in Magdalena Valley!

18 Mountains in Tesalia - Upper Magdalena Valley

"The 700 mile-long Magdalena river basin holds a lush carpet of lowland rainforest encircled by two mighty Andean mountain ranges. The isolated rainforest there has been a biological melting pot, influenced by the flora and fauna from neighboring Aracari in El Paujil Nature ReserveAmazon, Chaco, and Central American regions. This has given rise to one of the richest assemblages of biodiversity on the planet, with an exceptional diversity of endemic plants, birds, mammals, amphibians, and other groups. A relatively little known and geographically small area, the Magdalena Valley is a treasure of biodiversity.

Tragically, colonization and deforestation have resulted in the elimination of nearly four million hectares of forest in little over a decade. Today, over 98% of the region's lowland rainforests have been destroyed for ranching, coca plantations, and other activities that continue unabated. Just one remnant of pristine habitat remains, representing the last opportunity to save the Magdalena valley's unique and diverse flora and fauna.

World Land Trust-US has been working with Colombia's leading biodiversity conservation non-profit, Fundación ProAves, to urgently acquire and protect this last fragment from loggers. ProAves started to buy land in 2003, and established the "El Paujil Nature Reserve" with several forest guards and programs that engage local communities in sustainable development activities.

The now expanded El Paujil Nature Reserve covers 6,935 acres and provides permanent protection for 100 pairs of the critically endangered Blue-billed Curassow, as well as habitat for the Magdalena Spider Monkey, Jaguar, Spectacled Bear, and extremely rare Magdalena race of the Lowland Tapir, Tapirus terrestris columbianus.

GreaterGood Network's contributions to this project were instrumental in acquiring more than 1,727 acres in the Magdalena Valley of Colombia, home to some of the planet's most imperiled rainforest habitat and species. Thanks to the caring action of donors like you, it is now safe from destructive human activities, and the rainforest with its many inhabitants can flourish."










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The Veterans SiteYour Actions Here Fund Meals For Homeless And Hungry Veterans.

The Rainforest SiteYour Actions Here Fund The Protection of Vital Wildlife Habitat.

The Literacy SiteYour Actions Here Fund Free Books For Children In Need.

The Child Health SiteYour Actions Here Fund Healthcare For Children In Need.

The Autism SiteYour Actions Here Fund Therapy To Help Children With Autism.

The Animal Rescue SiteYour Actions Here Fund Food And Care For Rescued Animals.

The Breast Cancer SiteYour Actions Here Fund Mammograms For Women In Need.

The Hunger SiteYour Actions Here Fight Famine in the Horn of Africa & Combat Hunger in the U.S.

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Just all about I did was groom Muffie, work on this blog, read blogs, and tend to some emails.  I have to go slow with Muffie, or she gets upset and tries to bite.  She jumped up on my bed and took a long nap before I could finish her.  So I tippy toed around as I didn't want to awaken her.  Do you think she is spoiled!?  Then she was ready to be finished, and go home.

As I couldn't do any shopping while I was in Conroe with the cats for Adoption Day, I might have to go after Jim, the mechanic/welder picks up the cargo trailer to straighten out the bumper today.


Dizzy-Dick said...

All my dogs are spoiled, so why shouldn't all pets be spoiled.

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Thank you for your comment, Dick.

Mine are spoiled to a certain degree, but still they have to mind their manners. The cats are not allowed on the counters, and Misty knows that she also had to do as she is told. That way she is welcomed at other people's houses.

Our critters, whether they are ours or fosters, all need some spoiling. They enrich our lives so much.
As Al of "Until one has loved an Animal, their soul remains un-awakened."