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Mammal Monday: Exercise. Leash Pulling. Clicker Training. Pack Leader. Animal Rescue. Pet Food.

Now there's no excuse: if he can exercise, so can you! :)

"The Pacific Marine Mammal Center released two seal pups at Laguna Beach after they were rescued and rehabbed.
Excited to get back to the ocean the couple kissed on the beach before hitting the waves."


Learn why dogs pull and how to stop it.
"Pulling on leash is frustrating and can injure the owner."

You can also get the first four chapters of Eric Letendre's  book "The Amazing Dog Training Man" book at:

From Me: I did get the first free 4 chapters, but they are copyrighted, so you will have to apply for your own.
Very interesting, I recommend it.

Clicker training - Learn how to use a clicker to train your dog and deal with behavior problems.

You can also get his FREE ebook "101 Ways To Improve Your Dog's Behavior" at:

Eric also had this to say:
"Many dog owners wonder about being the "alpha" or the "pack leader." Dogs are extremely social animals, and it is the reason why we need to establish some order. Your dog can develop big problems if you are not seen as the one in charge.
Aggression, destructive behavior, housetraining, barking, jumping and chewing are just a few of the behaviors that
can develop when the owner is not the pack leader.

Why would a dog develop some of these behaviors, you ask? I can answer that question with one word:  STABILITY!
It is kind of like a kid in the house. Kids that grow up in houses with strong parental guidance tend to be more
stable adults.
The guidance has to be fair and consistent and it is the same with dogs. A strong leader does not hit, scream, yell
or threaten.
Dog trainers used to teach dog owners to be tough with their dogs and to hit, scold, scruff, shake and do alpha roll-overs.
Not good, because when you use aggression it is just a matter of time before your dog will get aggressive with you.
Being a strong leader is simple. Instead of using force, you control the activities that are important to your dog.
You control:  Food,   Sleeping areas,    Social contact,   Games.
I can take just about any dog and within about a week, I can teach the dog that I am the one in charge without ever touching the dog."

Your Clicks Count:"Your outpouring of support in the weeks following Japan's tragic earthquake, tsunami and nuclear plant disasters has been tremendous--making a huge difference in the lives of frightened, displaced, homeless pets. So far, altruistic visitors to The Animal Rescue Site have donated $383,515.00 to the cause. Your efforts benefit the Humane Society International and the International Fund for Animal Welfare whose on-the-ground rescue efforts continue.

Humane Society International's lead disaster responder in Japan, Kelly Coladarci, summarizes relief efforts to date and outlines long-term plans.

"Hello, and greetings, from one of the Humane Society International disaster responders who went to Japan in the aftermath of the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami disaster. Because of your prompt and generous response to the appeal of The Animal Rescue Site and, we were able to deploy rapidly and effectively, to carry out our mission and to provide training, direct care, practical assistance, and grants-in-aid to Japanese partner organizations. We're immensely grateful to you and to The Animal Rescue Site for choosing HSI.   I know I can speak for my colleagues in disaster response in communicating our deepest thanks for your devotion to our work, and for making our deployment possible. We won't ever forget the good that we were able to accomplish, as a direct result of your humane instincts."


Here are 77 dogs who won't suffer in a puppy mill anymore: A Homecoming To Celebrate


Your clicks also have helped many displaced animals during our own U.S. weather related emergencies, such as the floods and wildfires.
Temporary animal shelters were set up, so that people could go to the people shelters without worrying about their pets. They could reclaim their pets when they could go home or had a temporary home.


If I remember to pay the water bills for my house and the guest house by the 3rd. of the month, I can pay them with "Bill Pay", through my bank.  Well, I forgot this month, so I had write a check and drop the envelope in their door slot yesterday, to avoid the late charges.   Jay and his mother hadn't paid theirs either, so Jay and I went into our town, as he had to pick up a few things, too.  After a quick stop at our local Krogers, (I usually go to the biggest one in Conroe), it was still too late and hot, to do any work on the cargo trailer.

Rod of "Retired Rod" blog had this to say: 

Taste of the Wild Pet Food      Sunday, July 10, 2011

"This is just a little story about dog food and the recommendation from Penny Taylor of Penny's Tuppence several days ago.  Penny is an SPCA mom and has had numerous pets in her care as a foster mom.  She is a groomer as well, and explained about a Taste of the Wild animal food.
Well I kind of did my normal thing saying Ya Ya Ya,  but when Loyce announced that we were out of food for Biscuit, I did a look up on the Google site and found out where to buy this stuff.  "Tractor Supply!"

I do buy some stuff from them like trailer parts, and a pair of coveralls. But it is not a store that I normally frequent, because I don't have need for hog waterers and the like. But they do have all kinds of feeds and bird seed too.

They have all sorts of varieties of this Wild stuff, but the one Penny was feeding was the poultry based product.  It has Duck, Chicken and Smoked Turkey.  The filler is sweet potatoes, as it is completely grain free.
Other formulas include Bison and Venison, and a Lamb based food.  Also a Fish based food and several for cats as well. Their web site is Here.

But the fun of this story is that when I came home with the smallest size to see if Biscuit would eat any of it, she began to follow me around.  I took the bag upstairs to show Loyce who was in her office.  I sat down and Biscuit jumped up in my lap and began to sniff the bag.
She kept licking me and sniffing the bag almost demanding that I open it.  So I did, and she frantically gobbled the handful that I poured out.  Amazing, she is the most finicky eater......

The instructions were to mix some of it with her old food, so I went down to her bowl and did just that. About a third of the new stuff in her old bowl of Science Diet.  She dumped the bowl over on the floor and took her paw and spread the food out and began to pick out the new pellets from the pile.
She stayed at it until she had completely separated the new from the old and eaten all of it.  Then she just marched off leaving the old stuff all over the kitchen floor.  What did I start here?
Anyway that was yesterday, and she will not touch the old food now and is demanding to get some of the new Wild stuff like it was her treat bag.
Like I said, Penny knows her animals!!"   Retired Rod. From:

Then this morning he said:   Monday, July 11, 2011   "Dog Food, and Boy its HOT!

"In case you missed Penny's comment on yesterday's blog I will reprint it here.
Since several were interested in which flavor I purchased.  Penny explains it better than I could have..........

"I am so glad that Biscuit likes the "Wetlands Canine Formula Roasted Fowl", Taste of The Wild dog food.   Mine love the "Roasted Bison and Roasted Venison" one, too.
I know my cats love the feline version, "Rocky Mountain Roasted Venison with Salmon", Taste of the Wild, too.
It is grain-free, and that is what our little carnivorous animals need to keep them healthy.
Corn meal, which is used as a filler in so many name brand pet foods, is just not good for them, and can cause skin allergies and all sorts of nasty things like kidney trouble. Happy Tails, and Trails, Penny, TX"."   

Thanks, Rod.  I am not saying that this is the best dog food out there, but people need to know how important it is to feed animals properly. It may seem expensive, but it is a lot cheaper than vet bills.

This will open your eyes about pet foods:


Also, it is important to feed wet food too, they do not do well on an all dry diet, especially cats.

My cats and dog also have canned grain-free food, twice a day. Bobcat is on "Wellness" Grain-free canned, she has to stay on that, as she had bladder crystals many years ago.  She got them from eating a cheap cat food, when I didn't know better.  Even the vet said that it was due to her diet.   Then she asks for a little 'Royal Canin Active Mature 28' dry food, each night, as it has Glucosamine Chondroitin in it for her arthitis. Not what I would prefer for her to eat, but at 15 years old, I let her have her way.

Misty, my 15 year old poodle, is on "Organix" canned food right now, and a little dry 'Taste of the Wild '.

My kittens did not do well on Science Diet, or Iams canned or dry, and I had to change. The dry has cornmeal in it, as a main ingredient.  I wouldn't have bought Iams, but it was given to me, so I passed it along to someone who has more cats than money. I have also been helping her eliminate some of the cats.

By the way, my kittens wouldn't touch the Avoderm dry cat food I bought on sale, the other day. I knew I shouldn't have bought it when I looked at the ingredients. Even these young kittens know what is good for them!
Our local store was out of the small bags of Taste of the Wild, so I had to substitute it for "Exclusive" cat food, which is pretty good, and a lot better than Exclusive dog food.  I am going to Conroe tomorrow, so I will be able to buy some Taste of the Wild there.

The kittens are on "Newman's Own", 3-4 times a day, as I picked up a bunch of cans on sale. I buy whatever I know is good, when it is on sale.  So it does vary. 

I wouldn't want to eat the same thing day after day.

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