Friday, July 1, 2011

Do You Want Germs With That? Vit. D. Food Poisoning. Hands-free faucets. Fever. Dryer. Kittens.

Beware of Lemon Slices in Your Restaurant Drinks:

In some restaurants, you'll be getting more than just the lemon you're adding to your drink!

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"Do you enjoy a wedge of lemon with your water or iced tea when you eat at a restaurant? Well, you’ll be shocked by what this video shows. Two out of every three restaurant lemon wedges tested in a study were covered in disease-causing bacteria -- including fecal bacteria. A total of 25 different, and potentially dangerous, microorganisms were discovered on the wedges. "
Journal of Environmental Health December 1, 2007


Keep your body strong and avoid food poisoning:
"Vitamin D Facts...OK hands up all of you individuals who thought that vitamin D was a vitamin.
Well, you are wrong it's actually a natural hormone! You see, the journey starts with Vitamin-D synthesis in the skin, then enters into the bloodstream, journeying to the kidneys and liver for activation. Then the biological work is then done in the intestines and bones.

Vitamin D Facts- The Battle In Your Body!

"Apparently, tests have shown that vitamin D plays a crucial role in the immune system. What it does is 'trigger' the white blood cells that are laying dormant, springing them into life and turning them into 'killers' to seek out and destroy nasty infections.
Then other white blood cells in turn, morph into 'helpers', enabling the immune system to build a sort of memory of the infection, so whenever the next encounter arises, it will act speedily and mobilize more quickly to fight it. Clever, and quite amazing uh?"     More at:

"According to a recent study, 75 percent of Americans do not get enough Vitamin D. A vitamin D deficiency can negatively impact immune function and cardiovascular health, and increase cancer risk.
Now, a nutritional sciences researcher has found that vitamin D deficiency is associated with inflammation, a negative response of the immune system.
This could explain the vitamin's role in the prevention and treatment of inflammatory diseases, including heart disease, multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis."
Sources:   Science Daily April 14, 2009
 'A study in Internal Immunology notes that vitamin D aids in the clearance of listeria (a common cause of food poisoning) from mice."


Food poisoning

"Because of the great disinfectant qualities inherent in apple cider vinegar, some people when suffering from mild cases of food poisoning use it with success. If you suffer from violent symptoms, and suspect serious food poisoning please contact your medical practitioner immediately." From:

Hands-Free Faucets Can Harbor Nasty Germs,  by Scott Hensley,   April 1, 2011

Hands Free Faucet

"It seems so obvious that hospitals looking to minimize infections, should go with faucets that sense your hands instead of the old-fashioned ones people have to touch with their grubby mitts.
Well, researchers at Johns Hopkins Hospital ran some bacterial tests on both types of faucets just to be sure the ones that use electric eyes are OK in places where patients vulnerable to infection would be treated.

Turns out that half of more than 100 water samples taken from the electronic faucets grew Legionella, the type of bacteria that cause Legionnaire's disease, which can prey on people with weak immune systems. Only 15 percent of 75 water samples collected from manual faucets did the same.

The results were eye-opening. Sure, Legionnaire's disease has been linked to bacteria growing in some weird, watery places inside hospitals, including a decorative fountain and an ice machine.
Previous research had suggest that water pooling inside the mechanisms of the automatic faucets could provide a nice home for nasty bugs. The Hopkins people found that was true when they took some apart. The electronic faucets have more parts and places bacteria can grow, even if the faucets are flushed regularly.
The results from the testing were dramatic enough to prompt Johns Hopkins, which is building a humongous replacement hospital, to change faucet plans.
Dr. Emily Sydnor, an infectious disease fellow on the project, tells Shots, "all the electronic faucets that have been installed in the existing hospital have been removed or are being pulled out" from area where patients are cared for. In the new hospital, the "plan was to install about 1,000 in patient care areas. That was cancelled."
She presented the findings, which haven't been published yet, at a meeting of the Society for Healthcare Epidemiology this week in Dallas."

Soda Fountains and Soft Serve Ice Cream:

"Dr. Alanna Levine spoke to Maggie Rodriguez about a new study of 30 soda fountains that found 70 percent of the beverages were contaminated with bacteria and how they get into the drinks."
Read more:;photovideo#ixzz1KFuumYsf



At 7.30PM  Thursday night, after tending to the animal's needs, and eating a little soup, I shut off all the lights and went to bed.
Usually I don't go to bed until about 11.00PM, so my body was trying to tell me something.   During the night I woke up bathed in perspiration  glow, I must have had a fever and it broke.
To help with my recovery from whatever it was, I had taken some extra Vitamin D . 
Fever is your body's way of killing the infection.
The nagging pain I had the day before was gone, I felt better and slept till 6.00AM.  I can't believe I slept all that time with only a couple of interruptions. 

Yesterday, Jay was at the dentist, and Ray isn't fully recovered from his bout of food poisoning.

Jay's logic confuses me, he will rinse out a cup that has been out of the dishwasher for one day, but will eat a banana or cut into fruit without washing it, and drink out of cans without washing the top!  He is so persnickety, but doesn't check the internal temperature of food before he eats it.  Then wonders why he often has collywobbles.

Animal Control returned the empty trap they took with the wild cat in it on Thursday, and I looked to see which way they went when they left here.  They went farther down the road, away from the freeway, so I am glad they didn't make a special trip to return the trap.

With the morning off from working on the cargo trailer, I spent most of the time tending to my post-surgery kittens, and trying to read, delete, or reply to the mass of emails piling up.

After I did some laundry, the dryer wouldn't start.  It has been reliable for the 15 years since I bought it, used.  No, I don't want a new one made of plastic and Chinese parts.  The breakers need to be checked before I haul it to the repair shop. 
If we do have to move it, that would be a good time to vacuum out all the ductwork going to the outside. That is the major cause of dryer fires.  Should be done annually, but we have been amiss.

I dried my favorite sheets on the horizontal poles we use for hanging the yard sale clothes.  They are between the side posts of the RV port.  We are only allowed to have 2 yard sales a year here, but the poles stay up all the time.  Shay and I often dry bath rugs and heavy things out there anyway.  In this heat, the sheets were dry in no time, and back on my bed.

Pal, now loose in the Grooming room and Middle room, doesn't seem to know he has had surgery, and still jumps up to the top cage for his naps.

The girl kittens are bored and want out of their confinement, but they have to stay there for now, as they must not jump up or down on anything for a few days.

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Your blog today reminds me why I don't like to eat at restaurants or fast food places.