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Do You Want White Bread With That? Cargo Trailer

Well, if these next words were silly forty years ago, imagine what they sounded like in 1933, when Dr. Royal Lee proclaimed them.

"Candy, all white sugar or its products, and white flour and its products such as macaroni, spaghetti, crackers, etc., should be absolutely barred from the diet…”

"You might think these words hail from some natural-nutrition blog or the pages of a low-carb guru’s book. Perhaps they were even uttered by Dr. Robert Atkins himself back in the 1970s, when such advice was considered silly.

By the mid 1920s, it had become obvious to Dr. Lee that nutritional deficiencies were at the root of the so-called “diseases of civilization”—cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, obesity, tooth decay, etc.—all of which appeared in earnest in the human race with the popularization of industrially processed foods.
The White Plague

The ill effects of processed foods were first documented by British doctors working in Africa at the turn of the twentieth century, who noted that cancer and other “modern” diseases arose only in those tribes who’d adopted white sugar, white flour and other processed staples of the British diet. Those who stuck to their traditional diet enjoyed lives virtually free of degenerative disease. Dr. Royal Lee and the Story of Nutrition in America, Part 2
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It is wholly unscientific to state that a well-fed body is more able to resist disease than a less well-fed body.” — Dr. Elmer Nelson"

"Even today people tend to blame microbes for illness, but germs are everywhere, all the time, so what makes some people get sick and others not? As countless studies attest, immunity depends on nutritional status.
"In addition, other studies showed that children with tooth decay not only tended to eat diets lacking in whole foods, they were also more likely to contract infectious diseases such as measles, chicken pox, mumps, scarlet fever, and diphtheria. (Well-nourished children then, as today, tend to resist disease.)"
“Royal Lee was a hundred years ahead of his time,” it’s often been said. Somewhere, he’s still waiting for the world to catch up."

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Now we are not just talking about white bread, it is the other processed foods that are made out of white flour, like Poptarts, white pasta, Eggos, Twinkies, muffins, pizza crusts, crackers, flour tortillas, most cereals, etc.   Anything that says "enriched flour"!

All these items could be made with whole flour, but it is cheaper for the industry to use the left-overs from the real flour.  The resulting white flour is nearly all starch, and now contains a small fraction of the nutrients of the original grain.

The fake flour can elevate your blood pressure, as well as make you more prone to diabetes.
If you want to lower your blood pressure, and even get off your blood pressure meds, start by eliminating processed white flour and sugar from your diet.

In Switzerland, their government has imposed a tax on white bread because of the risks associated with eating white bread. This tax is then passed back to the bakers for them to lower the price of wholemeal bread encouraging people to ditch white bread and choose wholemeal bread.

The Canadian government passed a law prohibiting the “enrichment” of white bread with synthetic vitamins. Bread must contain the original vitamins found in the grain, not imitations.


Whole wheat bread is healthy bread.
"When you shop in the grocery store it is very difficult to find true whole wheat bread. Most are enriched wheat or whole and enriched wheat blends. You can literally spend hours in the bread aisle reading the labels when looking for good bread to buy.

The first and only wheat flour on the label should be whole or 100% wheat flour. That means that anything else other than whole wheat flour or 100% wheat flour is not whole wheat even if is says so on the label. You must look at the ingredient list to be sure because the front of the package is written by the marketing department and it can say wheat and not really be true whole wheat.

There is no such thing as white whole wheat. White whole wheat bread is a blend of whole wheat flour and white flour. Many breads are the same blended flours and then colored with caramel color or molasses so white whole wheat bread just doesn't have the color added.

It is a fact that whole wheat flours are far more nutritious than white flours. They are complete with the natural bran, fiber, vitamins and minerals. Enriched can not compare to the natural wholesome goodness of whole grains in real whole grain bread. Be sure to check your ingredient list to get the best. You deserve it!" 

The truth about white bread.   What is enriched bleached white flour? Wiki FDA -


Learn the dangers of white flour



White Bread vs. Brown Bread

"Most people say that brown bread is healthier than white bread, well lets compare them both and see which one comes out on top.
When referring to brown bread, we are of course talking about bread that is made with whole wheat or wholemeal flour. White bread is made using wheat flour that has been heavily refined and processed.

Round 1 – Flour Power
Wheat flour (used in white bread) has the bran (husk) and germ removed and then bleached. It’s bleached using chemicals such as potassium bromate and benzoyl peroxide, similar to how your clothes would be coloured.

There are still residual bleaching chemicals on the final product that you eat. Extra gluten, salt and sugar are all added to the white flour to help the bread rise and taste better. Then, the nutrients that are taken away from the flour by removing the bran and germ are artificially put back into the flour as is required by law.

Wholemeal flour (used in brown bread) on the other hand doesn’t go through this process and therefore retains all of the natural goodness lost in the removal of bran and isn’t subject to added sugar, salt or gluten."

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The whiter your bread,  the quicker you're dead! As white bread is already dead.

Now you know the facts:
Choices have consequences…make good choices.


Orange-Glow&-Blackie Jay and I went up in the attic of the guest house, and made a junction box into an outlet. Then we ran a cord to the bug zapper outside, over their little covered sitting area. 
The flies are attracted to the canned cat food that Ray and Shay put out there for Orange Glow and Blackie.  The left over food is picked it up and disposed of as soon as they can, but it still pulls in the flies. I can't stand flies!!

The zapper doesn't zap flies during the day, but it seems to have scared a lot of them off.  We also hung a fly paper near the zapper.    Ray can hear it zapping skeeters in the evenings though.
The junction box was originally for adding wire to install the security light, which is over the front of the guest house. It has a pretty good range, as anyone approaching my front gate makes it turn on, too.

Ray painted the underneath part of the cargo trailer's table.  The sides have already been Formica-ed, and the top is yet to be done.

While Jay was installing some of the 12v. lights in the cargo trailer, Ray and I cut and glued the last piece of foam onto the twin bed foam.  It is now the same height as the dinette/bed cushions, if they want to make both beds into a king size.  Though as twin sheets and king sheet are different lengths, there is an extra little cushion for the head, or tail, of the twin bed, so either size sheets can be used.

Perhaps Tropical Depression Don will help things around here.  We all quit early as it was a too stifle-y and muggy day.

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