Tuesday, March 8, 2011

TX State Parks. Bueschner, Enchanted Rock, Dinosaur. Shopping.

For those who have just traveled the "Miles and Miles of Nothing But Miles and Miles" of the I-10 and I-20 freeways on the west side, here are some other parts of TX.

"Texas, 'tis a whole other country"

About TX State Park passes: http://www.tpwd.state.tx.us/spdest/parkinfo/passes/parkpass/faqs/

Order your FREE TX Travel Guide: http://www.traveltex.com/plan-your-trip/travel-guide/order-travel-guide

Laws & Highway Info: http://www.traveltex.com/plan-your-trip/laws-highway-info

Travel Information Centers:

I-40 (from Oklahoma & New Mexico)
I-10 (from New Mexico)
Capitol Visitor Center
U.S. 69/75 (from Oklahoma)
U.S. 77, I-35 (from Oklahoma)
U.S. 90, Loop 25
I-35 & U.S. 83
I-10 (from Louisiana)
I-30 (from Arkansas)
U.S. 77 & U.S. 83 in Harlingen
I-20 (from Louisiana)
Wichita Falls
I-44/U.S. 287, Exit 1C (from Oklahoma)
Travelers may receive road condition information by visiting our Web site at http://www.txdot.gov/ or by calling 800/452-9292 for 24-hour automated road condition information and seasonal reports on locations of scenic spring wildflowers and fall foliage.


Jay and I took the guest house non-working dryer to the repair man.  He had newer dryers for sale, but as he is as honest as the day is long, he told me that my old one was better made.  Isn't that about the same for everything? 
He put a new terminal block, wires, connectors, and some other gismo that goes on the heating element housing on it.  I think it was the thermostat or a self-limiting switch or something.  He tried it out to make sure it was working properly, and charged me $45. So we were able to bring it back, instead of having to leave it and make another trip over to Cut-N-Shoot, TX.

Jay bought some breakfast at …"GASP" …McDonald's. He didn't like it, and I was even scared to give it to the birds with all those chemicals in it.  Later we had chicken livers at Hartz, at least they aren't ground up and mixed with junk, but I still try to get all the breading off.
There was a King Dollar (now $1.15!) on the way ,and I was able to get some things stricken off my list there.

A stop at a thrift shop and we both got some half-price bargains there, including a very nice black purse for me.


Jay wasn't feeling too great, I know he must have tied one on last night, so I am glad that he wasn't working on anything of mine today!

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Sandra said...

You'd like the place where I volunteer- The Real Deal - no clothes but all kinds of other stuff. It's a neat place.