Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New Nature Center in Spring, TX. Bird Migration Day, Tomball, TX. Cargo Trailer Window.

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Bird Migration Day - April 9th. at Kleb Woods Nature Center, in Tomball, TX. FREE and open to the public.
This is the first year Kleb has done this, but I am sure it will be great.




Jay and I just about have the last window licked.  This is the larger window to replace the "dreaded" problem window.  As this window didn't come with a frame to screw it all together, we cut clips out of the ends of hurricane ties.



Now that the paneling is installed, we just have to add the frame that we made of wood.  But we will have to make an adjustment to it for the emergency exit handle.


I think that the awning style window will be handy when it rains, as it can give cross ventilation from the front roof vent, which will have a MaxxAir on it, or the window on the other side which is under the awning.
Ray will touch up the outside next time he is here.

I hope Spring stays around for a while, the weather is perfect here today.

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pidge said...

Wish we could be aroung for bird day, but we are a long way away from there. Nice window. Bet your glad you finally got it done.