Saturday, March 5, 2011

Pit Bull Facts. In Memory of "Stallone". Cargo Trailer. Adoption Day.

"This video was made at the request of a citizen of Denmark. I was sent an email asking to do a video addressing the myths around Pit Bulls as Denmark is getting ready to ban them."


Description:   "His name was Stallone. Rescued during a dog fighting raid, this pit-bull terrier won the love of everyone around him. The heartbreaking story of this victim sheds light on the extreme cruelty he, and other dogs like him, endured - fight after fight."

"As horrible as this is, try to imagine what Michael Vick's pit bulls went through both during a fight and afterwards when Vick would torture them to death if they lost. And he's playing for the Eagles now, making a multimillion dollar salary.
For anybody who thinks Vick has "served his time", I want you to look at Stallone's face in this video, and remember that Vick did this to not one, but dozens of dogs. Possible HUNDREDS, over the years.
There is no sentence long enough for Vick."
Fighting Dogs Finally Free Video:

Today,   It is cold and windy.  Coats and socks today, with 60% chance of rain.

The larger window has arrived, but we didn't want to try to install it, in case it rained before we had it done.  It is going to take some different framing than the "dreaded" window.
This is an egress window with a hinge at top outside.  I chose this, as it can be left open, even when raining.  BUT, it didn't come with the frame for the inside, so we knew we would have to make our own.  We looked up in my attic, and found a nice piece of wood that will match the paneling after Ray has done his magic with stain and poly.
So we used a jigsaw and made the frame thus:


Now we have a template for cutting the outside siding, too, when the weather is better.

We turned out attention back to the dinette, and cut the top out of some 5/8" plywood that came out of the 1947 Westcraft Coronado travel trailer that we worked on a while back. (
We haven't put a hinge or anything on it yet.  There has to be access to the 12v. fuse panel, and the converter, which will be under there.
Then we carefully measured and cut the frame for the dinette booth on the other side before it was time to quit.

I am getting my foster animals ready to take to Petco for SPCA Adoption Day.

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