Monday, March 7, 2011

Rescue A Horse Today. Slain Husky Sled Dogs. Cargo Trailer.

Today's An Extra Donation Day!

"Throughout history, horses have been trusted companions and a significant part of American they haven't always been treated with the kindness they deserve. March 1st has been designated as National Horse Protection Day, a time to not only honor these majestic creatures, but to act against the abuse, neglect, homelessness and slaughter that they have sadly suffered. And, today, you can honor horses in need, simply by shopping.

Place your do-good order before midnight PT tonight (Monday, Mar. 7th) and an extra donation will be made to feed and care for a rescued horse through the work of our partners at The Humane Society of United States and The Fund for Animals.
These groups have come together to give a new life to both wild and domesticated horses that have suffered harsh treatment by their handlers, pharmaceutical companies, and other abusers.
You can also make a direct contribution (from just $14) to our Feed and Care for a Rescued Horse to help these magnificent creatures live in peace and health."
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Canada: Justice for the Slain Husky Sled Dogs!

"In April 2010, 100 sled dogs were brutally murdered because they were no longer needed following the Winter Olympics.
100 husky sled dogs who participated in the Canada Winter Olympics were slaughtered. Reportedly, one man carried out the killings utilizing both a shotgun and a knife.
The slaughter took place because the company who owned them — Outdoor Adventures — felt the dogs were no longer a viable profit source. They then ordered them slaughtered.

There is no justification for this savage act of murder. Killing animals — and especially the manner in which the dogs were slaughtered — should never be tolerated, period. That 100 dogs were so brutally executed for such callous and selfish reasons is reprehensible.

All of those who were part of this act need to pay for what they've done. Sign the petition urging the Canadian government to further investigate the slaughter, punish those responsible, and enact stricter legislation that would combat such savage acts of animal cruelty.

Outdoor Adventures didn't want to spend the time or money to find these perfectly healthy dogs eligible homes, so they decided that getting rid of them altogether was the best way to remedy the problem.
What does that say about sportsmanship of the Olympics?"

Please Sign now!    

"The time will come when men such as I, will look upon the murder of animals as now they look upon the murder of men." Leonardo da Vinci


Ray's washer and dryer were giving trouble over in my guest house.  The dryer wouldn't dry, and the washer wouldn't wash! 
With everything that has been going on with his sick father-in-law, this was the first time he has had a chance to drag everything out out of the way so we could pull out the machines to look at them.
We took the back off the dryer, and there was a burned looking wire on the terminal block.  Rather than let Jay 'jerry-rig' it, we loaded it up in my van to take it to the repair shop.  Even if I have to buy another dryer, I think we have had our money's worth as this one was $60 about 10 years ago! 

We always buy our appliances from one place.  This man, over in Cut-N-Shoot, TX,  graduated from several technical schools for appliances and refrigeration.  We have known him, his parents, and his family for years and trust him. 

SAM_0723-1Then, we ran a cord from the attic above Ray's utility room from another circuit to the washer, and it worked fine.  With those two problems out of the way, for now, we all went to work on the Cargo trailer.   

Jay and I made another trim ring like the one we made yesterday, but for the back door window this time. 
The door isn't as thick as the walls so it needed a spacer to make the outside of the window fit flush.



We installed the door's egress window permanently, with the new wood trim ring spacer, and it worked out fine, so Ray caulked around it on the outside.

Now, I am waiting for someone coming from Houston to look at the Drop-N-Lock gooseneck hitch that I am selling.  PS:   He just came and bought it.

Back to the "dreaded window".  We cut out the siding, but didn't have time to finish it, so it is just installed temporarily for today.


I.M. Vayne said...

Regarding yer comment on my post on Gypsy's blog, No offence taken to what yer a sayin'. I was a thinkin' that she just don't seem to be happy no matter what she has got, so a little older Class C with a rear bed shouldn't cause her no more problems than what she's a been havin' with what she's had here recently. And it might give her a little piece of mind. If all she is a wantin' is a new RV, then you is a right and I is wrong.

Like yer blog, don't cotton etall to them that mistreat animals. Nilda and I had a bunch of strays we took in over the years afore we started the mobile, mobile home full timing life.

pidge said...

You sure are putting a lot of hours into that trailer. Good news about the washer. Hope you get the same for the dryer.

Hate the story about the dogs. They worked their heart out for those people and look what they got for it. Makes my heart hurt... :(

Ivan said...

I've thought about a cat nap sack for Hailey, but she does not even like to be picked up, so not sure if it would work? I would get one in a second if I thought it would. She is still a squirmy kitten, perhaps when she is older?
She is priority #1 when it comes to planning an activity. If it doesn't work for her, I don't do it!