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“I’ll Have Another” Retired. Bad Dog Treats. Dog Saves ‘Mom’. Navy Harms Mammals. 2012 by NOAA. Cartier Discovers St. Lawrence River. Secretariat. Misty, Bobbiecat and Prime.

News: Some New, Some Old:

I'll Have Another Out Of Belmont:

“I’ll Have Another will not run in Saturday’s Belmont Stakes—in fact, the colt who had a chance to become the first Triple Crown winner since Affirmed in 1978 will be retired.

Tendinitis in I’ll Have Another’s left-front foot was the reason for the decision to pull the horse from the Belmont—and ultimately call an end to his racing career—trainer Doug O’Neill said at a Friday afternoon press conference at Belmont Park.”   Read more:


FDA Issues More Warnings on Chicken Treats Made in China

Bella, a 2-year-old pug, died last fall after her owner, Robin Pierre, said she ate Waggin' Train chicken jerky treats.

“Nearly 1,000 dogs reportedly have been sickened by chicken jerky pet treats from China, according to a new tally of complaints from worried owners and veterinarians submitted to federal health officials.

The Food and Drug Administration has logged some 900 reports of illnesses and deaths since November, when it warned owners about continued problems with the products known variously as chicken jerky strips, treats and nuggets, a spokeswoman said.

According to MSNBC, the three treats cited the most (although they aren't the only ones reported) are:
Waggin' Train (by Nestle Purina),  Canyon Creek Ranch (by Nestle Purina),  Milo's Kitchen Home-Style Dog Treats (by Del Monte)
The "made in China" label on pet treats, if present, may be small and out of the way - and to make things even more confusing, labels that contain the company's U.S. address, or phrases like "Distributed in the U.S.A." or "Manufactured in the U.S." may also be present on the package.” More"at:


Pit Bull Leads Good Samaritan To Stricken Owner

BERKELEY TOWNSHIP, N.J. -- “Frank Delarosa thought it was strange to see a pit bull running down a sugar sand path near the cranberry bogs at Double Trouble State Park on Friday, her leash dragging behind her.

Delarosa coaxed the one-year-old pit bull mix over to him, picked her up and started to head up the path to the park office.  But "Lilly"was restless. Delarosa decided to put her down. She began pulling and tugging him down the path, back towards the cranberry bogs.

It was there he found Lilly's owner unconscious about 150 yards down on the path. Dona Timoney, 51, of Beachwood, had suffered some kind of "medical event" while on a walk with her dog, Berkeley Township Detective Sgt. James J. Smith said."She was unconscious, but breathing," he said.”        More at:


Navy Admits Greater Harm To Sea Mammals

A Navy vessel with research ship and orca pod, in the foreground. (Center for Whale Research)

“Coastal training kills, injures more than thought.  The U.S. Navy came out with a shocking confession. They now admit that their coastal training exercises kill or harm more marine mammals than previously acknowledged. Apparently, new data led to a recalculation about how many whales, dolphins and seals are hurt by the mid-frequency sonar and explosions the Navy routinely use in training off our coasts.

The Navy isn’t saying it will injure whales and dolphins as it trains sailors and tests equipment. It’s telling the public and environmental regulators that its actions have the potential to harm or otherwise prompt a reaction in the animals.
The Navy takes a variety of measures to prevent harm to the animals, including turning off sonar when marine mammals are spotted nearby. It says the actual numbers of injured animals would be lower as a result.
The Navy must provide the information to the National Marine Fisheries Service to earn a permit for its activities. If it didn’t do so and was later found to have harmed marine mammals, it would be found in violation of federal environmental law and have to stop its training and testing.” Read more here:     And more at:


NOAA predicts a near-normal 2012 Atlantic hurricane season

Hurricane Andrew

Anniversary of Hurricane Andrew underscores necessity to prepare every year.  August 24, 2012 will be the 20th anniversary of Hurricane Andrew's devastating landfall in South Florida.

‘NOAA’s outlook predicts a less active season compared to recent years,” said NOAA Administrator Jane Lubchenco, Ph.D. “But regardless of the outlook, it’s vital for anyone living or vacationing in hurricane-prone locations to be prepared. We have a stark reminder this year with the 20th anniversary of Hurricane Andrew.” Andrew, the Category 5 hurricane that devastated South Florida on August 24, 1992, was the first storm in a late-starting season that produced only six named storms.”    More at:


On This Day:

Cartier discovers St. Lawrence River, Jun 9, 1534:

“French navigator Jacques Cartier becomes the first European explorer to discover the St. Lawrence River in present-day Quebec, Canada.

In 1534, Cartier was commissioned by King Francis I of France to explore the northern American lands in search of riches and the rumored Northwest Passage to Asia. That year, Cartier entered the Gulf of St. Lawrence by the Strait of Belle Isle, explored its barren north coast for a distance, and then traveled down the west shore of Newfoundland to Cape Anguille. From there, he discovered Magdalen and Prince Edward islands, explored Chaleur Bay, and claimed Quebec's Gaspe Peninsula for France. He then discovered the inlet of the St. Lawrence River, sailed north to Anticosti Island, and then returned to Europe.

Previously thought to be a barren and inhospitable region, Cartier's discoveries of the warm and fertile lands around the Gulf of St. Lawrence inspired Francis I to dispatch him on a second expedition in 1535. On this voyage, he ascended the St. Lawrence to the native village of Hochelaga, site of the modern-day city of Montreal. On his return voyage to France, he explored Cabot Strait along the southern coast of Newfoundland. Cartier led a final expedition to the region in 1541, as part of an unsuccessful colonization effort. His extensive geographical discoveries formed the basis of France's claims to the rich St. Lawrence Valley in the 17th century.”


Secretariat wins Triple Crown, Jun 9, 1973:

“On this day in 1973, Secretariat wins the Belmont Stakes to become the first Triple Crown winner since Citation in 1948. Secretariat ran the mile-and-a-half race in 2:24, a world record that many believe will never be broken.

Secretariat, the son of Bold Ruler and Somethingroyal, was raised in Doswell, Virginia, at Meadow Stable by owner Penny Tweedy. He won seven of nine races started as a two-year-old and was the first horse of his age to be named Horse of the Year. After winning the first two races of his three-year-old career, he lost the third, which was also the final tune-up before that year’s Kentucky Derby. Afterward, a painful abscess was found under the horse’s lip, which supporters hoped was the reason for his unexpectedly slow performance. Secretariat did not disappoint at the 1973 Kentucky Derby, where he set a track record of just over 1:59 to beat Sham by two-and-a-half lengths. Secretariat then won the Preakness, and though unofficial timers and spectators insisted the horse had also set a new record there, the official time keeper clocked Secretariat a few seconds slower.

Secretariat came into the Belmont Stakes in Long Island, New York, at 1-to-10 odds, making him the overwhelming favorite. Secretariat’s jockey Ron Turcotte, however, expected a close race with Sham at the longer Belmont. At the beginning of the race, Sham and jockey Laffit Pincay kept pace with the so-called "super horse" but expended too much energy in the process and eventually faded to last place, while Secretariat pulled away from the pack. Secretariat crossed the finish line an amazing 31 lengths ahead of My Gallant and Twice a Prince in a show of speed and endurance horse enthusiasts had never seen. Turcotte later said of the race, "I know this sounds crazy, but the horse did it by himself. I was along for the ride."

Years later, Secretariat’s dominance as a race horse was attributed to the size of his heart, which was found to weigh 22 pounds, more than twice that of a typical thoroughbred.”


I Bought Misty, Jun 9, 2010

When I got my Misty she had been abused, hadn’t had the medical care she needed and was a stinky, matted mess.   This broke my heart as her late ‘Dad’ loved her so much, had her groomed by me regularly, and took good care of her. When he died she was in the hands of his drunk/druggie relatives for three years, and I finally talked them into selling her to me, on this day 2 years ago.

Playing and happyI got her just in time.  She had to have 2 major surgeries, or she would have died.  Her teeth were so infected that it had gone to her sinuses, and nearly into her brain.  The vets removed all but four back teeth, they were so bad.  That surgery took such a long time, and she had so much infection that she didn’t get spayed that day and came down with pyometra soon after. That was a life threatening scare, and she was taken into surgery immediately.  She was really good about taking her medicines for all that time, but then she is a sweet loving dog all the time.

She can hardly see, but trusts me to be her ‘seeing eye person’, guide her around hazards, and tell her ‘up’ and ‘down’ when we get to steps.  She is now 17 years old,  spry and happy.



Normally, I keep these topics to myself, but Jo Wishnie is writing about BooBoo’s peeing problems, so I will discuss my Bobbiecat’s, too. 

I have been having trouble with 17 year old Bobbiecat, she kept on peeing on my bathroom floor instead of her box.  This was either because she is having trouble with bladder crystals again, and it is uncomfortable to get up to her box, or she suddenly decided to show her resentment of Prime using it, too.  Usually Prime spends a lot of time on the screen porch, with her own box, but as it is getting hotter, she can’t do that now, and has more time in the house.   Bobbie has taken to hiding in my closet, so something is upsetting her, but she doesn’t seem to be in pain, or I would have taken her to the vet already.    Jay and cut a piece of white plastic lattice to go across the doorway to my bathroom, just low enough that I can step over it. Yes, I have baby gates, but what a pain to open and close. It is just high enough that blind Misty can’t get in there so I could put Bobbie’s box back on the floor where it used to be.  While we were rearranging things, Jay vacuumed and I mopped both bathrooms, and washed all the rugs.

To celebrate Misty’s start of a third year with me, I bathed and groomed her.

Later in the day, as that little fence didn’t stop Prime from getting in my bathroom, and using Bobbie’s box, instead of her own, Bobbie peed on the freshly laundered bath rug.  When I keep Prime in the grooming room, Bobbiecat doesn’t do it. Try to figure out the brain of a cat! I could keep Prime in the grooming room, but I have those cat boarders coming soon, so she can’t be in there until I know they get along.  So, by myself, I dragged a big wooden cage into the house.  It has a top entry which I left left open, and closed the side door, to keep Misty out, and set another litter box in it for Prime.  I didn’t let Prime in my bedroom last night, so she couldn’t get to Bobbie’s bathroom.  So far that is working, but we will have to see what happens later today.

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Dizzy-Dick said...

Congratulations on Misty. There is something special about the bond between pet and owner when they both love and respect each other. It doesn't always work out that way. Our pups are a huge part of our lives and family.