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When God Doesn't Make Sense. Shopping.

Erin was one of the speakers at the 2010 On-site Seminar hosted by Francis Frangipane

Youth Pastor Craig Killinen takes you through the story of Habakkuk and how he wrestled with God when he didn't understand what God was doing.


News report from Dan Mountney on WDIV in Detroit in 1996


"Are troubles in your life unbearable? Do you believe God has left you in the dark? Discover the comforting answer."


The Easy Button

"Perhaps you have seen one of several humorous television commercials by Staples®, the office supply store chain. In most of the ads, a customer is experiencing a business supply or organizational problem. Suddenly, a store employee pulls out an "Easy Button®," pushes it and the particular problem is resolved instantly.
The announcer then says, "That was easy!"—implying that, if you shop at Staples®, your office supply problems will be handled effortlessly. The "easy button" commercials are effective because they appeal to people's natural desire to find simpler ways to fix their problems.

Taking this a step further, wouldn't it be great if there was an "easy button" to handle all our troubles? Imagine if we could simply press a button and our financial, marriage, child rearing, employment or other difficulties could be solved immediately.

A Better Way to Live

Well, we all know that there is no such fanciful device. But Jesus Christ describes something that is easy: "Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light" (Matthew 11:29-30, emphasis added).

Christ's yoke symbolizes not only how He is to rule over us and take care of our needs, but also the work He is accomplishing; the mission He is performing. He invites you and me to join Him in this vital task. He wants us to be "hitched up" with Him—laboring together, pulling in the same direction, pursuing identical goals.
But why is this yoke "easy?" Because we are harnessed together with none other than Jesus Christ. As a result, we can absolutely rely on His steadfast strength, power and vigor to perform our duties. Conversely, sinners are yoked as weak, exhausted slaves to the world, with its satanic, oppressive, malevolent approach (Galatians 5:1). What Christ offers is an utterly better way to live, in contrast to one that results in terrible suffering, heartache, sadness, grief and death (Deuteronomy 30:19).

No, Jesus Christ doesn't offer us a Staples-like "easy button," but He presents us with something far better. He invites you and me to be "yoked" with Him—to go to work with Him—and to live as He lived. If we take up His challenge and remain faithful to the end, we will receive a magnificent and eternal reward. Are you ready to be yoked with Him?"
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Ray and I went in separate cars, to the Verizon store to look at the new phone options.  We were each offered, by mail, a free month, if we signed a new 2-year contract, but that deal had to be done by phone.  Neither Ray nor I want anything fancy, and they seem to get more complicated as each new model comes out, so we wanted to see and feel the phones.

Jay rode with me as we had things to do afterwards.  While he was waiting for us, Jay walked across the street to Home Depot as he had to get some tack strip for installing carpet in his bedroom.
 TV Table (Oak or Dark Walnut)
Then we went to the closest thrift shop, and I bought one of those folding tables which has legs that go under a couch, for $4, normally $50.

The other day, one of my bags of groceries had not been put in the cart, so I called them, and they said they would replace the items with my receipt, so we got that done.  In that lost bag I had bought some salmon on sale, and the fish market was kind enough to mark some down for me again, as that 50% off sale was over.

At Petsmart, I found more bargains, so loaded up on good quality pet food again.  That, and the other haul I bought from Petco the other day, means I now have over $200 worth of pet groceries for $100!  Prime my foster cat, has always been picky about canned food, preferring beef, and I even found a better quality one that she will eat.  I might get another case of that while it is on sale, but it wouldn't be cost effective to make a special trip.

The other things I needed I could buy at Walmart or Dollar General.  There was so much traffic in town, that we opted for DG.  I was very pleasantly surprised to find out that DG now offers 1200 mg. Calcium in a capsule, as I have trouble swallowing those big pills.
The best part is that it also contains 1000 mg. of Vitamin D, so that eliminates one pill to take every day.

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