Tuesday, May 17, 2011

RV Canada. B.C.Free Parking. Hinge Shopping For Cargo Trailer Cabinets. Kittens.

Now that the weather is getting warmer, it is time to start thinking about more northern places to get away from the southern heat.  How about Canada?


Banff and Jasper, Alberta

Banff and Jasper, Alberta


Canada Geography 101

  • Canada is big! As the second-largest country in the world, spanning six time zones; and stretching from the Atlantic to the Pacific to the Arctic oceans, it covers almost 10 million square kilometers (9, 984,670 to be exact).

Click for information about Canada and each area of this enormous country: http://www.motorhomeroadtrip.com/canada/destinations/canada-geography/


Parking is Now Free:

Mount Robson Provincial Park, British Columbia. © Rex Vogel, all rights reserved

Mount Robson Provincial Park, British Columbia.

"B.C. Premier Christy Clark recently announced that parking will now be free in all provincial parks to encourage families to take advantage of the system.

With 13.6 per cent of the province set aside as parkland and protected areas, B.C. has the second largest park system in Canada, second only to the national park system. Special events will be held in parks across the province all year, as BC Parks honors 100 years of conservation and recreation.

It started with Strathcona Provincial Park in 1911 and now BC Parks has grown to be one of the largest park systems in the world."

More at: http://blog.rv.net/2011/05/what-do-ohio-tennessee-british-columbia-have-in-common/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+RvnetBlog+%28RV.net+Blog+Daily+Updates+Feed%29




"Sometimes our RVs are so comfortable we tend to forget that they're not just a rolling bed, a TV or two, and a kitchen with windows. They also have a magic door. Open it, step down, and there's a new world filled with exciting adventures awaiting your exploration."

"Try to watch this video without getting excited about exploring Canada's westernmost province, British Columbia.
No, wait -- that's silly. Get excited. It's why you want to RV Canada!"






From: http://motorhomerental.tv/the-great-canada-rv-roadtrip---part-5-of-5_KLMSyhartoY.html



RVing Canada? Planning to cross the U.S. - Canadian border? Know before you go


"If your spring or summer travel plans include crossing the border into Canada or the U.S.and back again there are things you need to know. This article covers the highlights, the absolute essentials, but you are strongly advised to check with the proper authorities on both sides of the border for additional information.

Since June 2009, everyone from every country arriving in Canada or the U.S. by air, land and sea has needed a passport or an acceptable equivalent document: a passport card, or a NEXUS card, which is pre-approval to cross the border. There are also enhanced driver’s licenses and FAST/Express cards which are used primarily by commercial truck drivers and others who cross the border frequently.


If you are traveling with pets you’ll need a certificate signed and dated by your veterinarian showing that each pet has been vaccinated against rabies during the past three years. If your pet is a puppy or kitten less than three months old this certification is not necessary."

More at:  http://rvingcanada.rvtravel.com/2011/03/planning-to-cross-us-canadian-border.html

There are helpful links at the bottom of that page.   Whether you are an American RVer headed into Canada or a Canadian traveling in your own country, you will find a wealth of information in this blog. Be sure to check back often for the latest news and information.





It was time to drive into the next town for the weekly shopping.  I had to buy 10 sets of hinges for the cabinets in the cargo trailer, and a few groceries.  We have a local Kroger's here in our little town, but I can get better deals at the big Flagship Kroger's in Conroe, and they have a big health food department.  Also, their gas is cheaper, so I paid $3.74 a gallon with my Kroger card. 

Soon the one in Conroe will be losing my business, as they are building an enormous Kroger's about 4 miles from my house on the I-45.   Rumour has it that they will also be selling furniture, that doesn't interest me, but it shows how big it is supposed to be.  Just as long as they are as prolific with their "Manager's Specials", they will get my business.  These are unadvertised specials through out the store.Kittens-playing-16May2011


At Lowes, the white hinges were cheaper than the brass looking ones, so in a small space like the cargo trailer, I think they will blend in better with the paint, and make it look less 'busy'.  Another deciding factor was that I have a bunch of matching white drawer pulls in my attic!


More lovely weather, and didn't even have to run the AC, except in the van on the way home with the groceries.  Before I left, I did turn on the AC in the house for the animals in case it got hot, but I doubt if it came on.


The little kittens really think that they are the 'cat's meow' now that they have two rooms to play in, and they chase each other the full length of the two rooms.  Once in a while they bump the thing that holds the Dutch door open, so when it closes, and they don't know what to do.

For their safety, I only let them loose to play when I am here to keep an eye on them, as like toddlers they can find the darnest things to get into.  The rest of the time, nights and while we are working outside, they are locked up in their great big cage.  They seem to know that at lunchtime it is time for them to be turned loose until it is time for them to go to bed.

Pebbles, bottom right, is getting a little too rambunctious, and tries to dart into the house when I open the grooming room door.   So I am having to teach them what 'no' means.  Yes, you can train cats.


Even the grass looks happier, and greener, since we had that rain the other day.


Dizzy-Dick said...

Since there is three Krogers in Conroe and one in Willis, will building the super Krogers mean they will close some of the smaller ones?

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

I don't know what their plans are, Dizzy-Dick, but I would imagine they will close the one in Willis, as it was originally built by Albertsons.
Thanks for you comment, and have Happy Tails, and Trails, Penny,

Kevin and Ruth said...

If you want to get away from the summer heat, it's pretty much guaranteed here in Nova Scotia. It has been the coldest, wettest spring we have ever endured!


LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Thank you for your comment, Kevin and Ruth.

I would have liked to have traveled Canada, PEI, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and all those places when I was younger, but it's too far away for me now.
All I saw was Vancouver, when I stayed in Bellingham, WA one winter.

I will have to visit those places in my computer now, sitting in the air conditioning.

Happy Trails, Penny.