Wednesday, May 25, 2011

HSUS Big Rig in MO. MI Flood Victims. MI Cats. Safe Places in MI, MO, and AL.

Heading to Joplin to Help Shelter Displaced Pets

Field notes from Missouri and Mississippi  May 24, 2011 Animal Rescue Team

  • The HSUS' big rig is a reassuring sight to people stricken by disaster.

"Since a deadly tornado ripped through Joplin, Missouri, this weekend, the animals there have been in dire need. The HSUS will assist organizations on the ground with animal sheltering starting Wednesday.

The ASPCA is setting up an emergency shelter to take in animals rescued by the Humane Society of Missouri and other groups. The facility will also accept animals brought in by families who are evacuating or are in a temporary shelter themselves.

The HSUS Animal Rescue Team's director of operations, S√°ra Varsa, is mobilizing for arrival in the next day or two, and we have lined up an HSUS representative to start on Wednesday."

"Our flood relief operations elsewhere in Missouri are complete, as all animals have either been returned to owners or transported to ASPCA shelter partners.  We will continue running the emergency animal shelter in Natchez, Miss., until May 27, when the local agency will assume leadership."

Please donate now to help keep the Animal Rescue Team ready to respond.



Deadly U.S. Tornadoes - Help Now Become of a Fan!

The Hunger Site has given over 773,349,246 cups of food since June 1999.*


Rescuing Cats from the Flood.

"Family pets from all over the flooded region in Southern states are waiting to be rescued. The Humane Society of the United States is there, and spent time rescuing cats in Mississippi, where the need is great."




After Katrina, when so many people had to leave their pets behind to die, or wouldn't leave them alone and perished themselves, finally there are Safe Places. 

I know I could not leave mine.  I have enough carriers to house mine and my fosters in an emergency, but who would take me in?


A Safe Place To Go:

"The HSUS rescue team is deployed to Mississippi, Missouri and Alabama after the recent tornadoes and flooding. Now animals from all over the area are being transported to emergency shelters the HSUS is helping maintain."




Firm friends:



I never could understand why people put their cats out at night as that is the most dangerous time for them, but see what this sneaky kitty does:

 Burglar by night:




This is really Winged Wednesday, so I will end with this cute video:




Ray put a coat of primer on the dinette benches that Jay and I built in the cargo trailer, while I tried to tidy up the workshop and put some things away.


It is going to be hot and humid, so I am glad that there is AC in the van as it is shopping day today.

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