Monday, December 29, 2008

Oops, Back to Square One. Shipping Keyboard & Aloe

It didn't feel cold when I got up, but I turned the porch light on to look at the thermometer out there as I do every morning, to see if Bobcat can go out before her breakfast. Oops ! The lights on the porch and half the living room went out. It threw the breaker. Back to Square One, so tomorrow we are going to have to go into the attic and see what is going on. Didn't have time today.

I picked up Jay, as he wanted to go to the next town with me. He strung an extension cord from the back of the living room so that he could watch the TV in there, while I took the trash to the curb, etc. before I could leave.

One thing I needed to do was to pack up 25 aloe plants, so I could mail them off, but I found out that I couldn't do it today. Five of these particular plants are very wide, and full of aloe gel which would break the leaves if they are squashed. They can't be shipped in the regular Priority triangular tubes, so I needed a Priority Box big enough for them. I had the right size boxes in the beginning of December when I was running the ad for this size plant, but as the buyer never paid for the plants, I gave the boxes to someone who needed them. Surprise, last night they paid for the plants. I checked at both Post Offices, they were just about out of Priority boxes. So back to Square One on that, too. I'll have to find a box.

I have a piano keyboard advertised in several local places, for a neighbor. A man way down in S. TX, said he wanted it sent to Lake Charles, LA to some little church there. At first I thought it was one of those "I'll send you money plus shipping, and you send me back the shipping money" deals, but it turned out to be genuine. Now, this is a big thing, 48" x 16" x 6", and I knew that UPS was probably the best way to handle this. But I couldn't find out their packing charges online, so we stopped at their store in town. They get $11.00 for that size cardboard box!....we are in the wrong business! Packing and shipping is extra. Anyway, the prospective buyer has an invoice and my PayPal address, so we will see.

While we were in town we went to Angelic Thrift shop as I had a 50% off coupon due to expire. I had seen a lovely, white, fancy kitchen sink there last week, measured when I got home, and it was the right size, but it was gone. (My sink is not a standard size). But they had a humongous, like new, dog carrier, big enough for a Great Dane. I didn't need it, but the price was right with my coupon. One of the foster moms will be glad to get it. Jay and I picked up a few other things there. I bought a big bucket full of commercial Dishwasher Soap for $2.00, a little blue step stool, and a little pouch to go through the belt on my fanny pack. Jay got a cedar box and a big bag of various light bulbs.

We stopped at the '99cent' store as I needed some Oxyclean, where it is, of course, only 99 cents. I bought a lot of fresh veges there, some canned scallops, a pouch of Sockeye Salmon. We both picked a couple of pairs of reading glasses, too.

I read that if you soak your cellular blinds in Oxyclean in your tub or somewhere, that they come out clean, so I wanted to try it. I know that a scoop added to the washer makes the whites whiter. Some RVers I know, put their whites in a bucket with some Oxyclean, put it in the shower with the lid on, and soak their clothes as they travel. Then wash them the usual way. Now if you are going to where there isn't a washer, you can put some soap, and bleach in there, too, and the rocking of the rig will wash your clothes. Now all you have to do it rinse them and hang them somewhere.

Speaking of ladders, do you know what goes on when you are not looking ?

A lovely, sunny, warm day.

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