Friday, January 25, 2008

Merry Miler Chest of Drawers. Bobcat to Vet

This is just a way for me to remember some of the things I do each day.
I had to take "Bobcat", my Manx cat, in to Conroe for her 9.30 vet appointment. He hadn't found anything wrong with her two days previously, for $35.00, but she still wasn't eating. Cats can get "Fatty Liver Disease" if they don't eat for a couple of days.

Jay, my helper, had to go to the Social Security Office so I dropped him off there. The vet took blood and an X-ray, but still didn't have a diagnosis. I am sorry, but I cried out "Bloody He!!", when I got the bill for over $281.00. They still didn't have a diagnosis.

We finally got home, and started work.

Jay, and I cut down a light weight chest of drawers, on top left, that I got at a thrift shop, and made it into nice handy storage unit in already small RV.  We covered the side that is seen, with some fancy paneling that I had.
On the right is the water tank, and we made a 'sight-glass' so one can see how much water is in it. It sits vertically, never seen a tank installed like that before !!
I haven't installed the cover for the center toilet, yet.

I had already washed and fixed the undone hems on the 'see-through' curtains on my sewing machine, and have started on the insulated drapes that go over them.

We got the upper window in the cabover bed covered with an insulating material.

That was it for our half day.

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