Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Coachmen Class B, Merry Miler, and Wagon

We got started, Jay, May and me. Jay cut down the original base for the front of the white B. We had to put little ledgers on each side, due to the shape of the original van roof, so that it would be level when we put the front trim on.
He also put most of the oak cupholder together, and it is staying clamped up overnight, so no picture yet.
May painted the rails white, that go on the little red wagon, and polyed some more of the oak for the White B. She also got some of the old wallpaper off the inside of the top of the white B, and we will size and wallpaper that tomorrow. We have to do that, before we can build in the cabinet.
May also polyed the woodwork in the back of the Merry Miler that I had touched up with some stain yesterday.
Jay and I rolled out the awning on the Merry Miler to look at it. It was in great shape. Brown and beige stripes, just the right colors to go with the paint. I had considered taking it off there, and installing it on the White B, but the color wouldn't have matched, and I knew I couldn't have opened it by myself. It would mean climbing up and down on step ladders at each end, to get all the arms and legs of the awning co-ordinated. We always liked to just have a dining canopy or screen room that could be left at the campground site anyway, while we went somewhere, to save our site. Nothing very expensive that could "grow legs" !!
Bobcat still won't eat dry food, even though she has four of her favorites laid out. But she is getting better, and will eat her certain brand of Special Diet canned cat food, but not the prescription food.
A trip to Willis to mail an eBay item off, and that was our half a day.

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