Thursday, January 31, 2008

Wood Finishing, Drapes, Toilet Cover, Property Taxes

Jay went to Houston for his attorney appointment with his mother, so May and I got our own jobs done. She put last coat of paint on the rails to the little red wagon. Then sanded, stained, and polyed some more wood for the entertainment center. We need more now that we were going to make our own doors.

I had picked up a free pleated light beige skirt at a thrift shop. I knew it would make a good toilet cover for the Merry Miler. The toilet sits at the back of the van, right in the middle of the aisle. Great eyesore !! I sewed it, all the way around at the base of the pleats, so that it would not come apart when I cut it down. Then, I found a matching toilet seat cover, and will sew the rest of the pleated skirt all around it. I have to wash and dry it first, as it had been used as a kitten bed, for my little foster kitties. Then I hemmed the big drapes for the big living room area in the Merry Miler. I would have done the kitchen drapes, too, but we knocked off early as we were going go to the next town.

Today is the last day we can pay our property taxes without a penalty. Good thing I suddenly remembered. So May and I were going to drive all the way to the courthouse, in the next town, to pay hers and mine. I looked at the bill, and it said I could pay it online, so I waited for her to bring her account #, so I could pay them both. But, Some Silly Sod told her NOT to pay it online, as hackers could get the numbers and steal her house. Geez ! He insisted that I go into our local town, get her enough cash, and he would drive her to the court house. By that time I had already paid mine, but she and I went into town, anyway. What ever next ? So that was that half a day.

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