Monday, January 28, 2008

Working on the Merry Miler and the Coachmen B

Well, my gal helper, May, actually came to work the last couple of days, so I had her sanding, staining, and polyurethaning the oak parts that were in the Coachmen. The cupboards and drawers in the kitchen area look so much better. Should have their last coat of poly tomorrow, if she shows up. Then they can go back in there.

We used the wooden cup holder in the Merry Miler as template, and made an oak one for the Coachmen B, and it is about ready, too.
Jay, my guy helper, and I cut down the headliner to the Coachmen to the right depth, and partly re-installed it, yesterday. We can't anchor the front part until we get the base for the front of the entertainment center in place. But we can't make the cab overhead light to work, even when grounded with a screw. Open and closed the driver's door, still won't work. Maybe they sold us the wrong kind of bulb.

We knew that there has to be another 110v. outlet up there in the front, for the entertainment center. So we tapped into one of the outlets that we installed high up for the toaster/convection oven, undid a ledge, and fished the wire up to the front. Even though I plan on installing an inverter there, it should have a 12v outlet there, too. There is a 12v. outlet in the kitchen over the sink, but who wants to cover up their sink with a TV, or risk getting their phone charging cord around the stove ? I do need to find out how many watts the solar charger is.
I put some stain over the scratches in the chest of drawers and walls, in the back of the Merry Miler, so when May, my gal helper, is doing the poly on the oak parts, she can do that, too.

The Merry Miler will be the next of Penny's Follies to get sold, after the Coachmen Class C. It has to go first, as I am having to keep it insured, but I can't drive it, as it hurts my shoulder with the way the stick shift is placed.   The silly sod that won it on eBay never came to get it, or even pay a deposit on it, so it has been re-listed.

Next Sunday, we will see if it sold again. Today, the first day, the bidding went up $2,250 !
The Merry Miler is insured, and is my back-up vehicle. It is another one that I should never have bought. I was so desperate to replace the TranStar with something smaller for a daily driver, but another I-ton with a 460, I didn't need.

I can't drive the street legal old faithful TranStar, as the tires look new, but I bought them 10 years ago. May did get the old masking tape off the TranStar, from when we painted around the windows.

The Coachmen B is all torn apart inside, with bits and pieces that could get lost, so I don't drive it.
Jay laid out the brown/tan rug that he bought at the thrift shop, on two work tables, and steam cleaned it, and we got it hung on the line in the RVport to dry.
So that is another half day.

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