Monday, August 12, 2013

New Pet? Pyometra Kills. Avoid Testicular Cancer. Feral Cat Lovers. Dog Germs! Factory-Farming Abuses. Anti-Whistleblower Bill. Jack Nicklaus. Sue, T.rex.


For “Mammal Monday”:

Looking for a New Pet? Avoid These Breeding Tragedies

“Dr. Becker attended a recent United Kennel Club Premier show in Michigan and sat down for a fascinating discussion with Wayne Cavanaugh, president of the UKC. Thanks to the efforts of Mr. Cavanaugh, UKC shows have evolved very differently than traditional dog shows. They feature several competitive events like dock diving and lure coursing, and all dogs are welcome to participate. The show ring is the only activity reserved for purebred dogs.

images[8] Dr. Becker and Mr. Cavanaugh agree that many dog breed standards are suffering from extreme exaggeration of certain physical characteristics. The arching backs of today’s German Shepherd Dogs and the inverted muzzles of Pugs are two examples. Neither of these breeds, nor several others, have benefitted from these exaggerations. Many GSDs can barely walk, and many Pugs can barely breathe.

imagesCA2K904O Registration papers, whether from the AKC, the UKC or another registry, do not guarantee the health of a dog. This is a fact too many dog owners overlook. In today’s world of puppy mills and online puppy storefronts, a “papered” dog means nothing in terms of how the animal was bred, it’s health, talents, or temperament.

Drastic narrowing of the canine gene pool has created generations of sick, debilitated purebred dogs. Golden Retrievers are a heartbreaking example. Since the inception of the breed, only a handful of sires have been bred. This in large part has contributed to the astronomical rates of cancer in this breed, who are now often referred to as “cancer retrievers,” or “golden tumor dogs.”

imagesCA4M8FU3 If people understood more about where their pet store or online puppy really came from – what conditions it was bred in – we could put a quick end to the factory farming of puppies. A good rule of thumb: if you can’t meet the parents, don’t buy the puppy. That is the best way to stop supporting the monstrous business of puppy mills.”

What Registration Papers DON'T Tell You About a Dog

We’ve reached the point where national organizations like the AKC are registering puppies bred in puppy mills or by other types of contemptible commercial breeders. People who buy these puppies assume they are getting healthy animals because they have papers, but in many cases, nothing could be further from the truth.

imagesCASUWMF8 Wayne wants to make it clear that mixed breed shelter dogs, three-legged dogs, spayed and neutered dogs – can all compete in UKC performance events. He wants to see them there. Dogs don’t have to be perfect to compete. They don’t have to be at breed standard. These dogs can’t compete in the show ring, but there are seven other events – which will increase to nine very shortly, and more by next year – in which any dog can participate.”      Complete article at:



Pyometra: This Life-Threatening Condition Could Kill Your Dog Within 48 Hours

“Pyometra is a uterine disease that occurs most often in intact female dogs six years or older that have never been pregnant.

imagesCA0TZUKKPyometra is a hormonal abnormality with or without the presence of a secondary bacterial infection. An excessive amount of progesterone, or hypersensitivity of the uterus to progesterone, is what causes the condition. Left untreated, pyometra can be life-threatening.

Pyometra is triggered by a heat cycle that doesn’t end in egg fertilization. Cysts develop in the lining of the uterus and release large amounts of fluid into the uterus. The accumulated fluid can spark a secondary bacterial infection.

imagesCAUOJECFThere are two types of pyometra, open and closed. In open pyometra, the cervix allows accumulated fluid and debris in the uterus to flow out of the body through the vagina. At some point, however, the cervix closes (closed pyometra), trapping all the excess fluid and white blood cells in the uterus. The flow of fluid into the uterus continues, causing the organ to enlarge. The uterus can eventually rupture and empty all its contents into the abdominal cavity, causing death within about 48 hours.

Treatment of the condition includes spaying. If the owner wants to breed the animal, obviously other options are available, but they present a higher risk to the dog.”  Complete article at:


From me:  My Misty developed Pyometra within a few weeks of my rescuing her. Her dental surgery, which she had within a week, was so time-consuming and she was under anesthetic for so long that they didn’t spay her when I first got her. I rushed her to the hospital in time, and she survived that lengthy, and expensive, surgery, too.

imagesCAJP6PTISpay your female dogs, and neuter your males, so they don’t get cancer.  

Male pets who are neutered eliminate their chances of getting testicular cancer, and it is thought they they have lowered rates of prostate cancer, as well. 

More reasons to spay or neuter at:


Dogs Bring Beneficial Bacteria Into Home

“Countless studies have shown that beneficial bacteria are key players when it comes to producing immunity from disease.  Microbes are all around us; on our skin, in our digestive tracts, on the surfaces around our homes and the people we interact with.  Any addition to the family brings new things into the home - personalities, resources, schedule changes... but it turns out that dogs bring a little extra.
A new study has shown that families with dogs have a higher bacterial diversity, both in the home and in the people.  This may sound initially off-putting, but actually, this very diversity acts like a dose of probiotic-filled yogurt, increasing beneficial bacteria populations, bolstering immunity, and decreasing the likelihood of allergies in developing children.
So the next time your kid gets a friendly lick on the face and responds like Lucy: "Yuck!  I have dog germs!"  Just remind them that Snoopy is actually doing them a favor, helping to keep the whole family healthy and happy.”    Read more at


Feral cat lovers: uninformed and irresponsible

“Ziggy was a loving fun and happy cat.
He regularly walked with us to visit the neighbors. If we went inside, he did, too. He loved dogs, brazenly meeting strange dogs whose owners held the leash. He became everyone’s friend.
Ziggy was constantly making friends of any animal or human that would be his friend. There were those that wanted Ziggy’s and his two sister’s territory.
Feral, mean and wild, they attacked relentlessly. At my own back door they attacked and even challenged me, a human.

Ziggy was a big, strong cat and would defend himself, his sisters and our property. He never lost – except his life.

Ziggy recently lost weight quickly. He became lethargic and couldn’t even come to sit on a lap or his pillow on our bed. We took him to the vet office and had tests run. He had a viral form of feline leukemia.

This disease was given to him by a feral cat, fed by a well-meaning human with little understanding of the facts. It is a form for which there is neither inoculation nor cure. Ziggy was buried with his best friend Boomerang, our cattle show dog that died.”  From:


From me:  This is one reason why cats should be kept indoors, or in their own enclosure outside.


Share This Video to Help Animals

“Wayne Pacelle, President of the Humane Society of the United States, was with Ellen to discuss new and important legislation about animals that you need to hear.”

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Anti-Whistleblower Bills Hide Factory-Farming Abuses from the Public

Learn more and see what you can do

Stop Agribusiness from Hiding Animal Cruelty


On This Day:

Nicklaus sets title record, Aug 12, 1973:

imagesCAKZ8RWR “On August 12, 1973, American golfer Jack Nicklaus wins the Professional Golfers' Association (PGA) championship for his 14th major title, surpassing Bobby Jones' record of 13 major championships. Nicklaus shot a seven-under-par 277 at Canterbury Golf Club in Beachwood, Ohio, to win $45,000 and his third PGA National championship. The "Golden Bear" went on to win a total of 20 major tournaments, a record that still stands today. (Although it aptly describes his golden-colored hair and large build, Nicklaus' famous moniker is actually derived from his high school alma mater, the Upper Arlington Golden Bears.)”


Skeleton of Tyrannosaurus rex discovered, Aug 12, 1990:

“On this day in 1990, fossil hunter Susan Hendrickson discovers three huge bones jutting out of a cliff near Faith, South Dakota. They turn out to be part of the largest-ever Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton ever discovered, a 65 million-year-old specimen dubbed Sue, after its discoverer.

imagesCA6HFRG4 Amazingly, Sue's skeleton was over 90 percent complete, and Sue's extraordinarily well-preserved bones have allowed scientists to determine many things about the life of T.rex. They have determined that the carnivorous dinosaur had an incredible sense of smell, as the olfactory bulbs were each bigger than the cerebrum, the thinking part of the brain. In addition, Sue was the first T.rex skeleton to be discovered with a wishbone, a crucial discovery that provided support for scientists’ theory that birds are a type of living dinosaur. One thing that remains unknown is Sue's actual gender; to determine this, scientists would have to compare many more T.rex skeletons than the 22 that have been found so far.”



Ray was busy, so I called around about someone to install the porch roofs.  One man was supposed to be here at 2.00 PM, but he didn’t show up! 

In the morning, as it is too far for Misty to walk now, I drove her down to the mailboxes for her exercise around the park there.  That meant more junk mail to go through, and keep the shredder busy.

Then I caught up with some household chores and cooked enough food so that some was frozen for later when I don’t have time to cook.

Also, I searched in Craigslist and eBay looking for a Park Model travel trailer that isn’t too far away.  I’ll find one that I like, some day.


Dizzy-Dick said...

Have you looked for a trailer at‎ That is where I bought my diesel pusher and where I sold my class-C. They are friendly, nice people and make you feel at ease. If they are the same as when I did business with them, I highly recomend them.

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Hi DD, thank you for your comment.

I have been going to PPL ever since they started in the 70's. Back then, you went to the RV owner's place to look at the RV's for sale. Then they finally got their place on Hillcroft, so that the RV's could be displayed there. Now, of course, they have that great big place on 59 and Beltway.

I have bought many an RV from them, back when they would sell them 'as is'. I would buy a different RV for different trips, depending on how many people were going with us. Anything mechanical my husband would fix, and I would work on the 'house' part. After the trip, I would sell it.

But, I would rather buy one straight from the individual now, as I don't like to pay a 'middle man'.

Happy Tails and Trails, Penny.