Saturday, May 26, 2012

Memorial Day. Stranded Dolphins Rescued. Ashleigh and Pudsey. Pool Skills! Montana. “Tin Lizzie”. Cashew Butter. RIP “Snuggles”.

News: Some New, Some Old:

“A tribute to the brave men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice in Iraq and Afghanistan in defense of our great country. And, to their family and friends who bear the pain and sorrow of their loss. We cannot forget them...”


Beach Rescue:  30 Dolphins stranded


'Britain's Got Talent' Dog Fetches Million-Dollar Offers

“The dancing dog that took home the "Britain's Got Talent" crown could be worth MILLIONS ... TMZ has learned.
In case you missed it, UK's nationwide talent search resulted in the the epic win of a 17-year-old girl, Ashleigh, and her dog, Pudsey, who perform adorable dance routines on stage.
Sources tell us ... ever since Pudsey made her "BGT" debut, offers for sponsorship and TV deals have been rolling in non-stop. We're told the deals could rake in millions of dollars -- on top of the $800k they already won from the show.
According to our sources, some of the offers on the table include: dog food endorsements, television shows, stuffed animals, dog toys and even a children's book revolving around the talented canine.
What can your dog do?”


Pool Skills you have never seen before:


On This Day:

Montana Territory created, May 26, 1864:

“Anxious to create new free territories during the Civil War, U.S. President Abraham Lincoln signs an act establishing the Montana Territory. However, as Montana was on the unstable frontier, it did little to add to the integrity of the Union, and Sidney Edgerton, the territory's first governor, fled after suffering through several months of Indian raids.

Among those Indians known to have inhabited Montana in the 19th century were the Sioux, the Blackfoot, the Shoshone, the Arapaho, the Cheyenne, the Kutenai, and the Flathead. The vast area of what we now call Montana became a U.S. possession in 1803 under the terms of the Louisiana Purchase. Two years later, explorers Meriwether Lewis and William Clark became the first known explorers of European origin to explore the region on their journey to the Pacific Ocean.

Significant U.S. settlement did not begin in Montana until the 1850s, when the discovery of gold brought people to mining camps such as those at Bannack and Virginia City. In 1864, Montana was deemed worthy of territorial status and 25 years later entered the Union as the 41st state.”


Last day of Model T production at Ford, May 26, 1927:

“On this day in 1927, Henry Ford and his son Edsel drive the 15 millionth Model T Ford out of their factory, marking the famous automobile's official last day of production.

More than any other vehicle, the relatively affordable and efficient Model T was responsible for accelerating the automobile's introduction into American society during the first quarter of the 20th century. Introduced in October 1908, the Model T—also known as the "Tin Lizzie"—weighed some 1,200 pounds, with a 20-horsepower, four-cylinder engine. It got about 13 to 21 miles per gallon of gasoline and could travel up to 45 mph. Initially selling for around $850 (around $20,000 in today's dollars), the Model T would later sell for as little as $260 (around $6,000 today) for the basic no-extras model.

Largely due to the Model T's incredible popularity, the U.S. government made construction of new roads one of its top priorities by 1920. By 1926, however, the Lizzie had become outdated in a rapidly expanding market for cheaper cars. While Henry Ford had hoped to keep up production of the Model T while retooling his factories for its replacement, the Model A, lack of demand forced his hand. On May 25, 1927, he made headlines around the world with the announcement that he was discontinuing the Model T.  The legendary carmaker delivered a eulogy for his most memorable creation: "It had stamina and power. It was the car that ran before there were good roads to run on. It broke down the barriers of distance in rural sections, brought people of these sections closer together and placed education within the reach of everyone."

After production officially ended the following day, Ford factories shut down in early June, and some 60,000 workers were laid off. The company sold fewer than 500,000 cars in 1927, less than half of Chevrolet's sales. The Model A's release beginning in select cities that December was greeted by throngs of thousands, a tribute to Ford's characteristic ability to make a splash. No car in history, however, had the impact—both actual and mythological—of the Model T: Authors like Ernest Hemingway, E.B. White and John Steinbeck featured the Tin Lizzie in their prose, while the great filmmaker Charlie Chaplin immortalized it in satire in his 1928 film "The Circus."”



Jay didn't call me to say he was ready to be picked up, so I figured he was busy helping his Mom, and didn’t go down there.  So Misty had her walk around here.

Having that extra time, I made some important phone calls, and paperwork scanned and sent.  One call was to make an appointment to have my eyes tested, and I made one for Jay, too.  His eyes are really bad, but he has never had prescription glasses, just the store-bought reading glasses.   

I had a bag of cashews, and as I was out of nut butter,  I made some cashew butter in my Omega auger juicer.  It is delish!  I have ground up flax seeds in my coffee grinder then added some flax oil, to make flax seed butter in the past, but I expect it will be even better when the seeds are ground up in my new juicer. Flax seeds just go right through you if you don’t grind them up, so then you don’t get the full flavor or nutrition from them.

My daughter and I have been discussing on the phone the health problems that her sweet old Pomeranian is showing.  He had been going down hill for a few weeks now.  We know that it is time to do the right thing for “Snuggles”.  I feel for her, it is over 6 years since I had to put my Levi to sleep.  I still miss him, and think of him every day.  Misty is a treasure, and I am so glad that she is still healthy and spry at 17 years old. 

It was warmer and a bit more humid, so the windows and doors had to closed earlier in the day.

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