Monday, January 9, 2012

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Cats CANNOT Go Without Eating.

"Just Days till Death - What to Do Immediately If Your Kitty Stops Eating Just Days till Death - What to Do Immediately If Your Kitty Stops Eating
Beware this telltale trigger in your cat - it can mean death in days.

Veterinarian Dr. Karen Becker:   "Today we're going to discuss a very serious condition: feline hepatic lipidosis, which is also called fatty liver syndrome.  It's the most common liver disease in cats in the U.S.  
It's also a disease that is unique to cats – it doesn't occur in any other animal."

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The Purrfect Pet:


Oskar, The Blind Kitten:

"Oskar is now on Facebook:
Some of you asked for more Oskar videos, so here we go..... I took this video the day after we adopted him. Since he is completely blind (born without formed eyeballs) we gave him some balls with bells inside. As you can tell, he can "see" them by using his ears! He is such a happy and inspiring cat -- we are blessed to have him with us."

Warning - The Very Food Your Pet is Addicted to May Contain This Deadly Preservative.

"Ethoxyquin*: a Harmful Preservative in Pet Foods Processed fish is heavily preserved during the manufacturing using a chemical preservative called ethoxyquin. It is known to be a carcinogenic preservative. Ethoxyquin is banned from human food, except in very small quantities that’s allowed to preserve spices."

"Are Cats Designed to Eat Fish?*  Fish meal also happens to be one of the major pet food ingredients that is contaminated with mycotoxins. So the truth of the matter is most kitties love seafood meals, which is weird because your cat didn’t evolve to eat fish. Your kitties’ ancestors came from the deserts of
Africa. They didn’t hunt giant tuna in the sea. This could be why cats that are fed a lot of canned tuna actually end up with a higher risk of squamous cell carcinoma."

"Fish fed in high amounts can also lead to thiamine deficiency*, which can cause loss of appetite, seizures, and even death. Long-term ingestion of fish in cat food can also cause depletion in sources of Vitamin E as well. Vitamin E deficiency can also cause a really painful condition called steatitis, which is yellow fat disease. If left untreated, steatitis can result to death in cats as well.

Seafood is a very rich source of iodine.* Believe it or not, cats are not designed to process a lot of iodine. Many animal nutritionists, including myself, believe that there’s a link between cats consuming too much iodine-rich foods – let’s say all the seafood that they’re consuming – and hyperthyroidism. There’s also a link between hyperthyroidism and pop-top cans or canned cat food."   (* From video below.)

"Today I want to discuss all the buzz surrounding fish as a protein source in pet foods. Unfortunately, the majority of seafood these days is loaded with toxic metals like mercury.
Many types of fish are also contaminated with industrial chemicals like PCBs, dioxins, and pesticides like DDT.  These toxins are absorbed by the smallest ocean plants and animals at the low end of the food chain.   As larger ocean dwellers come along and consume these contaminated plants and prey, the toxins accumulate and become more concentrated in the bodies of the bigger fish.   Unfortunately, the largest predators in the ocean end up heavily laden with toxins.
This includes tuna, which many people regularly feed their cats. Some dogs, but mostly kitties, end up eating a lot of potentially contaminated tuna."

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The Clever Cat:

LOL! "What is this music?! I must stop it!"

Does An Animal Abuser Live Near You?

"Sign on to demand that your state require animal abusers to register in their communities."


Jay called, but he didn't want to work here, he wanted me to set up the $20 desktop computer he had bought at that Moving Sale on New Year's Day.  He likes to play games and even though he can't get online at his house, there are some games he can play.

Misty and I went down there, and she had a quick walk-about.  I plugged in the computer and monitor with the cables that we bought, connected the computer, keyboard, mouse and monitor. It fired right up, and showed that it has Windows XP Home in it.  The computer was very, very slow so I assumed it had too much junk in there from the previous owner.  But the mouse wouldn't work. Not knowing if it was the 'mouse hole', or the mouse, we came back here, picked up an optical mouse and several old 'ball' meece to try them out. 

Jay needed gas for his 3-wheeler, so I dropped Misty off at home, and we drove around the corner in the van to get gas in cans for him and my Puddle Jumper.  Back at Jay's house we found out that the USB mouse's cursor wouldn't move either, but it did light up, so it was getting power.  I am lost without a mouse, so I couldn't get to where I wanted to go in his computer to disk clean, defrag, repair broken sectors, or anything else. His geek son will have to look at it next time he is up here.

The last few days of upheaval with Girlfriend, and Mindi's dogs had left me so depleted, that I even took an hour nap in the afternoon.   While I had been fixing my lunch, I had an idea.  There were some veggies that needed to be cooked, so I drug out my crockpot and shoved them all in there. 
There were already cooked shrimp in the fridge, and I knew I wouldn't feel like cooking all those veggies later in the day.

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Dizzy-Dick said...

On a rainy day like today, an afternoon nap may be just the thing to do. The storms and my dogs didn't let me get a lot of sleep last night.