Sunday, August 10, 2014

World vs. Israel. Sabbath, Sunday, Every Day or No Day at All? Update.


For "Scripture Sunday":

The World vs. the State of Israel

The World vs. the State of Israel

Thousands gather in Washington DC in front of the White House on Aug. 2, 2014, to protest Israel's military action in Gaza.

Images of Palestinians suffering from Israeli bombardment are contributing to anti-Israel sentiment around the world. What is behind the conflict?

"The latest Middle East conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians has been ongoing for nearly a month. Hamas (the militant organization that governs the Gaza Strip) has been terrorizing Israel for years, but escalated these attacks in recent months. The crisis came to a head when three Israeli teenagers were kidnapped and murdered. Hamas had also begun shooting rockets deeper into Israel and had constructed elaborate tunnel systems to infiltrate Israel from the underground.

Israel, feeling it had no other option, began engaging in military action against the Gaza Strip on July 8. On July 17, Israel sent in thousands of ground troops in an operation to destroy the Hamas tunnel network.

During this conflict, more than 3,000 Hamas rockets have been shot at Israel, yet many media outlets have chosen to highlight video and photographic images of Palestinians suffering from the Israeli counterattacks.

Even though cease-fire agreements may come, the unrest in Israel and the remainder of the Middle East will continue. The Bible says conflicts will persist and intensify in that region until the return of Jesus Christ."

Complete article at:  by Tim Groves - August 7, 2014


The Sabbath, Sunday, Every Day or No Day at All?

The Sabbath, Sunday, Every Day or No Day at All?Mainstream Christianity has many reasons for not keeping the biblical Sabbath. But what does the Bible teach about the proper day of rest and worship?

"Mainstream Christianity, particularly Catholics and Protestants, have a plethora of religious days that are considered special and sacred. The one day that is highly esteemed by almost every denomination of Christianity is Sunday. However, in recent years, other ideas have entered mainstream Christianity regarding this topic:

  • Some believe every day is holy and is a Sabbath to God. According to this view, God no longer considers the seventh day special.
  • Others say there is no such thing as holy time or a day set aside for rest or worship. Christians are only required to “rest in Christ.”

There is even a trend for larger churches to offer more variety of worship times—to make it more convenient for people’s busy schedules. So, in some groups, people can go to church on Sunday, Wednesday evening, Friday evening, Saturday or any other time worship services are made available.

But is this confusing variety of ideas God’s will? Does the Bible have anything to say about when and how we are to worship God and rest from our labors?"

More at: by Leon Leonard



A trip to my new doctor found something wrong with my thyroid levels, so I have been put on meds for that.  Weird medicine, you have to take it long before you have your morning coffee, and you can't take calcium within 4 hours, which includes most multivitamins.  I usually wake up about 3-4.00 am for a bathroom run, so I take it then.  Then I try to wait until 4 hours are up before I can take my multivitamins.

The new foster cat isn't coming here.  It was discovered that her change of personality was due to a brain tumor, and so she will be painlessly PTS.  So sad for her adoptive parents who had her for 8 years.

SAM_2238-002 My temporary foster cat might have to go back to his real foster mom.  He has started to pick on Nala, and that is not right, as she is a sweet, and very gentle cat.


My foster dog, BabyGirl, is looking so much better that she is supposed to go to our SPCA Adoption Day next Saturday. 


<—- Before: you can see her bleeding skin



and three recent:



BabyGirl-1  BabyGirl-5






Now her hair has grown back shiny, and all her wounds are healed.  She is alert, happy and will be a devoted, calm, obedient pet for someone. 

I heard about a man in this subdivision who repairs lawnmowers, so I took 3 over there.  Now I have two working, and he bought the third one as he needed the deck for a motor he had.  We had been using it, with the motor smoking and knocking, but now with two others running, we won't have to.

Jay, Ray and I went to church.  The Bible readings were Numbers 22:2-25:9 and Micah 5:6-8.  The sermon was about The Great Invitation for people who come to wisdom.  The potluck and fellowship were great as usual, and we all had a great day.


Dizzy-Dick said...

I went past your house a few times the last few days. First trip was to say goodbye to friend that was close to death. He died early Sunday morning and we went up to console the widow and his daughter. While we were there a man came in to make arrangements to cut their grass. Same grass cutter, maybe??

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Oh, DD, I am so sorry to hear about your friend. My condolances to the family.

The man I mentioned, Joe, doesn't mow lawns, he just repairs lawn mowers. So Jay mowed the lawn this morning with one of the repaired mowers. It really needed it, and it looks so much better.

Happy Tails and Trails, Penny

Gypsy said...

If I lived anywhere near you I would love to adope Baby Girl. She looks so sweet, and I hope she finds a very good home.

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Hi Gypsy, Thank you for your comment.

How did I know that you would say that!! I have had her off leash, and she comes back when she is called. She would love to go camping with you.

We are very picky about choosing the animal's new homes, so I am sure that she will have a much better life than she has had.

Happy Trails, Penny.