Sunday, August 31, 2014

Ebola and "The Last Ship." "Left Behind". Burrowing Owls. Update.


For "Scripture Sunday":

Ebola and "The Last Ship"

medical test tubes


"This summer I’ve watched several episodes of a new cable TV series called “The Last Ship”. The premise of the show is that a deadly virus has spread around the world, decimating the population, and a doctor on board an uninfected U.S. naval vessel is the only hope of developing a vaccine to save the world.

The plot twists and challenges arising in each episode recalls the original “Star Trek”, but the reality of the current Ebola outbreak in Africa forcefully reminds me that the show is only fiction. This current epidemic is a very real danger that can’t be solved before the next commercial break.

I had to ask myself, have we gotten so used to fictional solutions for problems that we fail to think properly about real ones? The virus on TV is one that I can forget about when I hit the “off” button. It only kills fictional people who normally don’t even appear on screen. However the current Ebola outbreak has already killed several hundred people who ARE real—even though they are far away and also normally don’t appear on screen.

It would be easy to assume that the disease won’t come to the West and affect us, but that would be a mistake. The epidemic is only one plane ride away. In 1918 a world-wide flu epidemic brought on by WWI troop movements killed more than half a million Americans, and possibly as many as 100 million individuals around the globe.

In watching the show, I’m certain that the doctor on “The Last Ship” will develop the needed vaccine; that’s the way it works on TV! Real disease often doesn’t work that way, though. Doctors have been trying to find a cure for Ebola since it first appeared in 1976 and killed 90% of the people it infected. Fortunately, earlier outbreaks have faded—and hopefully this one will too. But it has not been because of human efforts.

What is the solution for an epidemic that is real and not on TV? The Bible taught the old-fashioned practice of quarantine long before scientists had learned how bacteria and viruses spread disease. That is still the best way to stop sickness from spreading.

However, Bible prophecy tells us that in the time before Jesus Christ’s return pestilence (another way of saying disease) will rage all around the world (See Matt:24:7). That could include Ebola and/or any number of other deadly bugs. Fortunately, scripture also tells us that Christ will return to save mankind from extinction (Matt:24:22). As much as I enjoy a happy ending on TV, this real life happy ending is going to be so much better!"  From:



A new Left Behind movie is By Cecil Maranville soon to hit theaters. Sadly, more than the characters in the story, it’s actually the truth that is being left behind.

Left Behind, written by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins, is being brought to the big screen again. This time it will feature Academy Award winner Nicolas Cage and a bigger budget. New and old fans will follow an intense fictional plot framed by the theory that Jesus will snatch believers and innocent children away to heaven just before the world plunges into its darkest hour.

This film’s storyline is based on the rapture theory.

Rapture fact-check

But I don’t want to write about the movie—I want to give you a rapture fact challenge.

Most of the following statements are based on the book used for the movie (published in 1996) and other books from the LaHaye-Jenkins series. The third statement is about the first prominent teacher of the rapture theory. The last two statements, mentioned in Left Behind, are directly about the Bible.

So test your knowledge of the facts on this topic by answering “true” or “false” to each of the following statements.

  1. The Left Behind books and movies present Bible prophecy accurately.
  2. When the rapture is complete, all believers will be in heaven and all unbelievers will be in hell.
  3. John Nelson Darby, a preacher in the 1830s, began the widespread teaching of the rapture theory because people no longer believed that they would go to heaven.
  4. All believers have a responsibility to convince all other people to “accept the Lord.”
  5. Jesus and the early apostles believed in and taught the rapture theory.
  6. Christian churches through all ages have believed and taught the rapture theory.
  7. Russia will attack Israel and be defeated by supernatural events years before Jesus returns, according to Ezekiel 38.
  8. The Tribulation will last seven years.
  9. Every child up to approximately 12 years of age will automatically be included in those who rise to meet Christ. (This includes not only newborns, but also unborn children at all stages of development within their mothers.)
  10. All that is necessary to be “saved” is to say a brief prayer acknowledging you are a sinner (such as being selfish) and accepting Jesus’ death for your sins.
The answers

The answer for each of the 10 preceding statements is false. That might shock those who assumed that the Left Behind series represents the Bible accurately. The biblical truth is that there is no rapture."  More at:


And in the Animal Kingdom:

The Burrowing Owl's Cozy Home

"Bison droppings and prairie dog holes make the perfect home for a family of prairie dwelling burrowing owls."



Just the usual things going on, selling/shipping aloe plants, and another Bible, then taking care of my two foster animals; BabyGirl the black lab, and Nala the "moo-cat" (white with black splotches). 

The two batteries in my motor home were old and had to be replaced and it still wouldn't start, needs a fuel pump.  Then, blow-me-down, the battery went out in my van, but the old Motorcraft one was 10 years old.  Then the battery on the trailer wouldn't holding a charge, so that was four batteries in one week.  I had just put a new one in the Puddle Jumper about a month ago!

Ray and I went to church yesterday.  Jay had hurt his leg, anyway he is presently hanging around with some local gal so we don't see much of him.

The Bible readings were Psalms 84 and 85, Numbers 31-36, Jeremiah 2:4-28, 3:4-5,and 4:1-2.  The talk was about "Relative to Time", how the Lord God mentions that there are 'set times' to do everything. 

We had taken a big old 18,000 BTU AC to put in the dining hall, as theirs was not working too well, but it wouldn't fit in the window.

The potluck was delicious, as usual.  I  took some 'Bubble and Squeak', a British dish made from left-over mashed potatoes and cabbage.  Except mine wasn't left-over, it was newly cooked.  British mashed potatoes aren't whipped to a frenzy, they are stiffer so that they will sop up the gravy.  The milk is always heated before it touches the potatoes.  We had a great day.


Dizzy-Dick said...

I have to admit that I missed a couple of those questions. BTW, that food you described sounds really, really tasty!!

Gypsy said...

When I make mashed potatoes, and I don't make them often, I don't whip them as I like the little lumps of potato.

What a time you've had with batteries!

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Thanks for your comments, DD and Gypsy.

Yes, everyone thinks of the British cuisine as being awful, so I try to take something British each time.
Happy Tails and Trails, Penny