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Your World in 2014. All the Marbles. Misfits. Internet Addiction. Next World Superpower. Oregon Territory.


For "Scripture Sunday":

Your World in 2014 - Part 1

December 31, 2013 - "Take a giant step step in "discerning this time" by asking one critical question about today's world events. Get smart about the world."

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Your World in 2014 - Part 2

Thursday, January 2, 2014 - "With the turning of a new calendar year our minds turn to taxes and finances. How can you finally get smart about your personal finances?"

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Your World in 2014 - Part 3

January 3, 2014 - "Time to get smart about the most important part of our life. Let's get smart spiritually!"

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He Who Dies With All the Marbles - Still Dies

image "Little boys and girls still play games with marbles. In most cases, the goal is to get the most and the best marbles.

Somehow these lessons carry on into our life. We want to get great wealth, build bigger edifices and stockpile more gold than anyone else. Funny thing about marbles is if you do have all of them there is nobody to play with because nobody has any marbles. In life we know we "can't take it with us" when we die.

The Bible gives the totally accurate picture of the dilemma of one who wanted to build bigger barns, but that night his life was required of him (Luke 12:16-21). All that he gained now belonged to someone else. It is foolish to lay up treasure on earth and neglect the most important need, which is to be rich toward God. The Bible gives clear instruction that we must save, even for our grandchildren (Proverbs 13:22). But a clear perspective of priorities must be in place so God comes first."   From:


Be a Champion of Misfits

Be a Champion of Misfits

Anne Sullivan with Helen Keller. Source: New England Historic Genealogical Society

"Do you feel you don’t fit in and that you are a misfit? Then read on and discover how much your life matters to God and others.

Helen Keller, who was deaf and blind, published 14 books, met every U.S. president from Calvin Coolidge to John F. Kennedy, visited 35 countries on five continents and was a champion for the blind. The world knows the story of Helen Keller and how her remarkable teacher, Anne Sullivan, turned this wild, hopeless young girl’s life around.

Anne Sullivan could truly have been considered a lost cause—a misfit. She had everything against her. Anne’s mother died when she was young. Her father was a drunk, and was very cruel to the children. He eventually abandoned his children. Anne, half blind herself, was placed in a poorhouse along with people who were considered insane, where survival was a daily chore. She watched her beloved brother die there, and grew more defiant and hostile.

Anne did not allow her childhood to permanently embitter her heart. Instead, she became a teacher and mentor to Helen Keller, who had no hope either until Anne Sullivan came along. Anne Sullivan became a champion of a misfit. There is another example of a champion listed in the Bible—King David.  David, Champion of Misfits:"  Complete article at: by Janet Treadway


Vertical News: Internet Addiction

teenage boy using laptop computer


"Brain pathway research proves that excessive use of the Internet can become addictive.

Remember that episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation when everyone got addicted to a holographic video game? It was a classic episode that brought up an interesting idea, could technology become as addictive as a drug?

Turns out it’s likely that it can, according to researchers from Missouri University of Science and Technology, Duke University Medical Center and the Duke Institute of Brain Sciences. Using data gathered from 69 college students during the two month study, they found that there is a connection between certain kinds of use of the Internet and addictive behavior.

The study concluded that 5 to 10 percent of all Internet users show web dependency, and that brain imaging shows similar brain reward pathways as in drug addiction. Scientists admitted that further research is needed to understand if other factors, such as mental disorders, influence those who show signs of excessive Internet usage. (“Heavy Internet Use May Lead to Addictive Behaviors,” Voice of America at, December 26, 2013).

Any kind of addiction is a serious issue. With technology, always be sure to take a break once in a while. Determine if your use of the Internet, via smartphone or other device, is obscuring important areas of your life like outdoor activities, good health habits, relationships with family, friends, and, most especially, with God. If so, take steps to limit usage and regain balance."  From:


The program on WGN TV this morning:

The Next World Superpower

"The United States will not remain the world's preeminent power. What will occur and why? Discover surprising answers."

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On This Day:

House resolves to stop sharing Oregon, Jan 5, 1846:

"Boldly reversing its long-standing policy of "free and open" occupation in the disputed Oregon Territory, the U.S. House of Representatives passes a resolution calling for an end to British-American sharing of the region. The United States, one congressman asserted, had "the right of our manifest destiny to spread over our whole continent."

In different circumstances, such aggressive posturing might have led to war. The British, through their Hudson Bay Company at the mouth of the Columbia River, had a reasonable claim to the disputed territory of modern-day Washington. In contrast, the only part of the Oregon Territory the U.S. could legitimately claim by settlement was the area below the Columbia River. Above the river, there were only eight recently arrived Americans in 1845. Nonetheless, the aggressively expansionistic President James Polk coveted Oregon Territory up to the 49th parallel (the modern-day border with Canada). Yet Polk was also on the verge of war with Mexico in his drive to take that nation's northern provinces, and he had no desire to fight the British and Mexicans at the same time.

Polk had to move cautiously. Some of his fellow Democrats in the Congress pushed him to be even more aggressive, demanding that Americans control the territory all the way up to the 54th parallel, approximately where Edmonton, Alberta, is today. For five months, debate raged in Congress over the "Oregon controversy," but the House resolution in January made it clear that the U.S. was determined to end the joint occupation with Great Britain.

Luckily, the British agreed to abandon their claim to the area north of the Columbia and accept the 49th parallel as a border. The Hudson Bay Company already had decided to relocate its principal trading post from the Columbia River area to Vancouver Island, leaving the British with little interest in maintaining their claim to area. Despite the cries of betrayal from the advocates of the 54th parallel, Polk wisely accepted the British offer to place the border on the 49th parallel. The new boundary not only gave the U.S. more territory than it had any legitimate claim to, but it also left Polk free to pursue his next objective: a war with Mexico for control of the Southwest."



After I had fed the animals, Wendy and I had our Saturday phone call, then I got ready for church.  I hadn't heard from Jay, so I assumed he wasn't going.

The Bible reading was the continuation of Genesis 41:1 – 44:18 about the Pharaoh's dreams which only Joseph could interpret, so Joseph was made a ruler over Egypt.  He made great food storehouses as he had interpreted the dreams to mean that there would be a terrible famine after 7 years.  During that famine, his brothers came to him, not recognizing him, wanting to buy food.  But the youngest brother was not with them.  Joseph sold them food, but said they had to return with the the youngest brother when they returned for more food. When they did, Joseph sneaked a silver cup into the youngest, Benjamin's sack, and said that whosoever had the cup would be his servant. 

The other Bible reading was about King Solomon suggesting cutting the baby in half, in I Kings 3:15 – 4:1

The song service was great, as usual, and the message was about all the different times that God forgave Israel for breaking his covenants, and practicing pagan rituals. Then the tasty potluck with good fellowship.

Ray took care of the SPCA Cat Habitat in the afternoon, and when he returned he told me that Peekers had been adopted.  He also said that he heard that there was an older couple who wanted to adopt Nala.  I will miss her a lot and that will be a sad day for me, but for her hopefully, a happy day.

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