Monday, June 24, 2013

Keep Pets Cool. Cute Otters. Bobcat Orphans. Happy Goats. “Heady” Trash. How Long Trash Lasts. Pastor Ran Puppy Mill. Reward Program. John Cabot. Picasso. Roswell.


For “Mammal Monday”:

10 Tips to Keep Your Pets Cool in the Heat imagesCAGLT57D

“Many people can’t wait to get their pets outside in the sunshine to take part in all kinds of fun summertime activities. But before you take your furry friend outdoors, make sure you’re prepared to keep him safe not just from the heat, but from a variety of warm weather hazards. “

Complete article with pictures:


She Can't Take the HeatDon't Leave Your Pet in a Parked Car -- 100 Pack


“It's that time of year again. Before we know it, in many areas of the country, temperatures will be reaching all-time highs and pets will be overheated right along with us humans.

On a warm day, the temperature in car can exceed 120 degrees in a matter of minutes-even with the windows partially open. This flyer informs the public of dangers pets face when left in alone in a parked car, from heat stress to risk of theft.

Most of us know by now to never leave our pets in cars on hot days but some people might not. Now more than ever, it's important to make sure our neighbors and clients are aware of just how dangerous it can be to leave their pet in a parked car. 

Help inform your community of the numerous dangers pets face when left alone in a parked car with our Don't Leave Your Pet in a Parked Car fliers. Share it with staff, volunteers, and the pet owners in your area.  Now through July 31st, get 50% off these fliers at Marketplace.”


An otter plays with a rock


Nellie the Sea Otter stacks cups at Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium

“Nellie is a well-trained sea otter at Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium in Tacoma, Washington. Watch her practice a special cup stacking enrichment and demonstrate trained behaviors with her pal, Abra.”


Stray cat adopts bobcat orphans

Bobcats: “Hey mom, why are you so small?”

Cat: “Kids have a seat, I have something to important to tell you. You are adopted!”


BBC News - Happy goats: How animal rehab works

“British scientists measured the moods of goats at a sanctuary in Kent to determine if neglected, abused animals are able to fully recover from their pasts.

The verdict? The researchers believe they now have objective evidence that with the right care, mistreated animals can be fully rehabilitated.”


From me:  My Misty has recovered from her former abuse.  A neighbor remarked how happily she walks now, compared to the way she moped along when I first got her.


Wildlife Are Getting Their Heads Stuck in Our Trash

Deer gets head stuck in Doritos bag.“Police free deer’s head from malicious bag of Doritos (although, I don’t think the bag had malicious intent)”    (Monroe County Sheriff’s Office / AP Photo)


“Florida bear rescued after getting head stuck in jar.  “Jarhead” eluded wildlife officials for 10 days before they were finally able to catch him.” (Photo from CNN)

Fox With Its Head Stuck In A Jar Approaches 2 Men For Help


Deer has plastic jar stuck on its head.

“Minnesota woman frees deer from plastic jar stuck on its head”  (Photo by Janet Murphy / Associated Press)

Nothing New

These are just the ones that caught media attention, in one month. There are undoubtedly other similar stories. This also isn’t a new dilemma. A few years ago a squirrel got its head stuck in a yogurt cup and made the news.  Then Buzzfeed compiled a list of 27 different animals with their heads stuck. Granted some of those are pets and not in the wild, but the point remains, they’re getting their heads stuck in our trash. Consistently.

Talking Trash: How to Help

There is hope. Back in 2006, McDonald’s changed the McFlurry container lid to save hedgehogs in Britain after pressure from activists. Unfortunately, we can’t blame companies for the design of containers. Instead the focus should be on people properly disposing of their garbage and recycling. I’ll leave you with this amazing infographic to hopefully encourage us all to consider trash disposal and recycling more carefully.”

Trash - How Long It Really Lasts



Mississippi Puppy Mill a Living Horror

Tylertown puppy mill busted, official: "worst I've ever seen"

“The Walthall County Sheriff's Department along with The Humane Society of the United States raided a puppy mill with approximately 80-100 dogs, living and dead, on Magee Hill Road outside of Tylertown on Monday.

The owner of the dogs is a pastor and was selling the dogs out of his church in Louisiana. Authorities were alerted to the dogs when a person who was going to buy one of the dogs saw how bad the conditions were.”

“Among the dogs many were dead, and skeletal remains are mixed with living animals in small, dark, filthy enclosures.  Lydia Satler, state director of the Humane Society, said it was the worst puppy mill she had ever seen in her career. "It's just very sad to see that they lived and died in the same cage," she said.”  More at:


Honey Badger Narrates: Puppy Mills Are Evil

“Puppy mills are horrible operations. The parent dogs are inhumanely kept in cages and never cared for. All puppies in stores ARE FROM PUPPY MILLS. Never buy a puppy online, at a flea market or from a pet store. If the person at the store says they don't know enough about where the puppy came from, they are lying. They know exactly where the puppy came from. Do something-STOP BUYING FROM STORES, FLEA MARKETS OR ONLINE.”

Stop Puppy Mills—It Starts With YOU.

“Help stop this cycle of cruelty simply by choosing to adopt your next pet from a shelter or rescue, or by only purchasing a dog from a responsible breeder who will show you where your puppy was born and raised. And that's not all—you can do even more by refusing to buy pet supplies from any store or website that sells puppies. Where you spend your dollars makes a difference. Make a statement when you shop!

Watch our new video, then fill out and submit your pledge to adopt only, below.


Reward program for cruelty tips

“The HSUS has established a reward program to offer up to $5,000 to anyone who provides any information leading to the arrest and conviction of a puppy mill operator for animal cruelty. Persons wishing to report a valid tip are encouraged to call 1-877-MILL-TIP and will remain anonymous.”


On This Day:

John Cabot lands, Jun 24, 1497

“John Cabot lands in North America at Newfoundland leading the first European exploration of the region since the Vikings.  Cabot's birthplace is in Italy. In Italian he is known today as Giovanni Caboto, in English as John Cabot, in French as Jean Cabot, and in Spanish as Juan Caboto. 

He made a voyage on the ship ‘Matthew’ and claimed land in Canada—mistaking it for Asia—for King Henry VII of England.”


Picasso exhibited in Paris, Jun 24, 1901:

“On June 24, 1901, the first major exhibition of Pablo Picasso's artwork opens at a gallery on Paris' rue Lafitte, a street known for its prestigious art galleries. The precocious 19-year-old Spaniard was at the time a relative unknown outside Barcelona, but he had already produced hundreds of paintings. The 75 works displayed at Picasso's first Paris exhibition offered moody, representational paintings by a young artist with obvious talent.

Picasso's work after World War II is less studied than his earlier creations, but he continued to work feverishly and enjoyed commercial and critical success. He produced fantastical works, experimented with ceramics, and painted variations on the works of other masters in the history of art. Known for his intense gaze and domineering personality, he had a series of intense and overlapping love affairs in his lifetime. He continued to produce art with undiminished force until his death in 1973 at the age of 91.”


U.S. Air Force reports on Roswell, Jun 24, 1997:

“On this day in 1997, U.S. Air Force officials release a 231-page report dismissing long-standing claims of an alien spacecraft crash in Roswell, New Mexico, almost exactly 50 years earlier.

With conspiracy theories still alive and well on the Internet, Roswell continues to thrive as a tourist destination for UFO enthusiasts far and wide, hosting the annual UFO Encounter Festival each July and welcoming visitors year-round to its International UFO Museum and Research Center.”



Misty and I went to pick up Jay, and had our walk down there.  Jay’s neighbor gave me another bagful of tomatoes.

Jay cut a piece of treated 2x12 into a bottom stand for an outside table, and Ray painted it white.  Jay and I worked on the walkway fence, removing the boards, and replacing them with lattice panels.  We were working our way down to the last tall post to be removed.  Ray came to help when it was time to jack it out of the ground, and it looks better with a shorter post.  The long posts which were part of my RVport, will be used for my front porch extension.  Now, we have to make a lattice gate, but we ran out of time.

The chiropractor that I saw on Friday, didn’t put my back in. It still hurts, so it has been difficult for me to do anything over the weekend, but I worked anyway.   Hopefully, he will re-adjust it today.


Gypsy said...

Whether or not anything happened at Roswell all those years ago, the way the local military was silenced by higher-ups in Washington will always be a red flag to many people. I for one, don't believe the Govt has ever told the truth about it, and I doubt anyone but true skeptics believed them.

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Thank you for your comment, Gypsy.

I wonder why it took them 50 years to come up with a story!

Happy Trails, Penny.