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Winter RVing. DIY Storm Windows. Blowout Plug. Mexican Dental, Optometry and Audiology Care. Noriega Surrenders. Spirit Lands. Misty’s Day Out.


For “tRaVersing Thursday, or RV Day”:

Winter RV Camping,   Using Your RV In Winter

“The following article offers excellent advice for anyone contemplating RV camping in very cold weather. The Canadian author offers tips from his winter RV camping adventures where the temperature drops below zero. Check our Winter RV Camping Safety article for ideas that could save your life.”

Using An RV In Winter (below 0째F)

Winter RV Camping

“I run all through winter in Ottawa (Canada) with an 17' Class C - it usually gets colder than -20°F each winter.  Very few people run their RVs through real winters with water in the pipes. Our local emergency preparedness people boxed in all the pipes and tanks on a Class A, have two independent furnaces, a loud external alarm that goes off if the temperature inside goes below 50°F, and a heated garage for it.

Notes from some others are below - as soon as they run out of propane unexpectedly, or have a furnace fail-to-start, and get the repair bill, I bet they join the rest of us!”    Complete article at:


Do-it-yourself storm windows keep the cold air out

“The biggest leak of cold air into your rig this winter will be from your windows. Replacing your windows with double-panes is expensive--and impractical.
Instead heat-shrinkable plastic film and double-sided tape (sold as Window Insulation Kits in home supply stores) will do a pretty good job.
Stick the tape to the metal frame around the window and cut the plastic film so that it fits completely over the tape on all four sides.
Use a hair dryer or electric heater to shrink the film, taking out the wrinkles, then trim the excess film. Presto! Instant storm windows.”  From:


The RV Doctor, Gary Bunzer, answers your questions.

Using a blowout plug when winterizing an RV.

”In reference to your mention of using a blowout plug for winterizing I used to use compressed air for winterizing as well, but was told that this method doesn't get the water out of the check valves in the water pump and could subject the pump to rupture. I would be most interested in your comments on this.”  Bob K., (Murray, UT)
Read Gary's response.


For those wintering near Mexico, and wondering about the cheaper dental care there:

Mexico & More  By: Adventures In Our American Dream

“I had two "painless" root canals, the cost was $200 each. I paid $1200 for one in the US. I am absolutely impressed with the dentist in Mexico, they are the best I have ever been to. I highly recommend the Alamo Clinic.”  From:

Alamo Dental in Mexico

“We are receiving a lot of questions about our dental work in Algodones, Mexico. We are very happy with all the dentist at Alamo Clinic. The prices are outstanding, they do awesome work. I am adding the link for information to both the Yuma, Arizona maps and Los Algodones so everyone can find the posted information. We highly recommend Alamo Clinic.
Here is the direct link to the Alamo Clinic. It has a great recording to show you how to get there, all the phone numbers, pictures of the doctors and all the prices for services.   Alamo Clinic    If you have any more questions, please email and we will be happy to help.”   From:


RV dental tourism in Mexico

RV dental tourism in Mexico - Part I - Los Algodones, Mexico

“Not covered by a dental plan? Interested in no frills high quality dental work at a low cost? Your answer may lie across the U.S. Mexico border. I needed a lot of dental work and I kept hearing from RV friends who have had their dental work done just across the border in Mexico, so I decided to give it a shot.
In this five part series of articles I will take you to Los Algodones, Mexico near Yuma Arizona, Acuna near Del Rio, Texas and New Progresso near Brownsville, Texas. The written articles along with the videos should provide you with enough information to make an informed decision about your future dental care…..”  More in article.

RV dental tourism in Mexico - Part II - Los Algodones, Mexico

“Jody Brandvold from Brooklyn Center, Minnesota has been RVing to Mesa, Arizona for 11 years and has been receiving dental care in Mexico for over five years. She says she is not nervous at all about the experience saying her doctor is competent, does great work and is gentle. Jody said, “I went to my dentist back home in Minnesota and was quoted over $5,000 and I was able to get the same work done here for about $500.””  More in article.

RV dental tourism in Mexico - Part III - Acuña, Mexico

“There are many Dentists in Acuña and their numbers continue to grow each year as many tourists and Texans take advantage of inexpensive and professional dental care.

The old cowboy town of Acuña, Mexico is located just across the river from Del Rio, Texas and easily accessible by car or truck. It’s too far to park and walk, so plan on taking your vehicle. Be sure you have insurance coverage for driving in Mexico before you go. Once in town there is ample parking in guarded parking facilities costing from $3 to $5 a day.”  More in article.

RV dental tourism in Mexico - Part IV, New Progreso

“RVers will find excellent dental care in many Mexican border towns. In this, the fourth installment of my series on dental tourism in Mexico I take you to New Progreso, Mexico located near Brownsville, Texas.

Someone asked for the phone numbers of these dentists so I have included them in the comments section.”  More in article.

“Taking a bite out of the high cost of dental care - Jim Twamley, Professor of RVing.”

Dental tourism in Mexico Part V (covers optometry and audiology in Mexico)

“The "Dental tourism in Mexico" series is two years old and some information and prices have changed since the report. That said, most of the information in the series is still relevant.

I apologize in advance for some of the narrow minded and uninformed people who have left comments on this series. I leave them there for your entertainment.
Hasta la vista” - Jim Twamley, Professor of RVing.    More in article.


On This Day:

Noriega surrenders to U.S., Jan 3, 1990:

“On this day in 1990, Panama's General Manuel Antonio Noriega, after holing up for 10 days at the Vatican embassy in Panama City, surrenders to U.S. military troops to face charges of drug trafficking. Noriega was flown to Miami the following day and crowds of citizens on the streets of Panama City rejoiced. On July 10, 1992, the former dictator was convicted of drug trafficking, money laundering and racketeering and sentenced to 40 years in prison.

Noriega, who was born in Panama in 1938, was a loyal soldier to General Omar Torrijos, who seized power in a 1968 coup. Under Torrijos, Noriega headed up the notorious G-2 intelligence service, which harassed and terrorized people who criticized the Torrijos regime. Noriega also became a C.I.A. operative, while at the same time getting rich smuggling drugs.

In 1981, Omar Torrijos died in a plane crash and after a two-year power struggle, Noriega emerged as general of Panama's military forces. He became the country's de facto leader, fixing presidential elections so he could install his own puppet officials. Noriega's rule was marked by corruption and violence. He also became a double agent, selling American intelligence secrets to Cuba and Eastern European governments. In 1987, when Panamanians organized protests against Noriega and demanded his ouster, he declared a national emergency, shut down radio stations and newspapers and forced his political enemies into exile.

That year the United States cut off aid to Panama and tried to get Noriega to resign; in 1988, the U.S. began considering the use of military action to put an end to his drug trafficking. Noriega voided the May 1989 presidential election, which included a U.S.-backed candidate, and in December of that year he declared his country to be in a state of war with the United States. Shortly afterward, an American marine was killed by Panamanian soldiers. President George H.W. Bush authorized "Operation Just Cause," and on December 20, 1989, 13,000 U.S. troops were sent to occupy Panama City, along with the 12,000 already there, and seize Noriega. During the invasion, 23 U.S. troops were killed in action and over 300 were wounded. Approximately 450 Panamanian troops were killed; estimates for the number of civilians who died range from several hundred to several thousand, with thousands injured.

Today, Noriega, derogatorily nicknamed "Pineapple Face" in reference to his pockmarked skin, is serving his sentence at a federal prison in Miami.”


Spirit Lands On Mars and Sends Postcards, Jan 3, 2004

“Mosaic image taken by the navigation camera on the Mars Exploration Rover Spirit.
View all images from this press release

A traveling robotic geologist from NASA has landed on Mars and returned stunning images of the area around its landing site in Gusev Crater.
Mars Exploration Rover Spirit successfully sent a radio signal after the spacecraft had bounced and rolled for several minutes following its initial impact at 11:35 p.m. EST (8:35 p.m. Pacific Standard Time) on January 3, 2004.”



It was Misty’s vet day.  As it was cold, she wore her red coat again, and was loaded up in her thickly lined carrier, which was seat belted in, and off we went.  When I first rescued her, she didn’t want to get in a carrier, as she thought she was being taken back to the people who abused her.  On her first trip, which was to my daughter’s lake house, she groaned and complained all the way.  Now, she readily gets in it, as she knows I would never let her go back there, and we go to interesting places.  Yes, even a trip to the vet is exciting for near-blind Misty.  She is always bright and alert, and trying to take in all the new smells.  We had to sit in the front reception area for a while, and she enjoyed listening to the people and pets bustling around us. 

Once we got in the exam room, the lady took her to the back to be weighed, then Misty found her way back to me, ahead of the lady at the other end of her leash.  Misty’s weight has not changed, it is still at an ideal 15 lb as I am very careful not to overfeed her.  Misty doesn’t agree with that.. she would eat anything that doesn’t eat her first. 

The vet finally came in, and gave her a good examination.  He said that her heart and lungs sound great, and that the enlarged mammary tumors will probably grow a bit more.  He said the same as the other vet last year, that surgery could make the cancer spread, so it wasn’t an option.  Her glaucoma eye is still not hurting her, so they are not going to remove it until pressure starts to bothers her, and just refilled her eye drop prescription.  At her age, they did not advise getting her cataract eye operated on, either.  He said that she is in great shape for a nearly 18 year old dog.  She pranced out of the clinic with her tail held high.

As it was Misty’s day out, I took her to PetSmart and wheeled her up and down the aisles in a cart while I bought some food for her and the kitten.  She likes to ride, and doesn’t bump into things when she is in a cart.  I am always worried that she will hurt that swollen glaucoma eye.

Then it was straight home, and time to put some meat and veggies in the slow cooker.  It will be great with the Bubble and Squeak, which I made the way my grandmother did, with Allspice.

Well, we didn’t go over the fiscal cliff, so I put my parachute away today!

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Dizzy-Dick said...

I am so glad that Misty is doing as good as she is. Good care and good food makes for healthy pets. Our three seem to be doing just great on my wife's cooking. She makes sure that they get a balanced diet and with good, safe ingredients.