Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Pharr, TX. Warmest Winter Place. Pharr–Reynosa International Bridge. New Year's Day.



For “Travel Tuesday” let’s visit Pharr, TX.

As it is chilly and overcast here right now, a search of the “Warmest Winter Place in TX”, came up with Pharr, which is in the “Texas Gulf Coast” region of TX.

#Region.R_Description#“Texas Gulf Coast is home to some of the best beaches in America, the Texas Gulf Coast region draws millions of visitors to this Texas playground. Stretching some 350 miles from South Padre Island & the Rio Grande Valley, all the way to Beaumont & the Louisiana border, this region is renowned for its wildlife & natural beauty, as well as the home of America's space program. Discover the Beaches of the Texas Gulf Coast Region.”

“Pharr is the place in Texas with the warmest temperatures during winter. January has an average temperature of 60.1 F.


imagesCAQ29K9J Pharr has a humid subtropical climate, similar to that of the Tampa Bay Area of Florida but with less precipitation and slightly higher summer maximum temperatures. The average high in January is 68 °F (20 °C), and the average low is 47 °F (8 °C).  The warm season is long, as average high temperatures are above 100 °F (40 °C) and average low temperatures are above 80 °F (25 °C) from June through September.

Pharr is a city in Hidalgo County, Texas. Pharr is connected by bridge to the Mexican city of Reynosa, Tamaulipas. It is part of the McAllen–Edinburg–Mission and Reynosa–McAllen metropolitan areas. 

Pharr–Reynosa International Bridge

western side of Reynosa toThe Pharr–Reynosa International Bridge serves as one of the most important ports on entry for the U.S.-Mexico border. The bridge handles commercial vehicles as well as passenger-operated vehicles. The Pharr-Reynosa International bridge connects U.S. Route 281 in Pharr, Texas, to the city of Reynosa, Tamaulipas, and with a 5 km (3 mi) length it is the largest bridge connecting two countries in the world.




Aerial view of Pharr-Reynosa








The community was named after sugar planter Henry Newton Pharr. In 1900 Henry N. Pharr for a number of years was a director of the State National Bank of New Iberia, Louisiana, and was a former president of the Louisiana - Rio Grande Sugar Company and the Louisiana - Rio Grande Canal Company, which at one time owned eight thousand acres (32 km²) and which, in 1910, on this land built the town of Pharr.

imagesCA1OW6HL Around the beginning of the 21st century, Pharr experienced strong growth and economic development. By 2009, its population had steadily increased to over 60,000 people.

In 2006, Pharr received "The All America City" award.

Pharr, along with the neighboring cities of San Juan and Alamo, (or "P-SJ-A") as the three have become known, is a community rich in bi-cultural diversity, beauty, and history. 

Pharr, Texas Has Many Attractions

There are so many thing to do in Pharr, Texas! There is fun for the whole family in South Texas, from museums to outdoor activities. Visitors to Pharr will be educated and have a fun time doing it.

Tierra del Sol Golf Course

imagesCAH0H1BPThis formerly private, championship, 18-hole, 6,767-yard golf course was built in 1983. The City of Pharr purchased the golf course and turned it into a municipal golf course. This golf course also is the site for the Mayor’s All America City Golf Tournament.

Smitty’s Juke Box Museum

Smitty’s Juke Box Museum boasts an extraordinary collection of old juke boxes. The collection ranges from a wind-up Edison Victrola, the first Wurlitzer Model P10 from 1934 and modern CD players.



Historical Trolley Tours
















More pictures of the trolley at: http://www.oratoryschools.org/oshome/gallery/Trolley%20Tour/ 

Every Friday- 10:00AM Free / 3:30PM Complete Tour – $15.00

Pharr Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with the Pharr Literacy Project and Cultural Arts Center will be providing Historical Trolley Tours every Friday. As you tour the HUB City of Pharr, you will not only learn about its history, but its accomplishments and sites pertaining to key points of interests. Trolley tours are on a first come, first serve basis. The 10:00AM tour is free and the Complete Trolley Tour Package at 3:30PM is $15.00. Reservations are required for ALL trolley tours. For 10:00AM trolley tours reservations, call (956)787-1481. For 3:30PM Complete Tour Package, call Elva or Carolann at the Pharr Literacy Project at 783-7746.

South Padre Island

File:South Padre Island beach.

The close proximity to South Padre Island makes Pharr the perfect destination for families. The beautiful beaches have so many things to keep people busy. There are the outdoor activities like surfing, windsurfing, body boarding, dolphin watching, birding, fishing. But South Padre Island also has an active night life that is perfect for the adults when the children have to go to bed. Schlitterbahn Water Park also brings tourists to South Texas for fun in the sun and surf.

Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge

imagesCAMJ0YH9 Just minutes from Pharr, Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge is a 2,088 acres of protected land. The refuge was established in 1943 for the protection of migratory birds. Birders and nature enthusiasts from all over the world come to Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge to see the many rare birds that can be spotted on the land. Located along the banks of the Rio Grande, Santa Ana Refuge is home to about 400 different types of birds and other animals. Tram tours are available.

Pharr Memorial Library


Pharr Memorial Library is a public library with a collection of more than 86,000 volumes. The Pharr Library holds regular events to keep the community active.




imagesCAD3M1FK With an international bridge in Pharr, it could never be easier to go to Mexico. The Pharr-Reynosa International Bridge is your ticket south of the border. Mexico offers visitors unique opportunity to better understand another culture, taking in the shopping, food and traditions of the people.

Williams Wildscapes

imagesCABSPKNK The goal of Williams Wildscapes is to preserve the native habitat of the Rio Grande Valley. Williams Wildscapes provides a glimpse of what the Rio Grande Valley looked like before all of the development. Appointments are necessary to go to Williams Wildscapes.


Basilica of San Juan

Interior of Basilica

The Basilica of San Juan is an important part of the history of the Rio Grande Valley. It has been a site where people have come to see replica of the statue of the Virgen de San Juan de los Lago. A shrine was eventually built as the number of people coming to the church increased. The site was designated a National Shrine in 1998, and in 1999, it was designated as a Basilica, which gives it its present name of Basilica of Our Lady of San Juan del Valle – National Shrine.

Pharr is an unusual mixture. Its proximity to the border and beach has influenced the culture in the area. In turn, the area hangs on to its traditions despite the rapid growth and development the area has experienced. Hidalgo County is one of the fastest-growing communities in the United States, and Pharr has ridden this wave of development.”


On This day:

New Year's Day, Jan 1, 45 B.C.:

“In 45 B.C., New Year's Day is celebrated on January 1 for the first time in history as the Julian calendar takes effect.

Soon after becoming Roman dictator, Julius Caesar decided that the traditional Roman calendar was in dire need of reform. Introduced around the seventh century B.C., the Roman calendar attempted to follow the lunar cycle but frequently fell out of phase with the seasons and had to be corrected. In addition, the pontifices, the Roman body charged with overseeing the calendar, often abused its authority by adding days to extend political terms or interfere with elections.

In designing his new calendar, Caesar enlisted the aid of Sosigenes, an Alexandrian astronomer, who advised him to do away with the lunar cycle entirely and follow the solar year, as did the Egyptians. The year was calculated to be 365 and 1/4 days, and Caesar added 67 days to 45 B.C., making 46 B.C. begin on January 1, rather than in March. He also decreed that every four years a day be added to February, thus theoretically keeping his calendar from falling out of step. Shortly before his assassination in 44 B.C., he changed the name of the month Quintilis to Julius (July) after himself. Later, the month of Sextilis was renamed Augustus (August) after his successor.

Celebration of New Year's Day in January fell out of practice during the Middle Ages, and even those who strictly adhered to the Julian calendar did not observe the New Year exactly on January 1. The reason for the latter was that Caesar and Sosigenes failed to calculate the correct value for the solar year as 365.242199 days, not 365.25 days. Thus, an 11-minute-a-year error added seven days by the year 1000, and 10 days by the mid-15th century.

The Roman church became aware of this problem, and in the 1570s Pope Gregory XIII commissioned Jesuit astronomer Christopher Clavius to come up with a new calendar. In 1582, the Gregorian calendar was implemented, omitting 10 days for that year and establishing the new rule that only one of every four centennial years should be a leap year. Since then, people around the world have gathered en masse on January 1 to celebrate the precise arrival of the New Year.”



A trip into the next town was the order of the day.  I will be grooming LilMiss today, and Misty has a vet appointment tomorrow.  The weather is cool for a few days, and I didn’t want to leave Misty in the car while I shopped tomorrow, Wednesday. 

Also, when I went to write LilMiss’ and Misty’s appointments on the calendar, I didn’t have one for the new year.  That meant I had to stop at my insurance company as they give out the tiny calendars that I stick in each car, the little one I keep at my desk, and the big ones to hang on the wall.  After over 30 years with the same agent, they are happy to oblige.  I also needed to inform them that I had split up the two houses on the tax records, so that they could insure them accordingly.  That’s going to cost more, but doesn’t everything?

While I was shopping, I found some bargains on Almond Milk and ‘real’ bottled Grape Juice, so I bought most of what was there at half-price, which I can store in my deep-freeze.   But it hadn’t been defrosted for a while, so when I got home that was my first job.  Fortunately, there wasn’t that much in it, so I managed to cram everything into my fridge’s freezer in the kitchen while that was going on.  I don’t usually buy store-bought juice, as it is ‘dead’ when you get it, I make my own with my juicer, but at that price, it will flavor water.  I try to drink water, but I just don’t like the bland taste.

A nice clean deep-freeze, that is a good start for new year’s day.


Dizzy-Dick said...

I cleaned mine out and unplugged it a long time ago. See no need for it. Have a refrigerator / freezer combo in the house and the RV.

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Hi, DD,
I keep my counter-height, front-opening, deep-freeze in use all the time.
It is for any bargains that I come across at the store.

I also have a fridge-freezer combo in the house. I cook more than I need for one meal, and have the pre-cooked meals frozen in there. There are days when I just don't have time to cook.

Happy Tails and Trails, Penny.