Sunday, January 18, 2009

Getting Ready for Orange Glow.

It is a lovely sunny day today, in the high 70's. Windows open, fresh air coming in. Too nice to be inside, but there were things to do to get ready to house Orange Glow for a day and a half.

As I am letting Missy stay in the house with Bobcat, that freed up the big cage for Snack. So I had to get that ready for her. She didn't like being moved from her big dog carrier, her sanctuary, at all. I covered the cage with some fabric, and that made her feel better. She is loose often in the dog room, but she has another dark place she likes to hide. The couple of times I had her in the house, all she would do is hide under my bed. She is a very 'private' cat.

Orange Glow fancies himself a great stud, so we had to get him contained so he couldn't go carousing, and be missing right when he needed to go to the vet to be neutered.
His 'copy-cat' machine had to be disabled!
Our main concern was that Orange Glow sprays, and so we were going to have to put him in the carrier, as that has solid sides except for the few air slots on the sides. If we had put him in the big open cage he could have ruined my walls, if he clawed the covers off. Ray and I had turned the carrier upside down, for Snack, so that the air slots were at the bottom so she could watch the TV and the window, so now it had to be reversed.
Shay came over and we had to dismantle the carrier again, so that that the slots would be at the top, and the door opened the right way. I had to lock Pepper up, as he was getting into
everything, and put the dog out in the back yard. As long as he could hear our voices through the open window, he was quiet, Debo gets very upset if I don't go out with him.
When Ray and I had messed with the carrier last time, I was out of the good anti-seize bolt lubricant, and we had used a generic. I had made sure I had the real thing on hand this time. It would be a lot easier if this carrier had screwdriver slots, or hex heads on the bolts, but it doesn't. Shay and I finally got it apart with vise-grips and pliers, disinfected it and got it reassembled. We got that silvery anti-seize stuff all over everything, and had to scrub our nails with a brush!

All ready with a towel over the slots on the wall side, nice new bed, box, water, food, Shay got Orange Glow, and put him in there. He looks very bewildered, he hasn't been crated or stayed here before. He doesn't know what is coming!

In about three months, after he stops spraying, Shay is going to try to keep him indoors, if the witch-cat Zeeda, will accept him. HaHa!

Jay's mother goes for her surgery tomorrow, so now I have MaeMae, the little black poodle here, too.
She and Missy ignore each other.

Cats have white bowls, dogs have blue.
All eating different food.

One more cat, and one more dog to feed today.

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