Monday, January 5, 2009

Faucet Fiasco. Please Click Every Day.

It started out a chilly day, and stayed bleak, sometimes rainy, and overcast all day. Turtleneck and sweater day, so it was too cold for Bobcat to go on the porch.

Jay wouldn't install his mother's new faucet unless I went down there, so I took my basin wrench, fanny pack with a few tools in it, and off I went. I got him set up with a thick rug over the bottom of the cabinet, as it is a laying on your back project, and marked the hot line with a red marker. He tried for over an hour to get the nuts undone from the bottom of the old faucet. He even hammered a screwdriver at something. There wasn't enough room for me to see why he was having such a problem. It is one of those very heavy kitchen sinks, and he had me drive him back here to get a jack. He wanted to jack it up and take out that heavy sink with the disposal attached, and then take off the faucet. I got on the computer and printed him pictures of how a basin wrench works. When we got back down there he used my basin wrench as illustrated, (click to enlarge), and the nuts came right off. Then he didn't want to put putty on the base of the new faucet, said he didn't do that on his. I showed him on the old faucet where there had been some seepage from the sink deck which corroded the threads and made the nuts more difficult to get off. So we ran to the truck in the rain, came back here again to get some Plumber's Putty. Finally the new faucet was installed, and the hot came out of the hot side, and the cold out of the cold. All this mucking about took all morning.

This may be of interest to many, though not a pleasant subject, so if you choose, you can close your eyes while I write this.
I was asked to look into the causes and remedies for really painful hemorrhoids. I discovered that it is again the old saying "You Are What You Eat". To get them better it means no alcohol, no caffeine, no refined white flour products, go easy on the greasy foods and cheese. Also to eat lots of fiber every day, like oatmeal with raisins or other dried fruit, whole wheat bread, 2 bananas a day, 6 dried apricots, navy and pinto beans, fruit, root veges, green leafy veges, and bran. Medical sites said to ease into this new regime slowly to avoid gas, and in about a week or 10 days there will be a marked improvement, but you have to keep it up. Zinx Oxide seemed to be the cream of choice. Aloe Vera was also recommeded. So it is another of those "It Took You Years To Get Into This Shape, And There Is No Quick Cure". Oh, there is painful surgery, but it would take longer than 10 days to get over that.
OK, you can open your eyes, now!

Here is something that I hope would make you feel good that doesn't cost you anything, and it donates .6 bowl of food to a shelter animal. After clicking, if you scroll down and look at all the clicks, you will see that it does make a difference. I keep it on my AOL Carousel, so I remember to click each day.

. . Saving just one pet won't change the world. . . but, surely, the world will change for that one pet . . . "

Until all folks realize that "EVERY LITTER BIT HURTS", we should each do our part to help the multitude of homeless and abused animals every way that we can, and these daily clicks help.

As Sandra pointed out, the "Click for Breast Cancer" is on the same page:

Also "Clicks" for Hunger, Child Health, Literacy, and the Rainforest. So click away!

I guess I got something constructive done today.

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Sandra said...

I click on that site every day as well as the mammogram tab on the same site.