Sunday, May 12, 2019

The 10 Commandments: A Matter of the Heart. Storm Damage.

For “Scripture Sunday”:

The 10 Commandments: A Matter of the Heart

From Learning Center \ Video Series

“Which of the 10 Commandments is the most important? Did Jesus replace them all with the command to love? What are the 10 Commandments really and truly about?

Intro video:

Ten short videos about The 10 Commandments:

The First Commandment: Gods Before God

The First Commandment lays an essential foundation that all the other commandments build upon. How can we put God first in a world as busy as ours?

The Second Commandment: Putting God in a Box

Why does the Second Commandment still matter in societies where carved idols are a thing of the past? This commandment keeps us focused not only on what we’re worshipping, but how we think about what we’re worshipping.

The Third Commandment: Carrying the Name of God

The Third Commandment isn’t just a commandment about how we should talk—it’s a commandment about how we should walk, too. Not taking God’s name in vain requires more from us than just the right words.

The Fourth Commandment: What God Calls Holy

Largely forgotten today, the Fourth Commandment is one of God’s greatest blessings to mankind. What does it mean to keep the Sabbath holy?

The Fifth Commandment: How to Destroy a Civilization

Without the Fifth Commandment, society can (and will) collapse on itself. What makes honoring your father and mother such an integral part of human civilization?

The Sixth Commandment: Murder Starts Somewhere

Can you break the Sixth Commandment without ever killing someone? The command to not murder focuses as much on our hearts as it does on our hands.

The Seventh Commandment: A Quick Way to Ruin Everything

Like the Sixth Commandment, the Seventh Commandment requires us to guard our hearts. Adultery can begin in the heart long before any action ever takes place. How can we take the offensive against it?

The Eighth Commandment: What’s Yours is Mine

The Eighth Commandment helps us focus on how we view our neighbors, and digging deeper into Scripture helps us see that not stealing requires more than just not taking what doesn’t belong to us.

The Ninth Commandment: Take it Easy, Pinocchio

The Ninth Commandment has its roots in integrity and honesty. Truly obeying the command to not lie requires changing how we think.

The 10th Commandment: Where Your Treasure Is

The 10th Commandment is the first commandment to focus explicitly on what happens within the heart. It also turns our attention back to the importance of the very first commandment.




Somehow, I missed posting last week. Things got a bit hectic around here with getting ready for the storms and then the damage. 

After the first big storm and when Zack went over to the mini-house to get something, he came back and said that some of the ceiling sheetrock was on the floor.  The main roof had sprung a leak, water had gone through the attic floor into the bedroom. So we had to clean up dripping ceiling insulation, and soggy sheetrock.  Chris came to help because she didn’t want me to injure my back any more than it already is. They moved everything out of the mini-house bedroom, and ripped up the carpet and padding.  We draped that expensive carpet over stuff in the carport to dry, as it can be saved.  The padding had to go in the trash. We all went into the attic where I had two sheets of 1/2” plywood stored up there which we put lengthways on an angle, braced on two big totes, covered that with a tarp and covered everything with plastic. It was all slanted so that any more water would go through a place to the outside.

On Monday the 29th, I finally had the bone scan in Huntsville TX, three weeks after the original order.  Here we are, nearly two weeks later, and my doctor still doesn’t have the results, or has lost them, and my chirpractor still doesn’t have the referral, so my tailbone and hip are still bothering me.  I feel very helpless, and I am not used to that.  It really hurts to bend my right hip.  I wanted to go up the ladder to look at trailer roof, but that would incur more anger from Chris than I would care to get. I can get up in the mini-house attic by keeping my right leg straight and it is a short attic ladder.

On a nice day, over in Chris’ horse pasture where I have my trailer stored, Zack got up on the roof of the Holiday Rambler and removed the roof vent that was leaking.  He scraped everything clean, best he could, and re-installed it with new butyl putty tape and smoothed a bead of Dicor sealant over the screws and the edges.  We removed the broken antenna completely, and riveted a patch of butyl putty taped aluminum over the hole, and another bead of Dicor.  The soaked ceiling was still dripping from the rain into a bucket when we left.

More storms. This is May, what happened to April showers?  On Tuesday 7th., I went for my cataract check-up.  I didn’t know they were going to dilate my eyes, and it was blinding sunshine when I came out of there.  I donned my dark glasses and managed to drive to the Kroger across the street.  There, I got on an electric cart and rode around shopping until my eyes got better.  But in the meantime the weather changed to stormy, and on the way home everyone was driving at a careful 40 mph on the freeway.  I got home here on the hill before the road below flooded.

Zack didn’t show up on Wednesday or Thursday, and more storms were forecast, so Chris came over. We went up into the mini-house attic and made some more storm preparations up there, then we went over to the trailer and she got up on the roof and did some more scraping and Dicor-ing because there had been more drips in the bucket.  After the next storm she reported that the bucket was dry. Hooray!

Because of a severe weather advisory we had to cancel the church service.  Many of the congregation live in nearby towns where if it floods they can’t get home.  At least I have a back way to get up here on this hill if the road below floods, but they don’t.  We called everyone we could, but there new people all the time, so I printed up a notice on the computer, laminated it with some clear Contact paper, and drove over to the church and taped it on the door.  Then I went by Lauri’s place down my road, to see if she would like to have a little worship service of our own, but she had another of her migraines.

Then the rains came and it was another dreary, soggy day.



Dizzy-Dick said...

So sorry that the storm caused you all that trouble. Today is a beautiful day, so maybe some things will get a chance to dry out some. Stay safe and dry if you can. . .

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Thank you for your comment DD. Yes, at least we have some good weather before the rains start back up again. Happy Tails and Trails, Penny