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The Birth of Jesus Was Not Dec. 25. How Can You Kick the Christmas Habit?

 The Birth of Jesus,” 

Christ and the early Church didn’t celebrate Christmas. Why? If you strip it of its commercialism, pre-Christian customs and inaccuracies, what do you learn?

"A member of the God family was willing to be born as a human, live a sinless life, and suffer and die for us! What an awesome truth, beyond full human understanding. We should and must remember it and use this truth to change our lives.

But how do we remember this truth? By mixing it with lies, commercialism and ancient pagan customs? Surely Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, doesn’t want us to celebrate the rebirth of the sun God or the Roman Saturnalia or the pagan Yule customs of pre-Christian Europe?

This week’s featured article, “The Birth of Jesus,” explores what the Bible really says about Jesus’ birth, and it shows why the truth bears little resemblance to the human-devised holiday most people think honors Christ. God does care how we worship Him, and so must we.

The Birth of Jesus Was Not Dec. 25

Was the birth of Jesus really on Dec. 25?  What else is questionable about Christmas?

Today, Christmas has become a nostalgic icon of a past that never was.  Santa Claus, the Christmas tree and lots of gifts take center stage in Christian and non-Christian homes.  But these and other customs have little connection to the Bible and the true story of the birth of Jesus, or the message and meaning of His first coming.

 While the Bible teaches a great deal about Jesus and His message through the story of the birth of Jesus Christ (“Christ” means “messiah” or “anointed”), the traditions of Christmas often mislead, misinform and even contradict the Scriptures!

Would you be surprised to learn that the Bible doesn’t say when Jesus Christ was born? That the early New Testament Church didn’t celebrate Christmas? That Christmas was banned by the Puritans of New England? Or that some Christians today do not celebrate Christmas for biblical and doctrinal reasons?          Why? 

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How Can You Kick the Christmas Habit?

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Maybe you’ve heard that Christmas isn’t all that Christian. Maybe you’re wondering if you should celebrate it at all this year. If you’re not sure, read “Would Jesus Celebrate Christmas?”  . And then prove to yourself whether or not you should keep Christmas.
Go on—kick the tires, tug on the seams, look behind the curtain, pull out the microscope. The truth can withstand scrutiny. You won’t hurt its feelings.
There is so much more to family than any one holiday, and you have many opportunities to show your family that you love them.
If you’ve considered the evidence and have decided to kick the Christmas habit, your next question is likely to be, “Well, now what?” That’s what mine was. How do you not celebrate Christmas when everyone around you has put on a Santa hat and put up a tree? How do you keep your relationships with family and friends when you don’t celebrate Christmas anymore? Will they understand?
It can feel like a lonely road with only the strength of your convictions for company, but you are not alone. I too walk this path, as do many others. And most importantly, God the Father and Jesus Christ will be with you. If God is leading you to step out on faith and leave Christmas behind, I’d like to share with you three principles to practice as you take this step: Prepare yourself, honor God and love your family. More at: 
Christ vs. Christianity: The Birth of Jesus: Myths and Misperceptions
Jesus Christ’s birth is often depicted in artwork, movies, storybooks and nativity scenes. But do these traditional images get the story right?
The typical nativity scene depicts a manger surrounded by Mary and Joseph and animals, with three wise men arriving just after Jesus' birth. But what's wrong with this picture?
The typical nativity scene depicts a manger surrounded by Mary and Joseph and animals, with three wise men arriving just after Jesus' birth. But what's wrong with this picture?
We had some really cold nights when it got below freezing, so that inspired us, my helper and me, to start insulating the guest house so that it would be warmer to work in there.  We did that for four mornings, as it was too cold to work on the plumbing.  On top of the usual fiberglass batt insulation we nailed 1/2 " foam board insulation everywhere.  It is really drafty and cold up here on this hill in the wintertime, so we are being very diligent about stopping up any little cracks  even caulking the joints in the window headers.  
One afternoon we went back over to National Supply and bought one more double- paned window for $15.  There was a place on the side wall that could use another window and we needed to install it before the insulation, foam board and paneling were completed.  This is a fixed window, so burglars can't open it and gain access.

I took in a little Chihuahua dog who was abandoned when her "Mom" was taken to the hospital.  The Mom didn't even ask about her dog when released later.  I know the dog, she is very young and has already had puppies.  She is still at the puppy stage herself, and likes to chew on things.  When she is in the house, I have to keep one eye on her.  Just a few days after I got the new-to-me computer, the dog chewed up the Ethernet cable, so I couldn't do much until that was fixed.   Now if I have to leave her alone I put her in a great big cage with a big blankie, food and water.   I have to be very careful where I park my slippers at night!  She has had a previous hard life and has terrible separation anxiety, so I let her sleep on my bed. 
The Bible readings were Psalms 133, 127, Gen.28:10-32:3, Hosea 10:12-14:9, John 1:43-51. Most of those are about Jacob, Leah, Rachel and Esau.
 We have a couple of vegans at the church, so I try to accommodate them once in a while, so I took a vegetarian Israeli dish to the church potluck,  Lentil Stew with Potatoes and Spinach.   
I took a big potful, but it was all gone before anything else, even the 'beefeaters' liked it,  so I couldn't bring any home for another day.

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Dizzy-Dick said...

Jesus was not born this time of the year. A king changed the date to agree with their pagan yule season. I used to know all the facts on how that happened but have forgotten most of it.