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Health Foods To Avoid. Slaughterhouses. What Did It Eat? How Organic Chemistry Convinced Me Of The Creator. Bible Study Topics. Update.


A little different format from the usual "Scripture Sunday":

It doesn't do any good to keep reading your scriptures, if your health is bad! 

Health Foods To Avoid: The dangers of excess fructose sugars, and other foods:

When you watch this, it will also have the links to watch Parts 1 and 3.  Very informative!



An Amazing Fact: "In the United States, about nine billion animals are slaughtered annually for food. Each year Americans consume more than 13.6 million tons of beef.

Slaughterhouses are not popular with the public. Though most people enjoy eating the end product, there is an aversion to the gruesome process of killing animals. In many places local laws actually specify where meat packing plants can and can’t be located. Animal welfare groups criticize the often callous methods of transporting, preparing, herding, and killing animals.

It is really unpleasant to think about the procedure. Cattle are driven in trucks or by rail hundreds of miles from a ranch or feedlot, typically in crowded conditions. Not all make it to the slaughterhouse alive. Then they are shuttled through narrow corrals and brought into holding pens where they are “incapacitated.”

I didn’t think much about this stuff when I ran a meat sales business in my VW many years back, but let’s just say that after hanging the animal upside down and draining out most of the blood, butchers begin to do their grisly work.

Does this process disgust you? I won’t explain the details of turning a cow into “food” for your local burger shop. Most of my readers are thinking, “Stop talking about this! What’s the value in even thinking about it?” Let me tell you. …

This is the analogy that Solomon uses to describe the fate of foolish young (or old) men, (this would apply to women as well), who are seduced into breaking God’s commandment on adultery. What seems like a flower-strewn pathway ends up being the road to hell.
Solomon says of this foolish man that he “immediately” goes after her.

In other words, he is controlled by his carnal nature and passions, not his rational brain. Like a bird flying into a net, “He did not know it would cost his life” (v. 23). Sin confuses us into thinking about the moment and not the true end-result.

No wonder the wise man says, “Do not stray into her paths; for she has cast down many wounded, and all who were slain by her were strong men. Her house is the way to hell, descending to the chambers of death” (vv. 25-27). It’s a one-way tunnel you don’t ever want to enter.
Additional reading: Proverbs 7:13–27
With her much fair speech she caused him to yield, with the flattering of her lips she forced him. He goeth after her straightway, as an ox goeth to the slaughter, or as a fool to the correction of the stocks;
- Proverbs 7:21-22


"If you don't know what you are eating ate, then you don't know what you are putting in your mouth​." - Tim Ferriss


How organic chemistry convinced me of the Creator

"While studying organic chemistry in my third year at pharmacy school, I also began studying the Bible. I saw that in order to follow the teachings of God in the Bible, I would have to make some major changes in my thinking and living. But before making these changes, I wanted to find real proof of God’s existence.

I found that proof in an unexpected place.

I had already learned that, in simple terms, it takes a pure enantiomer to produce a pure enantiomer (i.e., it takes one to produce one). The question arose: From where did the first pure enantiomer originate?

Within the study of stereochemistry (the study of molecular structure in three dimensions) is the study of stereoisomerism. Isomers in general are chemical compounds with the same chemical formula but that differ in chemical structure. Ethyl alcohol and methyl ether consist of the same atoms in the same proportion and thus have the same atomic weights and the same formulas—C2H6O—but they differ in structure (see Diagram 1).

<p><em>Diagram 1</em>. Examples of compounds that are isomers. The structure of ethanol (C2H6O) is on the left and the structure of dimethyl ether (C2H6O) is on the right. Images created using Maestro by Schrödinger, LLC, 2014.</p>

Diagram 1. Examples of compounds that are isomers. The structure of ethanol (C2H6O) is on the left and the structure of dimethyl ether (C2H6O) is on the right."    Images created using Maestro by Schrödinger, LLC, 2014." 

Complete article at:



As usual, it's been a busy and eventful week.

After the winds blew the cheap canopy carport's poles all bent and skewiffy, Jay and I went to Lowes and bought 4-4x4x8 and 6-2x4x10 treated lumber.  But when I found out that he wanted to put the 4x4's as uprights, I didn't even unload the van, as I knew it would be top heavy. 

The following day we laid the treated 2x4's out on the ground for the sides of the carport and squared it all up.  The next day we were on our way back to Lowes to return the 4x4's and get some fence top rail for new posts, but the van wouldn't shift into top gear.  So it was left at a transmission shop, with a bad prognosis.  I'll know more on Monday, when they have time to look at it.

Puddle-Jumper- (Small) It's awful not having a spare vehicle, so I am getting ready to put the Puddle Jumper back on the road.  It hasn't left this subdivision since 2006.  Things have changed, I can't just go buy tags for it any more, it has to be inspected first.  It won't pass inspection because there is a hole in the muffler.  There isn't a muffler shop around here for 15 miles!  So it has to have some kind of tags to get it there.  It is now eligible to have 'Classic' tags on it, as it is a 1988 Mercury Tracer.  It is still going strong and it is used every day like a golf cart around this subdivision.  I have owned it for many years.

Then a close relative informed me that she and her husband had split up after 20+ years.  I had a feeling this was coming, and I had asked her to look at a long time ago.  Thankfully, now she is looking at the videos that this pastor made, and hopefully it will help them get back together with the knowledge from the Bible.   After all, it is our "how-to" book, because the Bible addresses so many topics that can answer our questions and help us now and in the future. What are some of the most important Bible study topics?:

Jay's mother's washing machine won't spin anymore, so we are going to load it up in her truck on Monday to take it to the repair place.  While we are out, I will buy trip tags for the Puddle Jumper.   I had better get everything I need while I have her truck to use!!

Thursday, BabyGirl had her vet appointment, and that wonderful neighbor foster mom, Chris took her for me.  BabyGirl should be going to her new home next Thursday, we are meeting her new parents at the vet.  The vet just wants to make sure she is all better from her stump pyometra surgery. 

Jay and I started very early one morning trying to finally get this grass (weeds) mowed before it rained again.  Usually, I let Jay do it all, but we had dark skies and thunder all around us. We only just made it, each of us at the helm of one of my two old mowers.   

Then, even though it was pouring down rain, someone was interested in the camping trailer I had for sale.  He drives a wrecker so he has to carry on working whether it's raining or not.  I was paddling around in the rain showing it to him, getting soaked to the skin.  He decided to buy it so I gathered up all that went with it, and helped guide it through the puddles at the end of the side lot. That's one more big thing sold.

Because I didn't have any street legal wheels, I couldn't get to church. So I watched several of the services online. But my foster animals were picked up and had their little outing to Petco for Adoption Day.

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