Thursday, September 11, 2014

K9~9/11. Religious Freedom - Never Take It for Granted.


It is now 13 years since that fateful day:

In honor of the thousands that died on 9/11 and the people and dogs who tried to save them.   Especially the people who handled Rescue Dogs at Ground Zero.

The people who died at the other sites are remembered, too. 

Especially those on Flight 93, who willingly gave their all to save others on the ground.


UA 93's flight path on September 11, 2001, from Newark, New Jersey, to Stonycreek Township, Pennsylvania.





911 ~ K 9/11 Rare photos of Search and Rescue dogs at Ground Zero

"These photos come from a unique source and were not released to the public until very recently. It is likely these pictures have only been seen by a handful of people."

"In the few days that followed a small percentage of people were found alive. Their finder was a dog. And some of these dogs actually did help pull some of those people into view for rescue workers to be able to left up and onto stretchers. It was as if the dogs could read the person's mind without any commands being given. It was both sad and amazing."



Religious Freedom - Never Take It for Granted

"The Islamic Caliphate now called IS, is driving out Christians from Iraq. There is a sobering lesson here for all."

Transcript at:


Hasn't anyone learned that war and attacking people doesn't get you anywhere??   This is a sad day.

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