Sunday, June 8, 2014

Another D-Day? Ant Farmers. Dry Butterflies. Update.

For Scripture Sunday:

70 Years After D-Day: Why Another D-Day Is Needed

"Mankind has spent almost 6,000 years, as a whole, rejecting God and His law. This has led from one tragedy to the next."

70 Years After D-Day: Why Another D-Day Is Needed

U.S. soldiers charge the beaches of Normandy under Nazi fire.  On D-day, the Western allies launched an invasion to liberate Europe from Nazi Germany. An understanding of history shows why another invasion is necessary.

"Seventy years ago, on June 6, 1944, 160,000 allied troops landed on a 50-mile stretch of beaches on the coast of France. Their goal was to establish a beachhead into Nazi-occupied Europe. This beachhead would then become the launching point for an offensive that would strike at the heart of Nazi Germany, with the goal of destroying it completely. 
Another invasion of liberation
The good news is that there is another D-day coming—a day of deliverance! The Bible reveals that Jesus Christ will return to earth during a catastrophic worldwide human conflict. He will fight the nations that will be leading this future conflict and forcibly stop their warfare (Zechariah 14:3; Revelation 19:19-21).
Though D-day was critical in liberating Europe from the tyranny of Hitler, this future deliverance will liberate an entire world held captive!"  Complete article and a brief history lesson at:   by M. Noland Morris - June 6, 2014
Ant Farmers
An Amazing Fact: "Perhaps you have heard of the famous parasol (or “leafcutter”) ants that make gardens and raise their own crops. These amazing creatures are called “parasol” ants because they are often seen walking in processions, each one holding a piece of green leaf above its head! These bits of green leaf are not for food, but are taken to their nests and made into a compost soil. These ants are actually farmers. They deliberately sow, prune, fertilize, weed, harvest, and store a fungus crop as carefully as any gardener tends his vegetables.
There are ants living in Texas that clear a “field” of 1 or 2 square yards and then plant rice. They lay out the rice in beds with pathways running among the plants and keep their rice fields carefully weeded. When the rice seeds ripen the ants harvest them, remove the husks, and store the kernels for food. Later the ants with very large jaws crack the seeds and crush the kernels into meal for the rest of the ants. If the rice gets damp and is in danger of spoiling, certain ants have the sole responsibility of carrying the damp grain out into the sunshine for drying.
Another species of Mediterranean ant goes even further in producing its food from farmed seeds. These ants carefully take dried seeds out in the rain until they start to sprout. At that point, they kill the sprout and dry the seeds in the sunshine again. When the seeds are dry, the ants take them down into the kitchen where workers crush and chew them into a dough-like substance. They form the dough into cookie-shaped patties and then take the patties back out to bake in the sun. When the ant biscuits are baked, the ants store them in the nest again.
No wonder Solomon wrote, “Go to the ant, you sluggard! Consider her ways and be wise, which, having no captain, overseer or ruler, provides her supplies in the summer, and gathers her food in the harvest” (Proverbs 6:6-8). The same God who enables the tiny ant to prepare for its needs also gave us the intelligence to prepare for ours."
KEY BIBLE TEXTS: The ants are a people not strong, yet they prepare their meat in the summer; - Proverbs 30:25

The Secret Revealed: How Butterflies Stay Dry

Butterfly Wings
Researchers from Boston University and M.I.T. have made an interesting discovery about which surfaces – smooth or bumpy – are more efficient at repelling water.
'In case you’ve been lying awake nights wondering how butterflies stay dry, a new study published in the journal Nature will have you sleeping like a baby again."  More and video at:
Gradually starting to feel like my old self, and we have been able to work around the place, getting it ready to sell.
We put up another 10' x 20' canopy, but this time it is a more sturdy and more permanent one. It is at the end of my metal carport, so now we have shade all along that side of the house.  That is where the old RVport used to be, between the two houses.
We moved the cheaper 10' x 20' canopy that we had used for the yard sale, over in front of my workshop.  We are always needing shade to work on something.
SAM_2152 No one ever called about the little male Siamese kitten that was found, so he has been de-wormed, vaccinated and Revolution-ed (for no heartworm, fleas, mites, etc).  I named him PURRCY.  He has had to stay quarantined in my grooming room, so I had SAM_2131-001to move my young foster cat, Chelsea, her box and dishes out of there and into my bathroom.  Tomorrow, Purrcy goes to the vet for neutering, black light to check for ringworm, blood test to check for Felv/FIV and micro chipping.  All this is done to our SPCA rescues before they are adopted.  He is such a sweet, outgoing, loving little guy that he will be a great addition to any responsible family.   He and Chelsea play pat-a-cake through the glass door, and as soon as he is checked out OK, they can play together.  Nala, my older foster cat, pretends that he doesn't exist!!
Yesterday, Ray, Jay and I went to church, and enjoyed the service, then Ray and I went to the Pentecost service today.


Dizzy-Dick said...

You are selling your home? I suppose that means you will be moving? If so, I hope not too far away, but what ever you do, I hope you will be satisfied and happy.

Gypsy said...

Taking care of a house and property is hard work when you have the best of health. I hope you can continue to be involved with animals who need loving homes.

I have been thinking of getting rid of my home and moving to an apartment, but I don't like apt. living at all, so I will probably stay here as long as I can manage.

The best to you and your future, Penny.

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Thank you for your good wishes and comments, Gypsy and DD,

I am gradually getting my house ready to sell because none of my kids need it, and I need to get rid of all this stuff. It would be a big undertaking for my daughter to have to go through it all, so I am doing it.

I'll buy a Park Model trailer and put it somewhere near here, or even move into my guest house if the present renter leaves.

Gypsy, I lived in an apartment for two weeks, I couldn't take it any longer than that. I have been used to having my own paid-for place with space around it nearly all my life, and I just couldn't see paying that rent every month and having all those noisy neighbors.

Happy Tails and Trails, Penny.