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4th July Safety. Pets of Military. Sgt Reckless. Recall Command. Hot Asphalt. Dog Park Perils. Pet Dental. Smelly Dog? Unmoved Stranger. Dog Meat Trade. Happy Canada Day. San Juan Hill.


For Mammal Monday”:

Fourth of July Safety Tips

“For many people, nothing beats lounging in the backyard on the Fourth of July with good friends and family—including the four-legged members of the household.

While it may seem like a great idea to reward Rover with scraps from the grill and bring him along to watch fireworks, in reality some festive foods and products can be potentially hazardous to your pets. The ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center offers the following tips:


Caring for Pets of Military Families

Military Pet“Many deployed members of the U.S. armed forces have pets at home, and often these pets are relinquished to shelters if there is no one available to take over care of the animal while the soldier is away.

The good news is there are organizations available to help military families find temporary homes for their animals so that pet and pet owner can be reunited when the serviceman or woman returns home.

Pet relinquishment among military personnel is a significant problem these organizations and others like them are attempting to address for the benefit of both pets and their owners.”  More at: 



Sgt Reckless - Korean War Horse Hero

“RECKLESS was a pack horse during the Korean war. She carried recoilless rifles, ammunition and supplies to Marines. Lots of animals got pressed into doing pack chores in many wars. But this horse did something more during the battle for a location called Outpost Vegas. On her own, this mare made 50 trips up and down the hill, on the way up she carried ammunition, and on the way down she carried wounded soldiers.”

“Story of Sgt Reckless, a horse so heroic during the Korean war she was promoted to Staff Sergeant by the Commandant of the US Marine Corps, and is listed alongside George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa and John Wayne as one of our all-time heroes.  Go to for more information. ”


Are You Afraid To Let Your Dog Off-Leash?

“If your dog does not come back when called and gets off-leash, it can be terrifying.       BUT…      …if your dog knows the recall command, all you have to do is call your dog back to you.

There’s no doubt about it. The RECALL (come when called) COMMAND is the most important command you can teach your dog.

Frankly, teaching your dog to come when called, even in distracting situations, is not as difficult as it may seem.

Here are three tips to use to get your dog to come when you call. Teach the recall command using these tips:”

Get more free info at


Fun Way To Teach Your Dog The Recall Command

“This is a fun game for you to do with your dog. Remember, the more fun you can make it for your dog the better response you’ll get.”

Games are a great way to teach.


When air temperature is 77, the asphalt temperature is 125. 

Protect your dogs from the summer heat!

Photo sent in by a fan


The 8 Most Common Dog Park-Related Injuries and Illnesses

imagesCAOEW5W5 “There are several dog park-related illnesses and injuries that are commonly seen this time of year. According to Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI), the most frequent problems involve sprains and soft tissue injuries; the most expensive to treat is heatstroke.

To avoid sprains and soft tissue injuries, it’s important to help your dog stay in good condition during the winter months. This will keep her muscles and ligaments toned and strong for the more intense activities she’ll get to enjoy during the spring and summer – including playing at the dog park.

Most dog park-related injuries and illness can be avoid by taking a few precautions, the most important of which is to closely supervise your pet.”   Complete article at:


This Trendy Pet Dental Procedure May Do More Harm than Good

“Non-professional dental scaling (NPDS) for pets is becoming increasingly popular, however it is a purely cosmetic procedure that doesn’t address any dental problems below the gum line. A truly thorough oral exam and cleaning can’t be accomplished on a pet who is awake.

Anesthesia is an important component to a thorough dental exam, and should be used for most dental procedures performed on your pet.

Pet owners worried about putting their animals ‘under’ can arm themselves with the latest information and advice about safe veterinary anesthesia.

At-home dental care is also very important to your pet’s oral health.”  Complete article at:


Smelly Dog?

Smelly Dog

“A healthy dog doesn’t smell bad. Dogs aren’t obsessed with cleanliness like many people are, of course, but a normal dog smell is not unpleasant. In fact, many dog owners love how their pet smells most of the time.

There are many things that can cause your dog to have a chronic unpleasant odor, and all of them need to be investigated, including: a possible yeast infection, a problem with the anal glands, gassiness, an ear infection, problems with the teeth or gums, a dietary issue, or an underlying illness.

If your dog has a bad smell more often than not, it’s time to make an appointment with your vet to find and resolve the cause of the problem.”  Complete article at:


Dog Tries to Play with Stranger on Park Bench

“My dog (Robbie) being ridiculous trying to get a 'stranger' to throw a stick for him. Look at the determination in this animal... ;-)”




Survivors of the Dog Meat Trade

Humane Society International/India,  June 24, 2013

“In April 2013, more than 2,000 dogs were intercepted and seized as smugglers attempted to ship them out of Thailand via Laos. They were bound for Vietnamese restaurants, victims of the illegal dog meat trade.

Another vet and Dr. Rey treat one of thousands of rescued dogs. HSI


Sweet Krapro, outgoing and intelligent, was probably someone's beloved pet. HSI



Brave Lilly resting after running around with her new wheels. HSI



Honeyboo will need time to heal. Heather Bacon



So many dogs will need help finding homes. HSI


Overwhelmed and at risk

imagesCAIMQI9K Our local partner organization, Soi Dog Foundation, put out a call for help after the shelter that took in the dogs—already caring for more than 1,000 animals—in swelled to overcapacity and disease began to spread.

Led by Dr. Rey del Napoles, our team worked with volunteers from other animal welfare organizations and the shelter's own staff to treat sick and wounded dogs as well as improve overall conditions and thus the likelihood of longer-term survival.”  More at:


You Can Help Stop The Slaughter...

“With Your Help Thailand's Illegal Dog Meat Trade Can Be Stopped!”













“Every year tens of thousands of dogs are inhumanely transported from Thailand to neighbouring countries where they are butchered by cruel and barbaric methods.


However, the Soi Dog Foundation and the Thai government are actively working to end this appalling practice.”  More at:


On This Day:

Canadian Independence Day, Jul 1, 1867:

“The autonomous Dominion of Canada, a confederation of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and the future provinces of Ontario and Quebec, is officially recognized by Great Britain with the passage of the British North America Act.

During the 19th century, colonial dependence gave way to increasing autonomy for a growing Canada. In 1841, Upper and Lower Canada--now known as Ontario and Quebec--were made a single province by the Act of Union. In the 1860s, a movement for a greater Canadian federation grew out of the need for a common defense, the desire for a national railroad system, and the necessity of finding a solution to the problem of French and British conflict. When the Maritime provinces, which sought union among themselves, called a conference in 1864, delegates from the other provinces of Canada attended. Later in the year, another conference was held in Quebec, and in 1866 Canadian representatives traveled to London to meet with the British government.

On July 1, 1867, with passage of the British North America Act, the Dominion of Canada was officially established as a self-governing entity within the British Empire. Two years later, Canada acquired the vast possessions of the Hudson's Bay Company, and within a decade the provinces of Manitoba and Prince Edward Island had joined the Canadian federation. In 1885, the Canadian Pacific Railway was completed, making mass settlement across the vast territory of Canada possible.”


Where to celebrate Canada Day this long weekend

“Canadians from coast to coast to coast and beyond will help mark the country's 146th birthday.  Celebrations are also being held in London's Trafalgar Square, which CBC News Network will carry live starting at 6 a.m. ET. Canada Day in the British capital will feature live music by The Tragically Hip, The Sheepdogs, Arkells, Jann Arden and Northern Cree.”:


The Battle of San Juan Hill, Jul 1, 1898:

“As part of their campaign to capture Spanish-held Santiago de Cuba on the southern coast of Cuba, the U.S. Army Fifth Corps engages Spanish forces at El Caney and San Juan Hill.

In May 1898, one month after the outbreak of the Spanish-American War, a Spanish fleet docked in the Santiago de Cuba harbor after racing across the Atlantic from Spain. A superior U.S. naval force arrived soon after and blockaded the harbor entrance. In June, the U.S. Army Fifth Corps landed on Cuba with the aim of marching to Santiago and launching a coordinated land and sea assault on the Spanish stronghold. Included among the U.S. ground troops were the Theodore Roosevelt-led "Rough Riders," a collection of Western cowboys and Eastern blue bloods officially known as the First U.S. Voluntary Cavalry.

The U.S. Army Fifth Corps fought its way to Santiago's outer defenses, and on July 1 U.S. General William Shafter ordered an attack on the village of El Caney and San Juan Hill. Shafter hoped to capture El Caney before besieging the fortified heights of San Juan Hill, but the 500 Spanish defenders of the village put up a fierce resistance and held off 10 times their number for most of the day. Although El Caney was not secure, some 8,000 Americans pressed forward toward San Juan Hill.

Hundreds fell under Spanish gunfire before reaching the base of the heights, where the force split up into two flanks to take San Juan Hill and Kettle Hill. The Rough Riders were among the troops in the right flank attacking Kettle Hill. When the order was given by Lieutenant John Miley that "the heights must be taken at all hazards," the Rough Riders, who had been forced to leave their horses behind because of transportation difficulties, led the charge up the hills. The Rough Riders and the black soldiers of the 9th and 10th Cavalry regiments were the first up Kettle Hill, and San Juan Hill was taken soon after. From the crest, the Americans found themselves overlooking Santiago, and the next day they began a siege of the city.

On July 3, the Spanish fleet was destroyed off Santiago by U.S. warships under Admiral William Sampson, and on July 17 the Spanish surrendered the city--and thus Cuba--to the Americans.”



Jay called me at 7.00 am, wanting me to go down there, something about a fir tree he wanted to move.  On Sunday mornings I like to watch the Church of God program on WGN, which comes on at 7.30, and that’s when I get dressed.  Misty and I went down there at 8.00am, and he loaded up this tree on a tarp in a box, in the back of the Puddle Jumper.  I don’t know what it is called, but Ray said they make bonsai trees out of it.  Upon searching, it seems to be closest to a Bald Cypress , or maybe a Sawara Cypress, but it is just a big sprawling plant right now.  Jay planted it right in the middle in front of my screen porch.  It better not grow tall, or I’ll be moving it, as I won’t be able to see out front!

Front-Dr-1 It was quite late when we actually started working on the fence again.  This time we removed some of the mobile home skirting from the side of my screen porch that the contractors had put around it.  It’s a house, not a mobile home!   We cut up some cedar fence board scraps and made skirting out of them.

We didn’t re-skirt all the screen porch, just enough that we could start on the front entrance fence.  We took down the lattice fence and started to make a cedar board fence in front of my front entry porch.  It will look a lot better than the lattice fence for curb appeal, I think.  I’ll take pictures when it is finished and painted.

Even with the heat, we have managed to do some work outside nearly every day.

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