Thursday, June 5, 2008

Gutters and Kamikaze Ants

Another nice morning, but very windy, with a chance of rain. It did lightly drizzle a couple of times, and Ray and I thought that we wouldn't be able to continue if it got any worse, but it didn't, so we were able to work until it got too hot, around lunchtime. The cats were happy on the porch until I brought them in then, too.

First, we got the carpet cleaner down from the attic, and attached the fitting that I had bought. But the original female fitting was through a piece of plastic that had cracked, so we put some plastic glue on that to try to re-inforce it, and now it is drying.

This is the first time we have had a bunch of fire ants. Probably because I usually spray the yard for fleas because of any doggie boarders, and it hasn't been done this year. Been too busy getting these RV's done. The ants were even getting up on Ray and Shay's covered porch and eating their outside cat, Blackie's, food. We had her dishes in bowls of water to try to stop them, but some ants sacrificed themselves so that the live ones could cross on their bodies. We saw them do it. Now that is really something.

So, second, we had to do something about that. I looked at the hourly weather forecast, and the wind wasn't going to let up, and it had started to drizzle again. Of course the pump up sprayer didn't want to work at first, until we cajoled the wand with some compressed air. We locked Blackie up in her bedroom, their utility room, and sprayed all the covered porch which goes from their place, my guest house, all the way to my front door. It is protected from the rain and wind. We will do the rest of the yard, when it isn't so windy. Then we did all around my screen porch, and left enough for me to do inside my porch when my kittens are not there.

Third, let's get to work on the Class B. The left picture is the ratty flashing that they had over the front doors. The second and third pictures are of EZE RV Gutter over the two front doors. The last one is where we added a strip across over the back doors, so that if the AC is on, and the B is sloped to the back as it is now, the condensation won't drip inside again.

An antsy day.

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Joe and Sherri said...

I hate those pesky ants!!! We have them at the lake but we do not have them at the RV park here. Oh well looks like your still busy. We will keep you up dated at the rally...your one of us you know.

Joe and Sherri